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Will he find her? Riansh os IMMJ2

Hi guys I am Japjot Kaur
This is From Makar Sankranti track Riddhima leaves VR Mansion Sia is still in coma
Let’s start
After 1 year
Vansh was sitting in his room just then doors kocked by someone
Vansh: Who is there ?
Angre: Boss me Angre
Vansh: come in Angre
Angre: Boss we have to go London for deal
Vansh: when?
Angre: day after tomorrow

In London
Now Riddhima & Sejal is top buisness women in London
Ridjel Mansion ( Riddhima + Sejal)
Riddhima: Sejal wake up yaar we have to go office yaar
Sejal: Riddhu thodi der aur plz ( puppy eys)
Riddhima: we have important meeting yaar
Sejal: shit I forgot
Riddhima: ab jaldi uth aur, niche aake nashta krle
Sejal: ok Riddhu

After 2 days
Vansh & Angre reach London
They stay at XYZ hotel

Vansh:Angre in which enterprises we have to go?
Angre: Ridjel enterprises
Vansh: ok
Get ready Angre we have to go
Angre: yes boss

At Ridjel enterprises
In cabin
Girl:Sir Don’t do ilegal deals
Vansh: we will pay double payment
Girl: Sir talk to our Boss
Just Riddhima arrived
Riddhima: Shewta what happen?
Shewta: mam he says double payment for ilegal deals
As riddhima is at door she didn’t face of Vansh & Angre
Riddhima: Shewta leave I will handle
Riddhima was shocked by seeing faces
Riddhima was in tears
Just then Sejal arrived
Sejal: what happen Riddhima
Riddhima: wo..wo.. ( pointing finger towards Vansh & Angre)
Sejal was shocked
Vansh was also in tears but hidding
his tears. Vansh wanted to hug her but his ego was very high.
Vansh: Let’s leave Angre , I want to do deal with betrayers
Riddhima:( wipping his tears) first of all I am not betrayer & Mr Raisinghania
I don’t have any objection with you what u say to me because I don’t care what people say about me
Vansh: you are betrayer
Vansh and Angre leaves
Sejal: Riddhima you should tell truth to Vansh
Riddhima:no Sejal he didn’t trust me & I don’t want to go back at that snake family. Sejal we should leave from here.
Sejal: Why Riddhima?
Riddhima: because I don’t want meet him again
Sejal:where we go?
Riddhima: Australia,we have branch there
At XYZ hotel
Vansh;(shouting)Angre.. Angre
Angre:yes boss
Vansh:book to Mumbai
After 2 days Vansh & Angre reach Mumbai
Ridjel reach Australia
At VR Mansion
All sitting hall talking to each other
Just then voice came
Voice:Vansh bhaiya.. Vansh bhaiya
Vansh: Siya
Vansh make Sia sit on sofa
Siya:where is Riddhima bhabi?
Ishani:she is here & why are you caring about that betrayer
Siya:she is not betrayer.
Siya tells whole truth
Everyone was shocked expect Kabir & Ahana
Vansh was in tears & guilt how he give so much pain to his wife,his love ,his sweetheart.
Vansh:Siya take rest
Siya: bhaiya bring back Riddhima bhabi
Vansh:yes Siya
Dadi:we did very wrong with Riddhima
Beta bring back Riddhima
Kabir & Ahana thrown out of Mansion
Vansh nodded in yes
Vansh: Angre book tickets for London
Angre:yes boss
Vansh & Angre reach London
Then they go to ridjel enterprises
Vansh;(to receptionist) where is Riddhima ?
Receptionist: Sorry sir we can’t give about this .
Vansh: you don’t know who I am?
I am Vansh Raisinghania ( shouting)
Tell me where Riddhima
Receptionist:( scared) in Australia
She give complete information to Vansh
Vansh & Angre reaches Australia
At Ridjel Mansion ( new Mansion in Australia)
Riddhima:Seju go & open door
As Sejal open door
She was shocked
Sejal: you here now what you want
Riddhima:Who is there Seju?
Riddhima arrived at door
Riddhima:you , now what you want from me
Vansh:I know Riddhima I hurted you alot
Riddhima please come back.I can’t live without you please Riddhima
Riddhima: in London you are saying I am betrayer, now suddenly what happened to u
Angre: Bhabi Siya tells whole truth to us.
Vansh: Riddhima please come back you give any to me u will give but please come back
Riddhima: ok but you have to live without me for 1 month
Vansh nodded
After 1 month Riansh are united

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