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Lamp of Love Episode-16: Anirudh’s friend Kabir Dalal arrives to RC haveli.

The episode starts with Tupur calling RC haveli via telephone. Tapur picks the phone, she says hello who is this calling early morning, Tupur on other side tells that, it’s me Tapur, Tapur says, di what happened is everything fine what made you call this early morning? Tupur says, Tapur everything is fine in our home, but I want to speak to Anirudh dada or Bondita either of them it’s very urgent please pass the phone to them, Tapur says wait a minute di I will check who is awake and goes to study room and she does not find Anirudh there, Bihari comes there and asks if she needs anything, Tapur asks where is dada? Bihari tells that he has went to receive his friend from railway station, Tapur asks him to call Bondita immediately and she goes back to telephone and says, dada is not in home, Bondita di is coming wait for a minute, Bondita comes there. Bondita asks Tapur what happened. Tapur gives telephone to her and tells Tupur is on call. Bondita says, Tupur what happened? Tupur says something, Bondita gets shocked and she assure Tupur that she will come there with Anirudh and disconnects the call. Tapur asks what happened tell me di, Bondita tells she don’t have time to tell everything to her, she runs to study room, Tapur says, “Bondita di dada went to pick his friend”. Bondita looks worried, she tells Tupur that she is going to Krishna nagar as its emergency and asks her to inform Anirudh and others and leaves.

Train arrives to Deenpur railway station, Anirudh looks in each compartment to find Kabir, when he was about to move Kabir jumps from train and screams I have arrived Anu and hugs him. Anirudh gets very happy seeing him. Kabir asks, how you are man and everyone in family I can’t wait to meet everyone especially your Mithi, Anirudh tells everyone is fine and asks him that he haven’t changed keeping names for people. Kabir tells I really like it and you know what whenever you spoke about Bondita you have never failed to mention Rashogulla so I kept her name as Mithi, do you have any problem, if you have also no problem I will call her like that only, Anirudh laughs and says so how long we are going to stay in railway station shall we go home if your talk is over? Kabir says, “of course Anu lets go and keeps his hand in Anirudh shoulder and they both walk”.

Tupur asks village old men to listen to her and leaves Chandrachur, but they don’t pay heed to her. Bondita comes there and shout stop this. Tupur and Chandrachur turns and see her and they smile with tears.

Thakumaa asks Tapur, where is Bondita? Tapur with hesitation tells that Bondita went to Krishnanagar. Thakumaa asks what and why she went there? Tapur says, Tupur di called and informed there is some problem, but I don’t know what problem, so Bondita di went there, Thakumaa yells at her for not informing them and sending Bondita alone. KSj says, now if Anirudh comes to know this he will be angry with us for sending there, Tapur beta you go and call Tupur now and ask about the situation there. Tapur goes and dials but no one takes the call, she tells that no one is picking up the phone. Thakumaa tells now we cannot simply stand, we have to go there and see what is happening. KSj nods and they were about to leave Anirudh and Kabir arrive there.

Anirudh and Kabir comes to haveli. Anirudh says, kaka are you waiting for us, KSj nods yes and smiles, Kabir comes and gets blessing from him. Thakumaa looks worried, Anirudh asks what happened Thakumaa? Are you not well. Thakumaa says, no I am fine and smiles. Kabir takes blessing from her too, Thakumaa keeps her hand in his cheeks and tells that his face looks so innocent. Kabir says, did you heard what Thakumaa said Anu. Everyone asks Anu? Anirudh tells yes he calls me like that and he loves to call people in his own names. Kabir sees Tapur and thinks she is Bondita and goes to her and says, “Hi Mithi Anirudh has told about you lot”. Anirudh interrupts and says Kabir she is not Mithi, she is Tapur. Kabir says sorry I thought you as Bondita. Tapur tells no problem and asks why he calls Bondita as Mithi. Kabir tells that as she likes Rashogulla, I call her as Mithi and Anirudh told a lot about her so I thought she will sweet in her nature too so I named her. Thakumaa asks Kabir to fresh up and join for breakfast, she asks Bihari to take him. Kabir nods and leaves.

Anirudh asks where Bondita is. Tapur says, dada that is di went… before she could finish, Bondita comes there and says I am here Sakha babu. Everyone looks at each other in shock. Anirudh asks, Bondita where you went this early morning, Bondita tells I went to check Kabir dada’s staying place to ensure everything is perfect. Anirudh tells that’s good Bondita I will take Kabir to the place we arranged for his stay. Sampoorna asks he can stay with us here in haveli right? Anirudh says, Sampoorna maa he always loves to do lots of things so he thinks that it can be disturbance so he clearly stated that he will have food and do work here and other times he will be there in that home where we have arranged for his stay. Bondita looks dull, Anirudh senses this and asks why she is looking so dull, Bondita tells that she is fine and since she woke up early so her face looks like that. Bondita says, Sakha babu I have to tell you, Kabir calls Anu where are you, I need your help. Anirudh tells Bondita ek minute I will come. Bondita looks worried. Kabir asks Anirudh to take to the place where he will stay. Anirudh asks him to come, they both leave their. Someone calls Barrister babu, Anirudh asks Kabir to wait.

Kabir goes and opens the door to his home, he looks around and feels this looks so comfortable and he turns without seeing, a women falls and he catches her, Kabir gets stunned and tells you like moon, she looks at him.

To be continued…

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