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Barister Babu 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita confronts Saudamini

Barister Babu 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Binoy saying Trilochan can’t even move, explain this girl. Trilochan cries and tries to bless Bondita. Everyone gets surprised. Trilochan blesses Bondita. Bondita sees him. Anirudh says Kaka….. They smile. Bondita says he gave me blessings. She gets up. She claps happily. Anirudh says we have come home, now Kaka has to get fine, before diwali, we won’t feel the sweetness and light of diwali without you. She says yes, we all will celebrate diwali together. She asks Binoy to bless her, mum says blessing is like Rasgullas. Binoy turns away. Anirudh says I will take Kaka to room. Bondita says I will light diya in temple and come. She says I didn’t forget anything that you taught me. Trilochan cries. Anirudh takes Trilochan to room. He says I told you I will bring Bondita home, what happened to you. Binoy tries to hear their talk. Bondita keeps chunri and prays for Trilochan. She says who will scold me and teach me now. Anirudh says I can’t see you on wheelchair, I want you to become fine and have the same pride, you show courage to recover, we all will support you. Bondita says who will tell me how to become a good wife, who will scold me if I make a mistake, make Trilochan fine, else I won’t talk to you. She cries. Anirudh leaves. He sees Binoy outside. He says you here. Binoy says Anirudh, did you see any improvement in him, you winked seeing you, I m glad to see you back, we were worried, hira mandi is a dangerous place. Anirudh says you are right, there was much danger, it was in front of the eyes, I knew the intentions of those people, but real danger are those who have love on face and hide truth, we don’t know their real character, such people hug us and back stab us. He goes.

Saudamini asks Binoy did Trilochan say anything about me. Binoy says no, he got happiness and courage on seeing Anirudh and Bondita, he moved his hand, I think he will get well soon. She gets shocked. She says he can tell my truth. He says I can’t see him like this. She thinks I can see him like that all life. He says don’t tell anything to Anirudh, I will handle Bondita. She says Bondita will catch my lie of blindness, if Anirudh knows it then.. He asks what are you waiting for, before Bondita tells him, go and meet her, explain her that you are her old Pari didi, you worry for her and Anirudh. She ends call.

Bondita arranges her room. Koyli asks shall I keep the belongings. Bondita says yes, I have to put his pic first because of whom Anirudh found me, Gandhi ji. She puts Gandhi ji’s pic. Bihari and Koyli smile. Saudamini comes. She says Bondita you have come, I was so worried for you. She thinks Bondita is upset with me.

Surmani asks are you waiting for Saurabh, he is with the girls of hira mandi. Sampoorna worries. Surmani says I think his love for you got less, I think those girls are really beautiful. Sampoorna says he loves me a lot, he can’t do this. Saudamini asks Bihari and Koyli to leave, she has to talk to Bondita. They go. Bondita thinks how does she know that they are in the room. Saudamini says I have cried and prayed for your return. Bondita asks did you really pray for me. Saudamini says you think I m lying. Bondita says if you aren’t lying, you would have helped me, you left me alone. Saudamini asks when did we meet. Bondita says when you were leaving in the cart.

Saudamini says you are making fun of my blindness. Bondita says you didn’t hear my voice, I called you and ran after the cart, I called you and asked for help, you turned away. Saudamini says I came there, trust me, I didn’t hear you. Bondita says why did you turn, I thought you will see me and save me, I always called you Pari didi and shared my feelings with you. Bondita says you aren’t the same Saudamini now, just go away, I don’t want to talk. Saudamini thinks I can get Anirudh’s sympathy. She acts. Anirudh looks on. Saudamini says give me a chance to explain. Anirudh recalls Bondita’s words. Bondita moves. Saudamini falls. Anirudh asks Bondita to see, Saudamini fell down. He helps Saudamini. He asks what do you want, everyone shows sympathy for you, no, right, why should anyone show sympathy, I mean I know you well, you don’t want anyone to show pity. Bondita says I feel Saudamini can see.

Saudamini says how shall I get proof of my blindness, Anirudh you trust me right. Anirudh says I always believe the truth, a small thing can break the trust in relations, I know you won’t let it break. She thinks he still believes my blindness. She says I didn’t see or hear Bondita in hira mandi. He says Bondita is a small kid, she isn’t a judge or barrister that she needs proof, maybe she has a misunderstanding, you know she used to make everyone swear, she doesn’t trust anyone, for Bondita’s sake, swear on me and say you didn’t see or hear Bondita in hira mandi. Bondita thinks I can’t let Saudamini false swear.

Precap will be added later

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