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Trust is better than love (II)

Thanks to all of you for encouraging me.I didn’t thought for a happy ending for this os  but I am writing the part on your requests.

Kunj: Fine twinkle. I know my mistake is not small but you can’t say that I didn’t love you. From now on I will ask for your forgiveness day and night.I will wait for the day when you will hold my hand and will forgive me till my last breath.

From that day every morning after waking up and before sleeping he asked her for forgiveness. But their was no change in twinkle’s attitude.She did fulfilled all her duties as a wife except one.Kunj had told her he will not force her until she herself do not want it.

From the wedding day till that day kunj had not noticed her and even if noticed he thought that she was traping him.But now when he noticed her he became teary eyed. Twinkle had completely changed.She was not the jolly twinkle he had left years ago.She was very mature now.the girl who used to smile without a reason rarely smiled on a joke.He never saw her laughing her heart out.He sometimes used to get irrigated by her laughing like manic but now he was dying to see her laugh her heart out.He had changed her completely. He felt more and more guilty.

One day when he was entering the kitchen he saw that boiling tea fell on her hand.His mother was also their.He ran to her but she said she was fine. She was not that kind of girl she was the girl who used to carry the house on her head even if she had a minor cut but now her hand burnt completely a and she didn’t said anything. Did he really deserved her he thought.

Days went on and kunj’s morning and night routine was same.

On the other Side twinkle was melting but when she rembered the day he accused her she become afraid that what if he again does not trust her how she will recollect her broken pieces.It Was true that she still loved him.She was not able to see him in pain.Her love never decreased for him but the fear overpowered her love.she always use to think did he really deserved a chance.

One day she was watching a serial and the old man in the serial says:”hold him before it’s to late”.

This line came in front of her eyes many times when she was watching,while she was studying.She heard it many times 1st usha(mother-in-law) then from mahi(sister) and from many other person.It was not that they new about their relatio they all were talking about others but all had a same phrase “before it’s too late”

She became restless. She was only thinking about kunj. She was just waiting for him.That night Kunj came home late ad went to room directly.After some time she also went to room.She saw him laying in the bed with his eyes closed.He was looking so pale.Her eyes became teary. in her fear she was not able to see him.She moved forward and sat beside him he didn’t opened his eyes. She bent and kissed on his eye while her tear drop fell on his face.He felt the tear and opened his eyes twinkle moved Bach and he also sat up.

Kunj folded his hands in front of her and pleaded: twinkle please forgive me.

Twinkle was not able to say anything she was full in tears.She held his hand and kissed them.Kunj was about to say something but she stopped him she joined his hands to her hand.His hands became fully wet. He became worried.She then hugged him very tightly.

Kunj:(panicked)Twinkle what happened why are you crying please tell me what happened

Twinkle while hugging tightly and sibing said with a choking voice:Kunj I forgive you.

She again kissed his eyes which were also teary.They didn’t said anything to each other nor stopped eachother from crying they just hugged each other.

They felt very relieved in each others arms and wanted the time to stop.

After one year:-

Twinkle gave birth to twins a boy and a girl. And they lived happily ever after.Kunj always complemented her “Twinkle I trust you and I love you”

Twinkle:I love you too.

Screen freezes.


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