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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu feels rejected by Kat and Rajjo

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kat asking Happu to drink with cup and asks him not to drink like village people. Principal sir comes there. Happu asks did you bring complain of my daughter. Principal says yes, tells that she had opened her make up shop and sat in the bathroom all day. Happu tells that Kat will not study in his college, who demotivates the students. He asks him to go. Rajjo says we are going to Mumbai. Happu tells that his college doesn’t deserve Kat like student. He says he wants such a college, where extra activities happen. Principal says you are doing wrong. Happu insults him and he leaves. Kat laughs. Malaika says first let her become a star. Rajjo says she is a star already. Kat asks Chamchi, Ranbir and Malaika not to go to School. Happu says we will get you admitted in Mumbai school. Malaika says she will go to Kanpur school for now.

Kamlesh comes there and tells that he was hit by the bull, while trying to get the milk. Later he tried and fetched buffalo milk. Kat asks him to bring umbrella. Happu gets a message that Kat shopped for 5000 Rs. He gets a message again and gets shocked and asks Manohar to hit him. He realizes that he has done a mistake by giving card to her.

Minister comes there and asks Happu to go and give security to his sister in law. Happu tells that he can’t go there. Manohar asks what is the matter? Happu thinks about Mumbai.

Later Beni and Happu sit to have wine. Beni says can you leave me? He sings song and gets sad. Kat is having food in the house while Kamlesh is holding the umbrella. Happu calls crow to Kamlesh. Kat says she knows how to enter film industry. Ranbir asks if their house will be near the sea. Rajjo says it is costly there. Happu tells that he is happy that his daughter is fulfilling his wish. Kat tells that she is going alone to Mumbai. Happu asks what do you mean? First you will go alone and then we will come. He says we can’t send you alone in such a big city. Kat tells that she will stay in Mumbai and they shall stay in Kanpur. Rajjo asks what happened? Kat tells that she is very uncomfortable about her father and insults him badly. Happu gets sad and feels like crying.

Later Happu cries in his room. Rajjo gives him promise and asks him not to feel bad. Happu tells that he is feeling like ripened Banana which is thrown away by the shop keeper. Rajjo says it is not like that. Happu tells that Kat is ashamed of him and asks Rajjo if she liked his face in college? Rajjo tells that she used to like the food made by Amma, which he used to bring to college. Happu asks what do you want to say? Rajjo asks him to see himself from her sight and tells that if he exercise then he will get lean, can shampoo his hair and get free moving hairs, shall change his etiquette too. Happu says kat didn’t say in detail like you told and cries. Rajjo tries to cheer him.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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