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Devakshi An Eternal Love Saga – Ft.Arranged Marriage Love A Twist In Tale Episode 14

Hai friends. I’m back with another episode. Thank you so much for your support and love. Please keep supporting.

Its next day morning. Ishwari is getting ready to go to the temple. Dev comes down.

Dev: Maa…I’ll take you to the temple today

Everyone including Kichu bhaiya are stunned to hear this

RR: arrey Dev beta is it you?

Vicky: Haan bhai..I can’t believe myself… Nikki just pinch me nah

Nikki pinches him hard

Vicky: Aahhh Nikki I won’t leave you now

He starts chasing her.

Ishwari: Dev…you are taking me to temple?

Dev: Haan maa…its not for yourbhagwan..its for you

RR: Jiji miracle is happening..

Ishwari: Sach bhabhi..I’ll go to temple and come

Ishwari and Dev get into the car the scene freezes.

Scene shifts to Bose house. Asha is in the kitchen when her phone rings. Its Ishwari

Asha: Hello Ishwari

Ishwari [ in a cheerful tone]: Asha do you know something?

Asha: I don’t knowwhat it is but you sound so happy

Ishwari: Today Dev took me to the temple…

Asha: Really? You told that Dev doesn’t spend time for such things

Ishwari: Haan..but today miraculously he took me to the temple..spent time with me and brought me back home. I’m so happy

Asha: That’s very good. So happy to see that you are happy

Ishwari: Its all due to the entry of Sonakshi…

Asha: Arrey what did Sona do? Its all Dev who did it

Ishwari: Dev is changing and Sona is changing him. I’m so happy that she will take my responsibilities of Dev and I need not worry anymore.

Ishwari cuts call as she had some work. Just then Sona comes there

Sona: Maa..early morning phone call..who was it?

Asha: Ishwari..

Ishwari: Maa? Is anything wrong

Asha: Oh fo Shona stop being suspicious always she called to share a happy news that Dev took her to the temple and spent time with her..its true boys become more responsible when they attain marriageable age

Sona smiles to herself.

Bijoy: The lets fix the marriage of football…atleast then he will be responsible

Saurabh hears this and makes an irritated face

Asha: Bijoy..early morning why are you pulling his leg..first lets finish Sona’s marriage

Sona grabs her coffee and goes to her room.She locks her room and calls Dev

Dev: Good morning my love

Sona: Arrey waah Mr.Obodro you took my words seriously

Dev: What are you referring to..

Sona: You took maa to temple today..thats so sweet

Dev: When what you told is right why won’t I listen to it

Sona: Maa was so happy she called maa and shared her happiness

Dev: Maa..maa…maa…so confusing

Sona [giggles] : Ishwari maa called Asha maa and shared her happiness

Dev laughs too.

Dev: I love you Ms.Kargosh

Sona: I love you too Mr. Obodro

The scene freezes on their happy faces.

Natasha is standing under a tree and her driver is checking her car. She is sweating and is fanning herself using a file. Neil crosses there in his bike and stops.

Neil: Ms.Natasha…

Natasha: Neil?

Neil: Any problem with the car?

Natasha: Huh..breakdown and waiting for a mechanic

Neil: Shall I drop you…you will be coming to our office right

Natasha:No…I’m not a part of Dixit company

Neil: Then I’ll drop you wherever you want to go

Natasha: No..you will be getting late

Neil: If bike isn’t comfortable for you then no problem

Natasha: Hey its not like that..[she sighs] you won’t be happy without helping so drop me no problem

Natasha sits in his bike and he hands over a helmet to her

Neil: Safety first always.

Neil and Natasha have a bike ride.


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