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Meet 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update : Amma asks Meet to pay for Manushri’s wedding

Meet 4th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manu says Yes for the marriage. Everyone happy and start clapping. Amma says thank god. Meet Ahlawat says thank you to Manu. Amma says come you both sit here and Anubha distribute sweet to everyone. Meet Ahlawat looking at seeet remember Meets word that his work will be done today and he eat sweet. Amma says to everyone now they have selected eachother so lets talk about further functions. Masum says to Babita, you should not do good things with dirty hands. Babita asks Manu where is washbasin. Manu says come I’ll show you. Babita says no need for the trouble I’ll go. Anubha takes Amma aside and tell her that she checked in kitchen few minutes back and it looks like tank is empty. Meet hear them talk. Amma says go and look at the guest now. Meet goes upstairs and check that tank is empty so she hands one end of pipe to friends and other end in tank and ask her friend to attach it to neighbour tap. Babita puts on n tap, Meet start filling the tank. Anubha says Babita this won’t happen again please forgive us for this time, Anubha sees tap start running. Anubha and Masum shocked. Babita washes her hand and asks why are you apologizing for small house and tap, the truth is your house is very airy and we don’t have small heart’s. Babita says lest take discussing ahead, we loved your family and simplicity we are impressed by your behaviour and have one request. Amma says you give order don’t request. Babita says just make sure there are no stones are unturned when it comes to greetings guest. Amma and Anubha says we will be do our best. Babita says I’ll inform about dates after discussing with our pandit and one more thing you denied gifts I got for Manu but accept this one it’s for my daughter Manushri and you can’t deny. Ragini hands Babita bangle and she puts it on Manu’s hand. Manu thinks wow this must be so expensive. Amma prays to God and thanks for taking care of everything.

Meet Ahlawat thinking of Manu while sitting on car. His friend arrive to congratulate him and he gets speaker from car and both start dancing.
Meet open door and walks into her house and says Dadi let me in and start dancing. Anubha joins her and Meet pulls Amma to dance. Amma says look I sent you out of house for 2 hrs and we get good news and today its my Manu days so I’ll dance. Meet cheers for Amma. Meet gets Manu to dance and everyone start dancing.
Meets Ahlawat friend says so we will celebrate with beer or sweet, friend says you are not giving beer and also not letting me have sweets properly. Meet says Hatodi has given something good for first time so have it.
Manu dancing with her family thinking about shagun she will get and what all she might get in coming function. Meet says to Anubha look how she is lost thinking about her groom. Meet ask to show photo of groom. Anubha says we were so busy so we didn’t click, good thing is you and he have…. Shakuntala walks in and blames them for stealing water she leaves in anger. Meet says mummy actually, Anubha looks at her smile and says to Ammaji we didn’t have any miracle it was Meet’s she took care of bad things and she is my son. Amma says now hear me in that case Babita has asked to take care of arrangements and will Meet will spend that much. Meet says don’t worry I’ll manage everything you just tell me the amount. Meet sees Anubha tensed.

Manu takes a weigh balance and start comparing Meet Ahlawat and Kunal side with there gifts. Manu imagine herself talking to herself, her mini version says Kunal is your real love. Manu says but marriage has gold and comfortable life. Mini Manu says what is Kunal gives you heavier bracelet. Manu says I cannot think. Mini Manu says you don’t like Meet and after marriage you will get another Meet. Manu says I’m not that emotional fool and if Kunal is richer I’ll dump Meet because now I can see rich secured future so my both options are open.

Meet thinking about Anubha strees and prays. Meet walks to Anubha and ask for a balm. Anubha says you keep jumping around all day come let me apply. Meet says you sit and start applying balm. Meet ask for the wedding estimate. Anubha says not done yet. Meet pulls out her hidden diary and says I know you must have written in this. Anubha says all comes down to 14-15 lakhs. Meet says don’t worry I have 3-4 lakhs and I’ll do overtime and fix everything and request groom side to finalize date after 3-4 months, you should go to sleep. Meet hugs Anubha and goes to sleep. Anubha says she is happiness in this house when will her trouble end.
Anubha sleep and Meet wakes up thinking about how she will manage money so looks at her father’s photo and remember one time he was caught in big case and on Meet asking how he will deal with it. He said life has lot of problem, like day and now night problem and happiness come and go and everyone likes happiness for which we need to face problem so either face your problem or run away from it and choose whatever option you like.
Meet says I’ll face problem like my father with a hope to win.

Raj tells Anubha that Panditji has fixed dates after 15days. Anubha tells everyone. Meet says let me call them and talk to them. Amma stops her and says no the date will be what they have final and you claim yourself man of this family so do it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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