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Hello everyone, sorry for delays and short updates but please co-operate with me till 8octo due to my exams from 21st sept 🙂😔

Episode starts with:

Raichand Palace: Author’s POV;

Riddhima: Its time you give me my birthday gift.

Vansh:(licking her ears) 10 days before? Okay fine tell what you want.

Riddhima: MARRY ME 🥺

Vansh:(jerking her) What? Stop joking.

Riddhima: It’s not a Joke I want you to marry me on my birthday as my birthday gift. Please Vansh 🥺

Vansh: No Riddhima just don’t ask this from me. We can be together but marriage? No this can’t happen 🥺

Riddhima: Why this can’t happen? Don’t you love me? You have someone else?

Vansh: RIDDHIMA.. stop this nonsense. I love only you! No one else but why are you ruining your life by marrying a VAMPIRE and that too at such a young age?

Riddhima:(cupping her face) Because whatever happened today and in past now I can’t loose you Vansh. You’ve become my reason to breathe, to laugh, to smile, to be happy. I just want to be with you forever. Please marry me🥺💞

Vansh:(cupping her cheeks) Even I’m nothing without you but try and understand, don’t ruin your life Riddhima.

Riddhima:(shouting) I Just Want To Marry You Damn It! YES OR NO?

Vansh: Riddhi….

Riddhima: YES OR NO?

Vansh: Listen to me..

Riddhima: YES OR NO 😤(shouting)

Vansh:(irritatingly) YES! Fine I’ll Marry You. Now don’t be panic please.

Riddhima:(hugging him tightly) That’s better! We’ll get married on my Birthday itself. I’ll talk to my Papa and Mumma. Now you have to meet my family as well.

Vansh: Hnm! (Breaking the hug/caressing her hair) See what you’ve done to yourself in this entire day, take care Sweetheart, very careless you are.

Riddhima: (kiddish tone) You are there to take care of me na, I’m your baby girl afterall. Now come make me sleep.

(Vansh picks her up and makes her lie down on the bed, settling besides her, he cuddles her, while she continues..)

Riddhima: Now you’ve to meet my parents also 😁

Vansh: But before that you’ve to meet my Clan members, so tomorrow be ready I’ll take you to my palace.

Riddhima: I’m already a Princess of this Raichand Palace and now another Palace 😍

Vansh: And you’ll be the Queen of another Palace.

Riddhima: I’m so excited Vansh, We’ll get married in 10 days and then we’ll have s*x and then our baby will come..

Vansh: (shockingly) Riddhima stop.. You are forgetting we aren’t a normal couple, I’m a VAMPIRE and you are a Human..

Riddhima: So …🤔

Vansh: So you sleep as tomorrow you’ll visit my palace

And Queens have to look fresh.

Vansh (in Mind) Ohh God what all she says without even realising. How will I handle her. My Baby Girl 😘 but how to tell Riddhima that VAMPIRES don’t give birth to kids 😔

Riddhima:(shaking Vansh) Where are you lost? So I was saying that once we get married..

Vansh: baby please sleep now, it’s already late (patting her head)

Riddhima: No I want to do something interesting now..

Vansh: At this time? What?

(Riddhima looks at him mischievously and hovers upon him, she starts unbuttoning his shirt, Vansh says..)

Vansh: What are doing Riddhima?

Riddhima: What’s the difference will do this after 10 days or before?

Vansh: Riddhima stop it please Sweetheart please!

Riddhima:(Kissing her chest seductively)come on Vansh..

(Riddhima moves her hand towards his pants, Vansh jerks her hand sweating, while Riddhima laughs 🤣..

Riddhima (laughing): How crazy Vansh 😅 you thought that 🤣 uff mann! What a sanskari boyfriend I have..

Vansh: You are definately being too naughty baby girl.

Riddhima: I Love You and we’ll be united after 10days finally.

Vansh: (kissing her head) Now sleep.

(Vansh cuddles her, while she keeps her head in his bare chest and drawing circles, listening to his heart goes into a deep slumber, while Vansh caressing her face thinks..)

Vansh (thinking): I don’t know whether I’ll take our Marriage to next level even after our wedding Riddhima Because I fear losing control and end up biting you. I don’t want to hurt you, I can’t hurt you in any way sweetheart 🥺❤️

Episode Ends!

Precap: Riddhima Introduced in Ancient Palace!!

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