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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Fate or cruelty?

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

People of lower community are worried for water. Guru ji says there is water. They see him bringing a pot of water. They dint let me fill water from their well too. I sent my wife and kids to her home and brought water for you and to stand with you here. We can quench our thirst a little. We all have a right on this water. I am with you in this fight. Everyone thanks him with folded hands. One guy tells Ram ji something (in mute). Ram ji runs towards the fields.

A wounded Puranjan gets up with great difficulty. He falls down yet again and the memories of his fight with Dhansukhlal and Mangesh haunt him. He throws stones angrily. Ram ji holds him. Who did this to you? Let me help you. Puranjan refuses to be afraid of anyone or back out just because of a note! Remove this first. Ram ji insists upon getting him treated first but Puranjan is freaking out. Ram ji reasons that this will be put again in the morning. Our fight isn’t so simple that a removing mere note on the way can stop it. Our fight is with those who think we will fall weak because of that note. Throwing stones at them out of anger is not the way to fight them. It will be done by standing up to them. Stop your tears. Those who know how to hold them back become strong. This is a war which we must fight and win! He helps Puranjan stand. Puranjan tries walking on his own but falls down. Ram ji helps him.

Bhima asks his mother about Ram ji. She tells him that he has gone to find Puranjan Kaka. He will be home soon. He wants to go and check on tem but she refuses. Bhima recalls that Guru ji falls ill if he sleeps outside during weather change. He covers him with his blanket. Guru ji tells him he is fine. I don’t need it. Bhima asks him if it is because this belongs to him. Guru ji replies that it does not matter when he is here already. Bhima reminds him that he falls ill whenever he sleeps outside in this weather. Guru ji is touched. I have also taught the kids of those who stopped me from taking water from their well. A Guru has many disciples but the bond that’s between you and me is rare. I don’t know how the world will think of our relation but I will always be proud of having you as my disciple. Bhimbai is shocked to see Puranjan’s condition. Everyone looks in his direction. What happened? Puranjan tells them everything. I will keep falling and standing up to hit them back till the time there is strength in my body. Ram ji holds him again as he falls but Puranjan heads home.

Ram ji, his kids and the men from his community are out looking for water. 2 villagers stop them. Don’t you see this note? You cannot go from here or you will meet the same fate as Puranjan. Ram ji stops Bhima from saying or doing anything. He suggests taking an alternative route. We need water. One guy remarks that they can go anywhere but they still wont get water.

It is very hot. One man remarks that there isn’t even a drop of water left. We will die! Kaka assures him that they will be fine. Let them bring water. One kid is hungry. His mother assures him that she will cook as soon as the men will bring water. Bhimbai starts digging the ground aggressively. She shouts out of helplessness. Meera, Manjula and Ganga cry seeing her condition.

The kids and men are exhausted because of the scorching heat.

Guru ji meets a guy (Zamindar) in the fields. He speaks nicely to Guru ji and thanks him for the giving right education to him. How are you here today? Guru ji requests him to open one well to the people of lower community. They are in real pain. No one will go against you. Zamindar scolds his servant Hariya for not taking good care of his plants. They will die if they wont get adequate water. Guru ji asks him why he dint answer him. Zamindar says I dint know when education came into being but dharma and religion are in this society since a long time. Guru ji repeats his words at him. Consider this my Gurudakshina. Zamindar requests him not to fold his hands in front of him. Please leave. Guru ji requests again but in vain. He walks away helplessly. Zamindar remarks that he could have instead found some sewer for that community.

Ram ji, his kids and few other men try to take water from some place but the water is dirty. Flies are hovering over it. 2 men mock them. We added scrap in it last night. It is bound to be dirty. Look for water somewhere else. They find another spot but a guy tells them to walk away. You will make the water impure with your touch! We cannot wash our animals with the water that has touched you. Bhima reasons that water keeps flowing here so the water we will touch will flow away as well. The guy still asks them to leave. Bhima requests him politely. Kids are hungry there. I know that you are compassionate which is why you are washing your animal with love. Please let us take one pot of water. It wont cause you any harm. The guy tries to threaten them.

Sarvagya Maharaj asks the guy if he has no pity for them. They are begging you to give them water. The guy readily agrees. Sarvagya Maharaj tells him to let them take water from here. You will do mercy on them by giving them water and the quantity and quality of the water they will get will be their destiny. We have to now see what’s greater – your mercy or their fate! The guy gets confused. Sarvagya Maharaj tells him to wash his animals with this water. If they manage to get hold of the water that will fall down from the animals will be their. The guy likes the idea. He tells Ram ji and his men to take water and mocks them. Bhima thinks of the condition he had kept before Sarvagya Maharaj. Sarvagya Maharaj tells the guy to let it be. How will they get what they aren’t destined to get! Bhima says it is very difficult to fathom how or when someone’s fate will turn around. We could have gotten this water as well if it was meant to be. Thank you for thinking so much about us. Sarvagya Maharaj glares at Bhima. Ram ji walks away with his kids and men.


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