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Kkb episode 49 (Love of Life)

Kiara was walking through the corridors with tears scrolling from her eyes. What Rhea told her made her angry and sad at the same time. She heads towards Abhigya’s room. She finally reaches there but stops at the door when she hears them talking about something, at this moment she wipes her tears. They were discussing about Rhea’s confession.

“I can’t believe that Rhea can do such things. ” says Abhi in a disbelief.

Hearing this Kiara gets angry.

“And I can’t believe that you people can do this. ” says Kiara while entering their room.

Abhi and Pragya look at each other while exchanging a confused look. They get up and walk towards Kiara who was standing with tears in her eyes. Pragya and Abhi go near her in order to wipe her tears but she steps back.

“No please don’t touch me, let these tears flow today and you people didn’t answer my question. ” says Kiara.

Abhi and Pragya look at each other and again pass a confusing look as they themselves didn’t know what did they do? They look at Kiara who had tears in her eyes.

“Kiara but what did we do? ” asks Abhigya in a calm voice.

“Why did you break the promise? ” asks Kiara.

“Promise which promise? ” asks Abhi in a confused tone.

“You forgot it, you both forgot it. You promised me that you both will never leave each other then why did you do that. After I died you both forgot the promise. Indirectly you both made me the reason for your seperation. Why did you blame each other? It was kidnapping you both didn’t have to do anything with it. But both of you blamed each other, the time when you should support each other you blamed and made me the reason for the suffering of my siblings.” says Kiara emotionally with tears flowing from her eyes.

Abhi and Pragya get tears in their eyes on hearing what Kiara said.

“Mom-dad am I really this much bad, because of me my parents seperated my sisters didn’t get what was their, tell me am I really bad? ” asks Kiara in a shattered tone.

Abhi and Pragya look at Kiara with teary eyes, they both try to console her but all in vain. Kiara looks at them and speaks something which leaves them disheartened.

“Everyone would say this only that Kiara herself died but seperated her parents and snatched the happiness of her family and siblings. I wish.. I wish that I wasn’t there in this world. It would be better if I died that day itself ” says Kiara with tears flowing from her eyes.
(Me be like – Because of you only they United 🙄)

As soon as Kiara speaks this a right slap lands in on her face.

“Kiara …Kya anab-shanab bol rhi hai, chup ho ja. ” says Pragya while trying to hug Kiara but Kiara steps back and looks at her.

“Mom by slapping me truth won’t change, the truth is that you both have given a greater space to misunderstandings and ego than love in your relationship. You both just need an excuse to blame each other. Anyone comes to you and speaks anything and you believe that easily.. You both never trusted each other and allowed people to ruin your relationship. Because of you I suffered and now Prachi and Rhea are suffering, because of your fights and misunderstandings Prachi didn’t get her dad’s love and Rhea didn’t get her mom’s love. If you both didn’t blame each other than this wouldn’t have been the situation. Everything is shattered now, everything. Prachi and Rhea suffered so much because of you, oh sorry because of me. You made me the reason, you didn’t realize it that because of you and your misunderstandings Rhea and Prachi are behaving like that. Now everything is over. “says Kiara in a shattered tone.

Saying this she leaves from there while Abhigya stood as stone statues at their place with tears flowing from their eyes. They realised that whatever Kiara spoke was bitter but somehow it was truth, they allowed others to create misunderstandings between them, they blamed each other and didn’t trust each other when they were required to do so. Indirectly they spoiled their children lives because of misunderstandings. They both weren’t able to meet each others glance, with their head bent they both sat on bed but didn’t talk to each other nor they looked at each other.

While Kiara goes to her room. She closes the door and all the windows. It was completely dark she sits down with a thud and cries bitterly. She looks at her phone whose wallpaper was something which she didn’t want to see at the moment, she throws her phone away and cries.

While in Aliya’s room.
Aliya was scurrying around her room, her face expression was telling that she was scared, she was sweating badly. Finally she sits on her bed.

