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Dil se dil ka Rishta (C 3) pt 2

Let’s begin…

Sanskar:soniyaaa meri jaan. Agar tum nahi hoti tho mera kya hota
(if you were not there what would have happened to me)
Soniya:aww baby

Sanskar:where is your friends?

Soniya:baby you came for me right
Sanskar:yes baby

Behind a girl was pissed with their talks and she is none other than Ragini

Ragini turns to her friend nimisha

Nimisha:let it be yaar

Ragini:excuse me both
She said loudly

Both turns

For a moment sanskar was lost in her
But soon composes

Ragini rudely :if you give us way, it would be our pleasure to get down the train

Soniya immediately gets down the train as she got scared from her

Sanskar now stood in the middle :oh gosh.. Soniya don’t know why i am feeling so blessed to stand here.

Ragini grits her teeth angrily. She took her bags and moves back to another door

Sanskar smiles mischievously

Ragini was about get down when sanskar stood there cross..

Ragini:damn…what’s your problem?

Sanskar:you can say this sweetly too.

Ragini picks her bag this time not to move but hits him


He falls on the platform

Ragini getting down the train gives a disgusting looks to sanskar:you need more sweetness

Sanskar stood brushing his hands

While she goes followed by nimisha

Soniya:baby.. Are you fine?

Sanskar:who is she?

Soniya:i don’t know much about her, but she is also coming for the trekking

Sanskar smiles widely:ohhh then it would be more fun

Akhil the chief of trekking:guys.. Come on pick up the bus fast we need to leave

Sanskar and soniya gets in the bus when a guy:hey soniya…
Soniya:jai baby..

She gets busy talking with him

Sanskar’s eyes searches for Ragini

He sees she is sitting in the window seat at the last and the girl with her was talking with someone

He immediately went there amd taking the chance of nimisha being talking with someone away from the seat.

He immediately sat there

She sees sanskar

Ragini:what are you doing in our seat?

Sanskar:sorry there wasn’t name written in the seat

Nimisha comes:we were sitting here before.

Sanskar:now i am sitting so what?

Ragini gets up and was about to go but sanskar doesn’t give her the way

Sanskar:madam look there, (she looks as every seats were conquered)

Nimisha:where will i sit!?

Ragini:nimisha you will sit here!

Sanskar:nimisha, you will sit beside me?

Ragini:don’t take her name!

Sanskar:tell me yours i will take your name then!

A friend of nimisha calls her to sit beside her

Sanskar:nimu… Tussi jaa rahe ho?

Nimisha ignoring him:Ra…
Sanskar was looking at her

Nimisha:you sit here.. I will adjust there. Just a 15 mins journey!

Ragini nods and sits and nimisha moves from there

Sanskar sees Ragini looking outside the window

Sanskar:instead of seeing out if you had seen me, may be you fall in love with me!

Ragini:SHUT UP!

Sanskar shruggs his shoulders

After a minute

He places his head on her shoulders
She immediately pushes him

Ragini:be in your limits!

Sanskar was acting to be in sleep

Ragini huffs and sits

And later they reach the destination

Sanskar immediately went from there

Ragini murmurs:my goodness!

Later all were standing

When akhil:this time the trekking would be something different, We would be giving the numbers to you. And will tell you why it is given!

Everyone gets the numbers

Akhil:now search your partners with same numbers! You along with your partners will be trekking along with..

Nimisha:don’t worry Ragini, i will exchange my numbers with the person whom you will get!

Sanskar sees Ragini’s number is 8 and his 4

Sanskar:why it is not 4+4

He sees soniya who is having 8.he smiles widely

Sanskar:baby,let me just see you!

Soniya:what happened baby?

He cups her face:you are looking so pale!

Soniya:is it baby
She frees herself and immediately takes her bag and searches for foundation

Taking this as a chance he immediately changes his number with her

Soniya seeing it:baby what are you doing?

Sanskar:that train girl got the same number as you baby. I thought you would not be able to tolerate her so i thought to exchange with yours

Soniya:aww.. You are so caring!

Sanskar:you would get jai as your partner baby. I would surely miss you

Soniya:it’s ok baby, we would be here only na!

Soniya immediately goes to jai

Everyone were teamed

Nimisha talks to akhil about changing their numbers

Akhil:you talk to your partners and sought it out.

Ragini and nimisha talks with nimisha’s partner. Who happens to be a guy

Guy:no problem

Ragini turns and sanskar was standing in front of her

Ragini gets frustrated seeing him




He shows her the number

Ragini:oh god!

Nimisha sees it:please exchange your number with mine!

Sanskar:if i exchange what will i get?

Nimisha :what you want?

Sanskar smiles:kunal!

