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Leja Re-  Riansh OS by Parita

Leja Re-  Riansh OS

Heyy guys, so I’m back with another OS that’s based on the song Leja re by Dhvani Bhanushali. It was suggested by @Sumisha, I’m sorry for being late but my school started so I wasn’t able to write.

A message from Tanvi_5117

Her Grandmother sadly passed away on Thursday. She has told me to inform you all that she won’t be posting anything for the next two weeks or so, hope you all will understand.

May her grandma’s soul rest in peace🙏



A young girl, dressed in a blue indo-western outfit stood near the open bar that was arranged. After a long day of work and a lot of hustles they finally had succeeded in planning the perfect wedding for a royal couple at the Umaid Bhawan. She stood there, gawking at her man, who looked extremely dashing. His one glance made her day however the next thing she saw brought a frown on her beautiful face.

To want me
You gotta know me
If you love me
You gotta show me

Leja… leja…
Leja… leja…
Leja leja re…

“What’s up Sweetheart, where are you lost?”

He came up to her and brought her out of her trance. She never realized that he had moved out of the scene and had approached her. She looked at him, plastering his favorite smile and shook her head, indicating nothing.

“Vansh, let’s go back to our room…I mean we have nothing to do anything here now!” Riddhima said looking at the girls behind who kept staring at him. Before Vansh could say anything to her, a few girls from the back came and dragged him along with them, leaving her there alone.

Mujhse door kahin na jaa
Bas yahin kahin reh jaa
Main teri deewani re…
Affsos tujhe hai kya

Riddhima stole glances, watching her Vansh dance and enjoy with the girls in the far corner. He was supposed to be with her; they were supposed to be together just the way they were in their event planning firm, just the way they were living together, just the way they were together in their love. She then thought over the fact that had hurt them a lot, had hindered their marriage life.

“I’m sorry to say but you can never become a mother again” The doctor’s words rang in her ears and she wondered what if Vansh regretted being with her.

Mujhse door kahin na jaa
Bas yahin kahin reh jaa
Main teri deewani re…
Affsos tujhe hai kya

Driving through the pathway of memories, she remembered how they had first met in the event planning company where they were assigned an event to work as partners. Working as partners soon led to a beautiful friendship between them. After a few years of a strong bond, love bloomed between them. She remembered the glorious moment when they both had first confessed their love for each other at the beach party which brought a smile on her face.  Reminiscing their wedding and all the fun they had together in their vacation, she thought of all the lovely moments spent with each other. A lone tears rolled down from the corner of her eye, remembering her pregnancy…….and her miscarriage.

Teri meri kahani nayi ban gayi
Tu mera ho gaya main teri ho gayi
Jahaan jaaye tu sang mujhe leja
Leja.. leja.. leja leja…

Her eyes twinkled seeing the fireworks in the dark sky, as the couples celebrated their Sangeet ceremony. Pulling everyone together for a dance, the couples along with others grooved on the music. Her heart called for him. But he was far away, dancing away with another lady.

Leja leja re mehaki raat mein
Chura ke saare rang leja
Saare rang le ja…

Raati raati main bheegun saath mein
Tu aisi mulaqat de ja, mulaqat de ja..

“We could have a talk with each other”

A man came up to her. She diverted her eyes to him and smiled. As an idea hit her, she widened her eyes and smirked mischievously. She once again glanced at Vansh and looked back at the guy.

“I’m Riddhima! You?” She shook hands with him.

“I’m Kabir, the groom’s brother. Saw you plan the entire thing, amazing work you’ve done!” He said.

“Thanks. Well want to go to the corner and talk, it’d be nice to have another talk with you”.

“Sure! Let’s go.” He escorted her.

Kabir escorted her to the corner just near Vansh and the girls who had surrounded him. They talked and laughed with each other which was later seen by a pair of eyes, burning in jealousy; Vansh. Riddhima looked at a mirror and saw Vansh’s reflection, staring at them and his eyes depicting jealousy seeing them together. She chuckled seeing her jealous hubby and continued talking to Kabir, who was secretly noticing everything.

Yeh teri-meri baatein
Yeh meethe meethe pal
Yeh bheege bheege mausam
Mile na humein kal

In a spur of a moment, Riddhima was in the air, in his arms, holding her protectively declaring her as his. He took her away, giving a “I’ll-see-you-later” look to Kabir who inwardly chuckled. Riddhima, with her tiny fists hit his chest as he took her to the terrace of the Bhawan. He finally put her down and she glared at him.

“What was that for? Huh?” She enquired, despite knowing what his answer would be.

“You don’t know? Why were you laughing and giggling with that guy?” He asked jealous and furious.

“Ohh hello….and you? With those girls!” Riddhima pouted in anger.

She walked dangerously close to him, warning him.

“Look, you better stay away from those girls otherwise I’ll go to not only Kabir but others too!” She warned him.

Holding her tight and close to him, with obsession and love clearly visible in his eyes,

“You’re mine and I’m yours….you don’t have the permission to leave me and nor am I ever going to leave you!” He said in a menacing tone.

She looked at him, adoring his love for her. She once again felt special, felt like drowning in his love and care. This guy had all the ways to trap her again in his intoxicating love. As they both looked at each other, the rain of love showered upon them, making them wet. Vansh bent his head a little, trying to cover Riddhima from the rain as they still looked each other.

Tere liye main hoon
Mere liye tu hai
Darr kis baat ka hai

“You thought about it once again right?” He asked her, sensing a different feeling from her eyes.


“Our miscarriage and the doctor?” His hold on her tightened as her eyes lowered. “I’ve always told you Riddhima, we’re enough for us and just because you can’t be a mother again that doesn’t mean I’ll stop loving you.”

“How…how did you know?”

“I know you in and out Sweetheart, I also know the things that probably you also don’t know! You thought that I would be regretting to be with you right?” He asked, shocking her.

I wanna know you right
Boy you got me road side*
Now I wanna hear you say
Jahan jaaye tu sang mujhe leja

She lowered her head as he asked her on which he simply held her. He cupped her face.

“It hurts me when you think about me like this…..never ever do this again! We are together and we will be together, always. Get it! My love for you is true and can never break.”

“I’m sorry, I got jealous and angry seeing those ladies around you and I got insecure. Sorry” Riddhima apologized showing her cute puppy eyes.

“I’ll forgive you only if you….dance with me! Will you mademoiselle?” Bowing towards her.

She let out a chuckle and placed her hand in his.

Leja leja re mehaki raat mein
Chura ke saare rang leja
Saare rang leja

He swirled her around and danced with her, swaying in the music of their love. Hand in hand, they moved together performing a sort of salsa.

Raati raati main bheegun saath mein
Tu aisi mulakat de ja
Mulakaat de ja…

Pulling her closer, he kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly.

“Tell that Kabir to stay away!” He angrily told her, on which she nodded obediently, chuckling at his possessiveness.

“And don’t you dare go to those girls!” Warning him, he quietly nodded, smiling. She ruffled his wet hair and laughed at annoyed face he made and he wiped off the rain droplets over her face.

That was their love, which needed nothing more than themselves in it. They were together, forever.

The End.

So this is one of my fav songs of Dhvani, It was a short one but yea….I didn’t get much idea on to this one so I brought in the jealousy track, I hope it was fine. Hope you all liked it, I’ll try bring another OS soon.

Please do comment on how you liked.


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