Thursday , September 16 2021


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Disha – congratulations to  both of you now I will get daughter in my home I was tired of this boy 

PURAB and mehras were  shocked to SEE DISHA

Sunny – mom (whines )

Again they got shocked who they thought was akash was SUNNY

Prachi – what mom you are correct MASI this boy is like this only only makes other people tired

Sunny – oh I make you tired

Suddenly dadi says DISHA

Disha – dadi what are you doing here

Prachi – wait , guests so can leave the party is FINISHED

All guests leave

Prachi – kiu I told you I will give your gift later this is your gift (claps ) police please come

Police enters along with TANU and ALIA but they are handcuffed by police

Kiara – what will I do with these ladies

Prachi  – kiu you happen to be my big sister

Kiara – what

Prachi- yes I had a doubt that how can your and my sister birthday can be on same day so I hired I private investigator and found that these two were behind my sister meaning your KIDNAPPING

PRAGYA- what kia is KIARA

Kiara – (angrily ) no this cannot be this people did not even decided to find me

Prachi – these women had removed any traces of you so they were not able to find you

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