Both looks at him confused

A guy comes he is kunal and nimisha’s partner

Sanskar:kunal i don’t want to change my partner as i and you were since..

Kunal continues:since together from childhood and yes if that partner is you then definitely i won’t change

Both the girls looks shocked


Sanskar:oh ho nimu..

Nimi gritts her teeth:nimisha!

Ragini:it’s ok nimisha
She closes her eyes signing her something.

Nimisha nods and goes with kunal


Everyone are standing with the respective partners

Sanskar:don’t you think we should know each other

Ragini smiles sarcastically :shut up
She angrily glares him

Sanskar forwards his hand:by the way i am sanskar

She looks other side

Sanskar:sunn kaantha

Ragini crosses her eyes but acts ignoring

Sanskar :kaanta tu jab gussa hoti ho na ek dum……

She turns and he was soo close to her

She immediately pushes him

Sanskar:uff yeh dakka! Kaantha tum..

Ragini looks at him weirdly

Sanskar:i thought to name you

Ragini herself:oh god why did i came here, if this guy wasn’t….

Sanskar coming close to her ears:who knows later we proved to be…

Ragini again pushes him through her bag:shut up

Sanskar:uff yeh shut up.

Ragini:be in your limits

Akhil:guys now you must have met your partners and now you all may go and take rest with your respective friends!

After sometime

Ragini comes freshened :nimisha, i want to go back.

Voice:why? Am i not handsome that you are not liking to go trekking with me?

Ragini immediately turns:you!

Sanskar :yes me!

Ragini:what are you doing here?

Sanskar:i was looking for kantha but i got a loser

Ragini angrily:i am not loser

Sanskar:you are kaantha you are!

Ragini:you think i am loser because i can’t go trekking with you

Sanskar Smilingly nods: you are feared that you may fall for my charm

Ragini:charm my foot!

He was smiling looking at her and she is feeling irritated it continued for some minutes

Ragini:look, i will prove you i am not loser but you just wait and watch
She smacks her fingers in front of him

Sanskar smiles:i am waiting and watching kaantha

She glares him while he winks at her

Next day

Ragini and nimisha comes out of their tent when they witness a crowd of people

Both look at each other and then moves there

Where soniya feared:i am saying the truth

Akhil:why only seen it and night no one have witnessed and you didnt shout too

Soniya:that’s because i fell unconscious then and there

Nimisha to kunal:what happened?

Kunal:soniya witnessed ghost

Ragini:ghost?! In which generation….

“bhoo..” sanskar shouts on her ears

Ragini being irritated pushes him though her bag

Ragini angrily:don’t you have some common sense…….. At least?!

Sanskar:uff kaantha

Ragini held her head

Akhil:leaving all this matter aside, now we have to move for what we are here!

All gathers except soniya and her partner jai

Akhil:so the first round of the trekking is earn your meal!

All looks confused

Sanskar to Ragini:interesting hai na!

Ragini closes her eyes in frustration.

Akhil points to the top of the hill:it is our target. So to reach there we have to start our journey today and your meals are fresh fruits which you will only get after trek for after 3 km from here. And who will reach first they would get their lunch without doing anything.

All are shocked

Akhil:come on quick

All starts to climb the hill with their respective partners

Ragini starts to move

When sanskar held her hand

She immediately pulls her hand from him

Ragini angrily:don’t you dare to touch me!

Sanskar:arey i thought i was your partner

Ragini:if you again touch me then i will break your hands, this is the final warning i am giving you be…

Sanskar continues :in your limits. Ok now lets move.

They moves

Sanskar fearing:hey kaantha. Do you think here there is ghost roaming around?

Ragini tapered her eyes at him:so you are scared of ghost?

Sanskar covering his fear:no.. I just asked does ghost exist?

Ragini:but i feel you are scared.

Sanskar laughs

Ragini moves front nodding her head in disbelief

Sanskar:do you know who i am?

Ragini:if you belong to tantrik’s family too.. So what?

Sanskar:what? Tantrik? Ok ok leave it. Did you heard the name of the famous scientist Prof. Dhoomaketu

Ragini irritated with his talks :no why?

His smile vanishes:nothing!

Ragini shrugs her shoulders and moves

Sanskar:arey i was going to say i am his assistant

Ragini stops and turns and smiles sarcastically :then its his bad luck and am sure you would have burned his lab(she said casually)

Sanskar remembers the incident:how do you know?

She again turns and smiles:that means my guess was right?

Sanskar understanding her:no i was…
He was embarrassed

Ragini burst into a bitter laughter:look… Hahaha… Look at your face… Haha

He was lost in her laughter

Here nimisha and kunal were passing by when someone kidnaps both kunal and nimisha!

To be continued…..

So how was this?

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