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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Gudiya eats everyone’s sargi for her karvachauth fast

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Matai coming to Sarla and telling about the neighbor. Sarla takes him to drawing room. Gudiya challenges bangles seller to make her wear bangles, as much as he can. He makes her wear bangles covering all her hands. Guddu looks at her from the window. Pappu and Radhe come there. Gudiya thinks she might be the first girl to have worn so many bangles and thinks it is stuck. Pappu sits down to take out the stuck bangles. Later, Gudiya asks Sarla to give the food fast. Sweety asks Pappu why is he sad? Pappu asks her to look at her lipstick. Gudiya says it is good. Everyone sits to have dinner. Pappu asks Gudiya to have dinner so that she can fast tomorrow. Bantu asks what is made? Sarla says samdhi ji brought 1 kg rabdi. Sweety says she will tell the rest. Sarla taunts her. Sweety counts the things made by Sarla. Gudiya tells that she will fast in such a way that she will keep training centre and will keep it on Bantu and her name. Pappu brings saree for Sweety. Sweety holds him from behind. He turns and looks at her in frock. Mere Rang me plays….while they dance. He says you are looking so nice. Sweety asks really? He asks what did you wear? Sweety says frock. Pappu asks why? Sweety says you was upset with me and that’s why I worn this to cheer you up. He asks her to wear saree brought by him. Sweety is about to go out, but Pappu stops her and tells that if you go out in this dress, then murder will happen. Sweety asks if Amma will get jealous. Pappu thinks Sweety can’t be understanding for long.

Gudiya breaks the fast seeing Kanha while the song kisna plays…..It turns out to be Sarla’s imagination. She wakes up and tells Radhe that if Gudiya keeps fast then she will get a good husband. Radhe says ok. Sarla says it is 5 am, goes to kitchen to serve sargi. Sweety is already there and asks Sarla where is Sargi? Sarla says it is here. When she couldn’t find it, they come to Gudiya and asks her. Gudiya tells that she has already eaten sargi. Sarla is surprised to know that she had eaten everyone’s sargi. Pappu thinks it is very difficult for her to fast.

Next morning, Gudiya stares the pot and asks it not to feel bad as she is not drinking water. Sweety tells that she is keeping eye on Gudiya so that she don’t eat anything. Radhe and Pappu argue over the bathroom. Guddu asks them to use his bathroom. Pappu refuses. Radhe says we shall go. Pappu says who goes to others’ house to freshen up. Radhe says I am coming there. Sarla stops Radhe and asks him to keep all food stuff in Guddu’s haveli, so that Gudiya doesn’t eat anything. Radhe goes. Sarla gives food to Bantu and asks him to eat silently.

Nanhe lal comes there. Sarla asks if he wants to have something. Nanhe lal says no. Sarla asks him not to tell that even he has kept fast. Radhe and Pappu come there. Radhe says we are hungry since morning and asks Nanhe lal to have chole bature with Bantu. Nanhe lal refuses. Sweety asks him to eat. Nanhe lal refuses. Matai brings aloo ke parathe for them. Radhe and Pappu tell that they are fasting, but Nanhe lal can eat. Nanhe lal refuses to eat. Neighbor lady brings samosa. Nanhe lal refuses to eat. Radhe asks if he is fasting too. Nanhe lal says no, it is not like that. Sarla teases Nanhe lal and asks who is that lady? She asks him to eat for her. Nanhe lal refuses to eat . Guddu comes there and tells that if Chacha ji don’t want to eat, then I will eat. Pappu says you are fasting. Gudiya says she is feeling drowsy. Sweety laughs. Pappu says you will not get food. Gudiya makes a sad face and thinks what to do. Guddu looks at her sitting in the window.

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