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Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Simar’s gesture touches Aarav’s heart

Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav requesting Yamini Devi to give a chance to Simar. Yamini Devi recalls the past and as fb is shown. She says yes, but think this as a favour from my side, as you are requesting so much. She says I will meet her, but don’t promise that I will teach her music or song. Aarav says it is good that you agreed, Simar will handle everything. Yamini asks what did you say? Aarav says thanks you agreed. Yamini Devi asks him not to tell anyone about their meeting. He says he was about to tell her the same, as he wants to surprise Simar. She asks him to bring her 2 days later. Aarav says ok and leaves. Jogi asks Yamini Devi why did she talk with enemy’s son so nicely. She says sometimes they shall talk to enemies with love and tells that it is time for revenge.

Aditi likes the decoration for Ganapati Pandal. She says you are perfect in everything you do. Simar says I don’t know I am perfect or not, but I used to do decoration in the pandal outside our house with Roma di. She asks Aditi to decorate like her. Badi Maa asks who asked you to decorate the pandal. Simar says it is Bappa’s Pandal so needs to be decorated. Badi maa says a team of best decorators of Agra comes and decorates Oswal Mansion, Big Bhog is kept and 24 hours langar goes on. She says this is not small mohalla Pandal. Simar says but Bappa is same. Badi Maa asks her not to teach her and says you will not do decoration here. Simar says I just wanted all of us to welcome bappa with love and devotion.

Roma opens the door and throws the dirt outside. It falls on the girl and her parents. The girl calls her maid and scolds her. Roma says I am not maid. Shobha comes there and scolds her. She welcomes the girl Divya and her parents inside. Roma asks who are they? Lalit says they came for Vivek’s alliance. Shobha asks Roma to bring water for them. Divya’s mother tells that she carries her own mineral water and hand fan. She says she came to middle class home for first time.Shobha sends Roma to bring water for others.

Badi Maa asks Simar to do some other work and says this is not your cup of tea. Aditi says let Bhabhi do the decoration, as the decorators always do the same decoration. Simar asks for a chance and asks her to trust her. Badi Maa says trust this girl and turns to go? Her slipper bends and she is about to fall down. Simar holds her hand to stop her from falling down. She asks are you fine? Badi Maa asks why are you doing this, first coffee, decoration and then this. She asks do you think that I will forgive you, no. she says your 15 days are remaining. Simar says if it would have been my last day, then also I would have done the same. Badi Maa is upset and goes.

Shobha tells Divya’s parents that Vivek travels for his job. Divya’s mother tells that they wanted to get her married in a rich house, but they have to agree for Divya’s happiness. Shobha tells that her husband is heart specialist and introduces Vivek. Divya asks from where did you get this antique piece. Lalit says she is my wife Roma, and this is not maid. Divya gets up and apologizes to Roma. Roma says its ok. Shobha tells that her family is small. Divya’s mother says even your house is small. Shobha says she will make Divya stay in the house as Maharani. Roma looks at Lalit.

Simar comes to Sandhya and tells about the fracture in Badi Maa’s foot. She asks Sandhya to make Badi Maa have the lep on her foot. Badi Maa smells it and says she used to make Gajendra and Giriraj apply the lep when they get hurt in childhood. Sandhya says it is Simar’s Maa remedy and she made it. Badi Maa says she must have told you that she saved me from falling down etc. Sandhya says she didn’t tell me, just asked me to apply the lep as you had fractured leg. Badi Maa says she didn’t want lep sent by her. Sandhya insists, but Badi Maa refuses.

Simar thinks what is Badimaa’s problem with the lep. Aarav says Maa told me that you made lep for Badi Maa and she refused. Simar says it is small thing. Aarav says it matters to me a lot as you are here for some days and doing so much efforts to keep them happy. Simar says I am doing this for my loved ones, when I go from here then I will take all these moments with me. She says this is my selfishness. She gets up. Aarav tells that the parathas was so tasty, that I thought to come home and kiss Maharaj ji’s hands. Simar saysI made those parathas, woke up early to make it, and tells that he shall kiss her hand. She stops. He smiles. She pretends as if she can’t hear him. He says he is hearing her and asks when she will make him have hot parathas. She says she knows how to make all kinds of parathas and asks him to tell when and what he wants to eat. They smile.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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