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Excuse Me Madam 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam tries to cancel Goa’s trip

Excuse Me Madam 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Chatterjee sits in front of the lift thinking Sanam is coming out but it’s Madam’s father and he hits him again. Madam shouts at him.

Sanam comes to Madam’s car and takes her lotion. He imagines applying to her and smiles.

Kranti comes to Amar and says what if a goon eve-teases me in Goa? I want to behind Sanam, he didn’t want me to go there saying people can tease me. Amar says he is lying to you. Kranti says arrange some policemen for my safety. Kranti gets an idea and says you never went on a honeymoon right? Amar says yes.

Chatterjee is sitting sadly in his office. Sanam jokes that he will enjoy with Madam in Goa. Kranti calls Sanam and says Amar is coming with me so there is no problem with security, I can come with you no. Sanam says I am happy. Kranti says Amar and Addu are coming too.

At the night, Sanam glares at Addu and says I want to beat you, why did you agree to go to Goa? Addu says I am married and not a lion. You should be a lion and tell your wife no. Sanam asks him to drink more, he does. Sanam says go and tell Amar that you are not going to Goa, show how much of a man are you. Addu is drunk and goes to talk to Amar. Sanam imagines enjoying with Madam on the beach. Bhaisa comes there wearing shorts, he says I am ready for the beach. Sanam says you have to find beach glasses.

Scene 2
Amar is practicing, Addu comes there to talk but gets scared. She says tell me what you want to say? Addu says I don’t want to go to Goa. She says okay I will go with Kranti and Sanam. Addu says you will go without me? Amar says you don’t want to go so you can stay here and take care of the house.

Addu comes to Sanam and says I could have gotten beaten from my wife. Sanam says she didn’t listen to you? Addu says she asked me to take care of the house while she goes to Goa. Sanam says I have an idea. Addu says I want to go to. Sanam says let me work this on Madam.

Sanam comes to the office and sees Madam coming there, he is mesmerized. He asks how is she? She says good. Sanam says you should be good, very good. Madam says are you okay with work? He eyes her clothes. Madam says look at my face. Sanam says I want to say something. He asks if she is eating butter? She says no. Sanam says you are getting fat, you shouldn’t wear swimwear. Madam says how dare you to say that? You look at yourself, you have no manner. How dare you call me fat? Sanam says I don’t want people to laugh at you in Goa. Madam gets angry and stomps on his foot. She leaves.

Sanam comes to Madam and limps. She says you should cancel Goa’s trip. Sanam says no, don’t do that, don’t think about my words. Madam says you are right, why should I care about your words? But I am impressed with your guts to call me fat. People are always praising me but you are the first person to point out my flaws. Sanam says please continue. Madam smirks and offers a hug.

PRECAP – Madam asks Sanam to book tickets for Manali. Sanam tells Kranti that I am not going to Goa, the trip has been canceled. Kranti says Raman Chacha is getting his daughter married in Manali so we are going there. Sanam is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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