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Choti Sardarni 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher says enough. Don’t say a word against Sarab. Meher tears it and says I can tear thousand such papers. I thought non of it was your fault. But you never understood. I can tolerate anything but a word against Sarab. I wont hear it. You wanna know what he is to me? What he has done for me and Karan? He stood by me and Karan in all difficult times. He gave his name to Karan. Meher tells him how Sarab said Karan will grow up in his house as his son. Meher says you were questioning why he signed it. I will ask you did he have any other option? Meher tells him she met an accident. Meher says if you had to choose between me and your child who would you choose? What would you do? Manav walks away. He sits down. Meher says you never understood him. I call him Rab because he is. He told me everything when Karan was born.

Sarab said to Meher please forgive me. Your condition was worse and I had to make a decision. It was impossible but I.. Meher says chose me. And I know why you chose me. If anything happened to Param and Yuvi would live in guilt. Sarab said I had to put a stone of my heart. Pleasr forgive me. Meher said don’t embarras me. Sarab picks Karan and said he’s my son. My partner now. Till I am there nothing will ever happen to you. Meher says you know what Sarab is.

Scene 2
Amrita says what happened? Kulwant says you took Meher’s side and made her marry Sarab to save her child. If you didn’t help her this day won’t have happened. Vikram Dewan is Manav. His memory is back and he’s asking for Karan. Amrita says Sarab also knows? Kulwant says no. Amrit says I always wanted Meher to be happy.

Manav says all that you’re saying is correct. I will also call him Rab.

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