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Gupta Brothers 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Shiv confronts Ganga

Gupta Brothers 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Veeru asking Shukla to have dhaba food. Shukla says even we have brought our tiffins from home, we sat to have food as we thought that bhabhi made food. Veeru gets angry. Shiv tries to make his brothers’ understand. Alok asks him not to take her understand and says even you are hurt. Veeru says Ganga is trapping you, else you wouldn’t have married her Alok says breaking your promise. Veeru says she is betraying you. He says her nature will not change. Alok says we can’t sit your head lowered. Veeru says you have taken her big responsibility on your head. Alok asks Shiv to come out of this trap and save them. Shiv goes. Veeru says today Bhaiyya will make everything fine. Shukla calls Amba and says your work is done. Amba says Jai Ambe. She looks at Shiv’s house through binoculars and smiles. Her husband asks what is she doing? He says why did you make Ganga bad infront of everyone. Amba says she wants to make her bad in everyone’s eyes, so that when Jaya goes in her house, everyone respect her and becomes maharani. She says she wants Ganga to be naukrani. Her husband says you will spoil Ganga and Jaya’s relation too. Amba says she just wants Jaya to rule in the house.

Ganga is happily dancing in her house thinking of her marriage with Shiv. Shiv comes home angrily and thinks of Veeru and Alok’s words. He comes inside and asks what is she doing? Ganga says she was happy and that’s why dancing. Shiv asks why? Ganga says nothing, she was feeling good and asks if he ate food? Shiv asks shall I eat it and asks if it is made by you. Ganga says no. Shiv asks why did you send it? Ganga says I thought. Shiv asks why did you do this drama and tells that all Kachori gali is talking about this. He says you didn’t think even once, about this thing. He says my brothers couldn’t accept you till you and is in trauma about our marriage. He says if you don’t know how to cook then why did you send dhaba food. Ganga says I am sorry, I wanted to do something for you. Shiv says you had promised me that you will not go wrong way, but you have done wrong with me. He says you have hurt me a lot and hurt my brothers too. He says you have strengthened their trust and proved that…Ganga says liar, thief and betrayal. She says God knows that I didn’t mean to hurt you all. Shiv says your way was wrong and asks her not to do anything again. He says our marriage is a storm in their life and asks her not to bring any more storm. He folds his hands and goes. Jaya comes to Shiv and tells that she heard him scolding Ganga. She tells that it was Maa’s idea to send them food. Amba hears them. Jaya calls Amba there and asks her to tell whose idea is this? Amba says it was her plan, else they wouldn’t have brought outside food. She praises Ganga and says she is part of family now.

Amba and Jaya come to Shiv’s house. They meet Ganga. Amba acts to pacify Ganga. Jaya suggests Ganga to cook food by watching online videos, asks her to make breakfast, then all the fights will be over and everyone will be happy. Ganga smiles. Later Shiv and Ganga collide. Ganga looks at him and tells that they have to collide their heads again else they will have fight. Shiv says ok. They collide their heads slowly. Shiv then apologizes to her for overreacting and getting angry on her. Ganga says I should have told you before. Shiv says I should have understand that you wanted to do something good and asks her not to keep anything bad in her heart. Ganga smiles and goes. Veeru and Alok are surprised hearing them. Veeru says it is good that Rajat went to Mama ji’s house, else he would have cried seeing this. Shiv brings pillows to sleep. Alok and Veeru ask him not to sleep on terrace and sleep on his usual place. Ganga comes there with her pillows and tells that she will sleep on terrace, tells that nothing shall change because of her. Alok checks in the bedroom and tells that our pillows are set nicely by Ganga ji. Veeru says what’s a big deal, lets sleep. Shiv thinks he scolded her unnecessarily.

Precap: Ganga wakes up early to make breakfast for the brothers. She lets the gyser on after bath and rushes to kitchen. The gyser blasts. Shiv gets worried. Neighbors tell that transformer got burnt and everyone electricity went. Veer blames Ganga.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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