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Lockdown Ki Love Story 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ankita informs Sonam about an important fast

Lockdown Ki Love Story 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sonam going away and hearing Dhruv and Milky’s talk. Milky asks what were you doing here. He asks are you my wife to ask me. She says yes, you have filled my maang, I can ask you what were you doing here with Sonam. He says I was romancing. She scolds him. She says the day I know you have an affair with her, I will break her neck. Dhruv says you both fight or die, I don’t care, why are you telling this to me. He goes. Sonam comes to Milky. Milky insults her. Sonam says we will see who goes out and who takes the rounds with Dhruv. Milky raises hand. Sonam stops her. They both fight. Sonam says I will blacken your face when I throw you out of here. Sheetal comes and stops Sonam. Sonam goes. Milky cries and asks Sheetal to see Sonam, she isn’t weak as she acts.

Sheetal says I know, you didn’t get insulted, just I have seen it, think of insulting her now. Dhruv sees Sonam and recalls her words. Sonam sits in the temple and cries. Its morning, Nutan, Sheetal and Milky have a talk in the kitchen. Sheetal says the ladies will come and bless Milky as Dhruv’s wife. Milky says I will get status as his wife.

Nutan smiles. Sheetal says we have to make Sonam insulted, Sonam will not keep the fast for Dhruv, we know the importance of the Vrat savitri puja, she is from city, I will make Sonam’s fav food and feed her, she can’t keep the fast, let Dhruv see how Milky is keeping fast for him. Nutan laughs. Ankita hears them. She goes to see Sonam. Sheetal asks Nutan to see Sonam having food and react. She goes to Sonam and asks her to have food. She says I like you a lot, have the food. Ankita says don’t take it Sonam. Sonam says thanks Bua ji, keep it there. Ankita says I have to inform Sonam. She sees Sonam drinking tea. She acts to faint. Sonam leaves the tea and runs to Ankita. Dhruv comes to see Ankita. He goes and gets water.

Ankita gets up. She says I think I got dizzy. Dhruv and Sonam hold her. Ankita smiles. Milky stops Dhruv and says come with me to the room, I have some work. She scolds him. Sonam looks at him. Dhruv goes shouting. Sonam makes Ankita sit. Dhruv asks Milky what will she do now, tell me, why did you warn. Sonam asks Ankita to take rest. Ankita stops her. Ankita says I had done a drama to stop you from having tea and halwa. Sonam asks why. Sneha comes and says Ankita wants you to keep Vrat savitri fast. Sonam asks what is it. Ankita explains her.

Milky laughs and says its a special day for a wife, I m keeping the fast for you, you said you are romancing Sonam, I told that in anger, what can I do to harm you, I can’t tolerate to see you with anyone else, I have no complains, if you see anyone with love in front of me, then I can’t tolerate it, you can kill me, its your wish, you don’t love me, but you can’t love anyone else. She cries.

He says I m so worried and confused, I can’t tolerate it either. She smiles. Shashi says tell Nutan that this drama won’t help, no one will come there. Nutan says the ladies will come wearing masks, we will go to the nearby tree. Sonam asks Shashi for a small gift, just get a saree, it will be everything for her. Nutan says he isn’t your father, go to your rich mum and dad, they will buy thousand sarees for you. Sonam says Shashi’s gifted saree will be special, Vrat savitri puja is done wearing the saree from sasural, I will do it. Dhruv comes. Sonam says I will keep all the fasts for Dhruv.

Sonam comes for the puja. The ladies stop her from doing puja and insult her. Nutan smiles. Sonam cries. Dhruv looks on and feels bad.

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