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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Differences between Bhorilal and Tiwari grow

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Tiwari stairs at dadu and says that I’m sorry but i have to search you. Dadu agrees tiwari checks him and find nothing dadu slaps him and says from now on me and angoori will not live in this house, angoori scolds tiwari, tiwari says sorry but dadu gets angry and scolds him and we will not live with him, Angoori leaves and tiwari follows her Angoori scolds tiwari and asks him not to talk or follow her. The thief dashes tiwari and leaves, angoori says first you accused my father of stealing watch then of stealing wallet, Tiwari says you are taking it wrong, Angoori says no I’m not, Tiwari says i felt really bad when i was checking dadu, Angoori then why did you checked him, tiwari tries to calm down Angoori and says that vibhu and helan came forward to get checked and if i would not check dadu they would feel bad, angoori says you are so worried about then what about dadu he felt so insulted you might not be regretting, tiwari i regret so much for that, angoori receives a call from vibhu and vibhu says that i, helan and dadu got checked but only tiwari is left rest all you know and vibhu hungs up the call, tiwari asks you was on call, angoori says i want to check you, tiwari who is this who calls you again and again and after call i always see difference in your attitude there is someone who is provoking you against me, Angoori says font try to change topic and let me check you Tiwari agrees to that, Angoori searches tiwari and finds the wallet Angoori gets angry and leaves

Helan aunty and dadu were sitting together having drinks, Dadu asks helan to mix poison in his drink i want to die i have been insulted so much helan says if i was having this kind of situation i would also been feeling same, the boy’s walk to them and greets them, Teeka asks dadu what happen to your face why are you so upset did someone died, helan scolds teeka and ask him to behave, tillu also scolds teeka and says sorry to helan and asks why is bhuray lal so upset, helan says this time he is been accused for stealing wallet, malkhan says what are you saying first he was accused for watch and now for wallet, teeka says did they find anything, helan no nothing, malkhan says we are also facing the same issue, tillu says somebody is trying to frame us too, teeka says forget this and go steal something, tillu says to go and rob tiwari, malkhan agrees to tillu and says to rob his shop too, bhuray stands up and slaps them, helan aks bhuray to calm down

Angoori upset, tiwari walks to her and tries to calm her down but angoori doesn’t listen to him, tiwari says i swear on ammaji and if you want you can shoot me or else I’ll shoot myself Angoori reply you know i would never do that, tiwari says lets come to the point Angoori says i dont want to talk to a man who always insults my father and accuse him, tiwari asks her to beat him with stick like ammaji does, angoori thinks that tiwari is very upset and i should stop it, Tiwari says what are you thinking just grab the stick beat me and take revenge, Angoori gets a call from vibhu and says if tiwari is around not to mention his name and says that i don’t know about you but i felt very bad when tiwari insulted dadu i would never forgive tiwari for insulting dadu and rest is up to you and vibhu hungs up call, Angoori scolds tiwari and go away, tiwari wonders who keeps her calling and provokes her

Tiwari says why is dadu so upset i just checked him not thrown him into jail and asks Angoori to listen him, angoori says i dont want to listen to someone who insulted my father, tiwari says im sorry for that, Angoori says first you insult him and then you feel sorry, tiwari says this happened just twice but wasn’t purposely done, dadu enters the house, tiwari greets him but dadu says dont take my name from dirty mouth and insulted tiwari, tiwari says I’m sorry but dadu says no I’m sorry, you know i couldn’t sleep whole night and thought what should i do but in the end i decided that Angoori will not live in your house, Angoori shocked and says what are you saying, dadu says how can you live in such house where your father is not respected, will you able to live peacefully

Vibhu and helan together celebrating their victory, and helan says to vibhu you are very mean person , vibhu says this talant of creating difference i learnt from you dont you remember how you created difference between daddy and uncle, helan asks vibhu not to trouble him any more vibhu says son in law and father in law were going to patch up but not anymore, helan asks by the way where is bhuray lal, vibhu says he’s an alcoholic must be somewhere drunk, bhuray lal and angoori enters the house and says that Angoori will no longer stay at Tiwari house or this city, vibhu shock, dadu says im taking her back to my hometown Angoori says you heard it right im going back to hometown with dadu, vibhu what about loan you took from mahajan, dadu what mahajan can do he cant do nothing and its about two or three days my policy will get mature and will repay the loan, helan says this is not good, dadu says not to worry we will be having same kind of relationship, Vibhu thinks this is not good if bhabhi ji goes back to town what will happen to me, vibhu asks helan to make tea.

Vibhu goes follow Tiwari, Tiwari asks what wrong did i do if i searched Daddu, Vibhu says you insulted a old man and now he is taking your wife away and you are doing nothing, Tiwari says he is just acting to trouble me, Angoori wont agree, Vibhu says she has agreed and before she leaves me and go, Tiwari says what, Vibhu says meaning you.

Gupta at tea stall, a man rushes to him and asks to help his father having seizures. Doctor leaves his tea and goes. Thief steal tea and leaves. Boys come there looking at their phones, Gupta walks back and finds his tea missing and again blames boys. Boys try to convince him they havent, master and Prem walk there, Gupta tells them boys again have stolen, Master scolds them, calls them shameless. Teeka gets angry says yes we ate all biscuits drank all tea do whatever you want to do, Gupta says its fins drink tea, get scared and all 3 leave.
Tilu says in this world kindness doesn’t have importance.

UPre cap: Vibhu has self realisation and feels bad that because of him Angoori will have to leave forever

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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