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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Mehendi on Gudiya’s face

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gudiya telling everyone that how can Gudiya keep fast for all day. Pappu says when you can keep fast then why can’t my sister keep? Sweety asks what do you mean and asks Nanhe lal to see. Sarla tells that samdhi ji is very understanding guy and knows why my son is saying this. Nanhe lal says yes. Radhe thinks 100 foxs must have died, when Sarla devi was born. Gudiya comes there and tells that sea is in her kalash. Nanhe says sea in kalash. Pappu says I was saying that this is my sister’s karwachauth and tells that just sea came, don’t know what else will come. Sweety says lets see. Gudiya says we will tell the world that even normal people can keep the fast. She asks Sarla to make some things for her stomach. Sarla tells that she shall not eat anything during the fast and asks her to practice from today. Gudiya drinks water and says water is very tasty. Sarla says I don’t think that she will keep fast. Pappu calls Gudiya and says you have to keep the fast. Gudiya nods her head. Radhe says I was thinking that nobody shall keep fast this year. Nanhe lal laughs and says this year you will be fasting and that’s why wanting everyone to leave it. Sarla taunts him. Radhe tells that he will keep the fast and swears on Mahua. Gudiya also swears on the world that she will keep the karwachauth fast. Sweety and Sarla laugh.

Later Gudiya asks Sarla if she cooked chana etc. Sweety laughs and asks Sarla to make all Gudiya’s favorite things. Pappu asks Gudiya to complete her fast and keep up his respect. Gudiya tells that she will not eat anything and asks him not to take tension. She says fast is a science and says whoever understands it, can keep the fast. Pappu asks how? Gudiya tells that water is kept in the glass, I picked it and drank water. She says it will not be moved, but glass falls down on Pappu. Gudiya says she will not eat anything. Sarla comes there and gives her food. Gudiya sits down to eat it. Pappu thinks how my Gudiya will fast?

Later Chachi ji applies mehendi to Sweety. Next comes Sarla who sits to get mehendi applied on her hands. Gudiya says she wants to get mehendi applied. Sarla tells that she will not waste money and thinks Gudiya will not fast. Chachi ji says let her sit. After she applies mehendi to Sarla, she asks Gudiya to come and sit. Gudiya sits on the bed and falls on the mehendi bowl. Her face gets smeared with Mehendi. Chacha ji says my mehendi got wasted and goes. Gudiya says it has its own unique taste. Sarla takes Gudiya to wash her face, but Gudiya refuses to wash her face and wants her face to get coloured so that she looks unique. She runs, but Pappu, Radhe and Sarla catch her and wash her face. Gudiya runs to see her face. Sarla scolds her for ruining her mehendi. Sweety says my hands are saved. Pappu scolds her. Sweety tells that she is better than everyone. Pappu asks Sarla if Gudiya’s face mehendi color will go. Sarla asks him to ask Mumbai runaway girl. Sweety cries. Radhe says that’s why I asked Gudiya not to keep the fast. Sarla taunts Sweety and asks Pappu to handle her. Radhe tells that Gudiya shall not keep this fast. Sarla asks why? She shall keep the fast. Sweety says she can’t keep the fast. Radhe says we shall ask her? He says it is not easy to keep the fast and asks Gudiya to say.

Gudiya says I can’t lose this golden chance to keep the fast. Sarla says with mehendi on your face. Gudiya says we both are looking same and makes her see her face. Sarla cries seeing her face. Bantu says I wanted to tell you that mehendi is on your face now. Sarla washes her face and takes tooth paste in her hand. She asks them not to disturb her. Radhe applies tooth paste on her face while Pappu applies mehendi on her hand. Gudiya asks him to give money so that she can have gola. Pappu stops her and tells that her mehendi needs to be dried. Gudiya says she will sit there. Radhe tells Pappu that he will not win the bet and says she is enjoying the taste.

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