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Bigg Boss 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 33
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song bas itna sa khuwab hai.

8:45 AM
Nikki tells Pavitra that I felt bad when you told Jaan that why I am bothering about you. Pavitra says I just told him to not bother about Eijaz saying things. Pavitra says I told him to not worry about me and be nice with Eijaz.

9:15 AM
Nikki comes to Rahul and asks him to talk to her. Rahul says I will take time to come back from that shock. Nikki says so should I come to you daily? Rahul says I called you a friend. Nikki says you wanted us both to get nominated? Rahul says you want to be saved and not worry about friendship? Nikki says you don’t miss me? Rahul says no, I get angry when I see you. Nikki says then I will not come here. Rahul says I cried because I couldn’t believe what happened. Nikki says I feel bad as you are not talking to me. I want to talk to you, things will happen in this house, you will go against me too but I don’t want to separate and end the friendship. Rahul says when my heart is not into it then I can’t try, I am slow in healing for sure.

9:30 AM
Eijaz tells Abhi that I dislocated my right shoulder in 2001. Jasmin says you were fighting? Eijaz says I had a fight sequence in a film. Jasmin says I remember you as a great hero of TV, why you don’t talk about your glory years and just talk about injuries? Eijaz says I have overcome those injuries.

Naina tells Rubina that Eijaz is trying to be in good books of Abhi.

Jasmin tells Eijaz that people remember you as a star but all you talk about is injuries, you keep playing a game and the audience understands everything. People have seen you as a star and they get disappointed when they see you like this. Eijaz says you see me as a famous character Kavya from Kavyanjali show but I am like this in real life.

10 AM
Pavitra is brooming the floor. Eijaz asks if she needs any help? She says no. Jaan comes to help Pavitra but she says I will do it alone. Eijaz says I didn’t tell her to do it alone, she is doing it on her own. Eijaz tries to help Pavitra but she ignores him. She cleans his captain’s room.

10:30 AM
Eijaz asks Abhi to wash his breakfast dishes. Nikki says all are washing it. Pavitra murmurs he has to confirm from everyone as a dictator. Eijaz says I am doing my work so don’t blabber about me, if you have a problem then be a captain. Pavitra says you became a captain because of me, don’t disrespect my favor on you. Eijaz says don’t shout at me, I am not scared of you. Pavitra says then don’t talk to me. Eijaz says I don’t want to talk to you, I hear you murmur things under your breath. Pavitra says you are a chameleon.
Rahul asks Rubina why Eijaz talks like this? In a goon-like tone?
Eijaz tells Pavitra that don’t threaten me here, these would work in your town or society. Why are you calling me a chameleon. They both shout at each other. Eijaz come closer and shouts at her that I am like this, take me out if you can. Pavitra gets angry and pushes him. Eijaz says you have pushed me. Pavitra pushes him again and screams. Jaan pulls her back. Pavitra shouts that he became a captain because me, I gave my 100% committment to him, I didn’t change on my words. I fought with Jaan and Nikki to make him a captain.

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