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Hamariwali Good News 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Navya and Adi make prayers

Hamariwali Good News 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Renuka asking Navya to get the tiger costume. She asks her not to get seen by anyone. Navya goes. Adi is with Preeti at the school. The lady says Adi handles everything well, he is good with kids. Preeti praises Adi a lot. She says he is my best friend. Adi asks can do you anything for me. She says yes, I can give my life for you, tell me what is the problem. He says if Navya and I need you, then, how shall I say. She asks him to say.

He says actually Navya can’t become a mum. She gets Alok’s call and goes. He thinks she didn’t hear me. Navya meets Meena on the way. Meena asks did you and Adi think about surrogacy option before. Navya sees the baby’s pic on the clinic wall. Preeti asks what were you saying Adi.

Adi says Navya was asking, if you and Alok will have another child. She says don’t be mad, don’t say this in front of Alok, I took six months to get back my figure after delivery, just Navya can think of such things. He says Navya is nervous. She says mum will manage, you chill.

Navya comes home with tiger’s costume. Renuka asks her to go and take a bath. She says I was going to do puja, now you will do it, my periods started, I m fed up of it, its not useful for me, I don’t have to deliver kids now, its a problem, I can’t do puja now, I have to sit in some corner, go now, we have to do puja before everyone comes. Navya goes sadly.

Mukund is at his shop. Two boys come to take charity. Mukund says I will donate something this time. He gives 100rs and asks the boy to give the bill. He says this year, we are getting good news, Renuka makes the prasad for Mata ki chowki, ghee goes from my shop, write that also. He smiles.

Navya gets ready and comes. Renuka makes her do all the rituals. Renuka prays for Navya. Navya cries. Renuka cries and says Parvati got Ganesh with a prayer, you do puja in a way that you also get a child. Navya recalls Meena saying surrogacy option is for those couples who are married since 5 years and didn’t get a child. Navya lights the diya. The ladies get ready for the play. Kusum says the tiger costume has no tail. Renuka does make up to the ladies and make them ready. Renuka says Navya got the clothes. She asks Navya did she not check the clothes, where is the tail of the tiger. Kusum asks her to calm down. Navya says Renuka has solution for every problem. The lady asks Renuka to do something. Renuka makes a tail for the costume. The ladies laugh on the weak tail. Kusum asks the ladies to stop it. Renuka says it looks like cat’s tail. Kusum asks what shall we do now. Navya says I have an idea. She gets some string and puts in the tail. Kusum says Navya got smart. The lady says Renuka and Navya are great. Renuka smiles.

Mukund asks his servant to have biscuits if he feels hungry. The man says Mukund has become a good man since he got the good news. Adi hears this and cries. Kusum asks Renuka to get ready. Renuka says I m not coming because of my periods. Kusum says don’t come in aarti, you stand aside. The ladies insist her to come. Navya says its strange, woman gives birth, but we regard such things inauspicious. Renuka says yes, it just happens with women. Kusum says Renuka thinks Navya is right, Navya has become fav since she gave the good news. Kusum says we have to follow the rules of the society, Navya was refusing before and then gave the good news. Navya cries. Renuka looks on. Madhu asks Navya not to explain the ladies, they will not understand anything. She says I can’t tolerate anything, smile now, come. Kusum gets a call. She says Bindiya has gone to Delhi, who will do her role now. Renuka asks what happened. Kusum says Bindiya isn’t coming, what will happen now, just you can do this role, please. Renuka says I told you I can’t do it. The ladies insist her. Navya and Madhu pray in the chowki. Adi comes and prays for Navya and him. He cries. Navya also prays to find some way.

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