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Gupta Brothers 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Amba manipulates Ganga

Gupta Brothers 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ganga telling Shiv that she couldn’t understand what to do, as it is the first day for her. Shiv says even you shall follow the rules followed by all of us, like doing puja, helping in household chores etc. He says no change shall happen with our presence. Ganga promises him and says she will make breakfast. He says it is already made and asks her to serve. She goes to kitchen. Alok says Bhaiyya made her part of the family. Veeru says very soon, her truth will be out infront of him. Ganga serves food for them. Shiv asks where is her plate and brings her plate. He asks his brothers to have food and tells that he will bring tea for them. Alok asks for water jug. Ganga brings water jug. Veeru asks for glass. Ganga brings it. Alok says we don’t have breakfast before bathing. Ganga thanks them for telling her and goes to take bath. Veeru tells that he will make her run away and tells Alok that they shall go to room and have food. Shiv returns. He asks Ganga to wash her plate after eating so that nobody gets burdened. Ganga says ok.

Veeru opens the shop and calls Alok. The neighboring shop keepers think where is Shiv? They taunt Alok and Veeru asking about Shiv. Veeru gets angry. Shiv comes there. The shop keepers ask Shiv why did he leave his wife and came here. Veeru pushes Shukla. Shiv asks Veeru to apologize to him. Veeru apologizes. Shiv asks them to go and asks Veeru to leave his anger. Shiv feels pain in his head and sits down. Alok says you might not have peaceful sleep as you slept on terrace. Veeru rotates hand fan for Shiv. Shiv thinks nobody can separate my brothers and me.

Amba comes to Shiv’s house and recalls her insult. She asks Jaya to call Ganga. Jaya calls Ganga. Ganga comes there and says nobody is at home. Jaya says we are Shiv Bhaiyya’s family. Amba signs her to take her blessings. Ganga takes her blessings. Amba asks if everyone behaved nicely with you and tells that the brothers will not let you enter their family. She says you have to win their heart. Jaya asks did you have breakfast made by Shiv Bhaiyya? Ganga says it was good. Jaya says if you had eaten then you had praised him a lot. Amba says they must not reached the breakfast to you and sends Jaya to bring bread and butter sandwich for Ganga. She asks her to think her as her mother and asks her to tell what she thought about this house.Ganga asks what?

Amba asks her to win their hearts. Ganga asks how? Amba asks her to make them believe that they were incomplete without woman. Ganga says they were sarvagunn sampann. Amba asks her to think and says there must be something for sure, which nobody had done. Alok and Veeru don’t talk to Shiv and talk to him indirectly. Veeru says lets have food together. Someone brings tiffin and says Bhabhi sent the food. The shop keepers tell that even they will have food. They ask Shiv to thank Ganga. Shiv makes a call to Ganga and asks why did you send food, as they had brought tiffin. Ganga says I was not there before and says if they don’t like warm food. Shiv says who don’t like warm food. Ganga tells that she has sent tiffin for Rajat also and asks him to make Alok and Veeru have the food too. He thanks her. She says she will thank him all her life. He asks her to have food.

The shop keepers ask Shiv, Alok and Veeru to come and have food, sent by Ganga bhabhi. Shiv explains to his brothers to have food, not to insult it. He says it is made by Ganga ji with her hand. He says if you don’t eat then I will also not eat. Veeru says then you will faint, they agree to have food together. The shop keeper tells that this food is of Shri Hari Dhaba and not made by Bhabhi. They gossip that she has fooled us by sending outside food. Shiv looks on.

Precap: Shiv asks Ganga if she had made that food. Ganga says no. Shiv says you have really hurt me so much and proved that….Ganga says that I am liar, thief and betrayal woman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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