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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman and Shravan’s unresolved feelings

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Veer coming. Suman says Veer you made me wait a lot, actually I was waiting for Veer, I have to drop him to his relative. Veer says I got ready, I look handsome like Shravan. Suman says I don’t need anyone’s company. Shravan asks will I get lift. She asks him to come. Shravan says I need company, sit with me in the car. They leave.

Suman says I will go and see Shravan once, he is my patient, its my duty. The assistant says Shravan will be free in some time, Gujral is seeing his reports. Colonel Gujral says your reports are good, you can join the command. Shravan says I will show reports to Suman once. Gujral says that’s not needed. Suman says Gujral can have questions and can ask me, I will go and check. Shravan says Suman has worked hard on my treatment. Gujral says she is a good doctor, show your reports to her once. Shravan goes to see Suman. She gets Vikram’s call. He gets Sophie’s call. Vikram says I know you are going for something important, are you upset with me. She says nothing like that, I was busy in work. He says make a plan to meet. She says fine. Sophie asks are you busy in imp work. Shravan says no, what are you doing. She says I m bored, come along for shopping. Shravan says I will tell you. He thinks what am I doing, I have to change the story, I can’t have feelings for Suman. Suman thinks I have moved on, I shouldn’t get feelings for Shravan, he should not have any misunderstanding. He thinks I can handle myself, but she shouldn’t get any misunderstanding.

Bunty asks what is the matter, tell me. Shravan says I know she is treating me, but I want her to not have any misunderstanding. Bunty says get away from her, what was the need to make her a doctor, you came here to stay in her house. Shravan says I will call her. Bunty asks why. Shravan says I want to meet her. Bunty says you have to stay away. Shravan says she won’t come running on my call, I have a great idea this time. He calls Suman. Suman gets his call. Kanchan asks what does he want now.

Shravan asks will you come to the tea stall, I m going there in evening. Suman says yes, I will come. He says great, we will meet and talk. Bunty says I don’t understand her now, how can she say yes. Shravan says we will meet her, I will clear everything to her, don’t take tension, I have a great idea, thank God she said yes. Kanchan asks why did you say yes, is he mad to call you or are you mad to meet him. Suman says I want to meet him, everything will be fine now. They smile.

Shravan is at the tea stall. Suman comes to meet him. Shravan recalls their old moments. Honton pe tere….plays…. She says nothing changed. He says I m glad you came. She says me too. He asks will you get your special tea. She says yes. He orders her special tea. He orders filter coffer. Sophie comes and says you ordered my filter coffee. She hugs him. She says I was having a very bad day, Shravan asked me to come for coffee. Shravan says we already spoke everything, there is nothing new, so I thought to call Sophie.

Sophie says you are flirting today. He asks why, is my flirting bad. He thinks its to clear to Suman that I have no feelings for her now. Vikram comes and says amazing, everyone is together. He hugs Suman. Suman says Shravan and I think alike, I called Vikram here, I stay happy with him. She thinks you shouldn’t have any misunderstanding. Suman orders tea for Vikram. Vikram says I like our friendship getting strong, we should make a special plan. Sophie says Vikram, we used to go on long drives, lets some plan something. Vikram says its my yes, but maybe Suman won’t like it. Shravan says its a romantic idea, Sophie, we should plan it. Suman says this time, we will plan it together, I m on a holiday. She holds Vikram’s hand. Shravan looks on. Sophie says the plan is final now. Suman and Shravan see each other.

Suman says we are leaving. Vikram says an urgent case has come, I can’t come. Suman says I feel I should call Vikram. Sophie says Vikram won’t leave work for anything. Suman calls Vikram and asks him to please come if he wants to spend time with her.

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