“Today that Rhea exposed me but I didn’t get fully, all thanks to Prachi. Everyone is thinking about her decision only. One sister exposed and the other coveres up. But how long will I be unexposed, it can happen any time as Rhea clearly mentioned my name, bhai didn’t notice it today but someday he will get to know. Before anything happens I need to complete my mission, I need to get what is mine and then no body will speak against me. ” says Aliya with a tensed look but having an smirk on her face.

In the Restaurant.
Sunny was waiting for Kiara, as both of them decided to meet today,  it had been one hour since he was waiting but Kiara didn’t come. Unable to wait anymore he calls her but to his surprise her phone was switched off. He then calls Prachi but she didn’t pick the call which makes him tensed. He was about to call Shahana  but stops on thinking that now she is married and must be busy with Aryan. He sits down and thinks a little and the other name which strucks his mind was of Rhea. He immediately picks his phone and dials her number but she didn’t even respond. He gets really tensed and understands that something was wrong, but before leaving for the Mehra mansion he calls Ishaan.

Ishaan who was still sitting holding Rhea’s scarf lost in his own world is seen. His chain of thoughts was broken by Sunny’s call which catches his attention. He looks at his phone and on seeing Sunny’s name in the caller ID ,gets little confused. His wipes hie tears and clears his throat and finally picks the call.

On Call.

“Thank god you picked my call.” says a relieved Sunny.

“What happened Sunny?” asks Ishaan.

The change in his voice was noticed by Sunny. He asks Ishaan about it but Ishaan making an excuse assures him that he is alright. Then coming back to the point.

“Ishaan did you speak to Rhea?” asks Sunny.

“No but why?” asks Ishaan in a tensed voice.

“Actually I was trying to contact Kiara but her phone was switched off so I called Rhea and Prachi but none of them picked up so I got tensed, I thought it would be better to call you first as you often go to meet Rhea.” says Sunny.

“No but I didn’t go today. ” says Ishaan while lying to Sunny as he didn’t have enough courage to tell him what her heard.

“Okay then I will call you later. ” says Sunny.

“Bye.” says Ishaan while ending the call.

After this Sunny hurriedly leaves for the Mehra mansion while Ishaan gets tensed on thinking about Rhea.

While in the Mehra mansion.

In Prachi’s room.
Prachi was still sitting on the floor thinking about Rhea’s confession, she remembers how Rhea called her dii and gets a smile on her face. But this smile vanishes as soon as she recalls that Rhea was crying she couldn’t see her sister crying. She gets up, wipes her tears and goes out of her room.

She was passing through the corridors when she bumps into someone and it happens to be Ranbir. They both get emotional on seeing each other. Prachi remembers Rhea’s confession and wonders why did Ranbir agreed to marry Rhea when he loved her? She was about to ask about the same but brushes away her thoughts on recalling her words, but paying no heed to them she goes further as she wanted to know the real reason. Ranbir also waited to clear her this misunderstanding. They both felt little hesitant on asking each other but continue by brushing away their this hesitant.

“Actually I… ” says Pranbir in a unison. They both look at each other, stop for few seconds and then starts again.

“Okay you speak first. ” says Pranbir again in a unison.

“So I was saying… ” again in the unison, they both look at each other.

“Let’s decide who will speak first. ” says Ranbir.

“Okay you speak first. ” says Prachi.

“Prachi I was saying that I lov.. ” says Ranbir incompletely as just then Abhi enters there. Prachi feels chilled down her spines on seeing him and leaves from there without speaking anything. Ranbir approaches Abhi as he feels that he must be hurt, he hugs him in order to console him.

While on the other side.
Sunny reaches the Mehra mansion. There was an awkward silence though everyone was present in the mansion. Pallavi and Pragya were sitting quietly on the couches. Sunny comes there and greets them and asks Pragya about Kiara to which Pragya says nothing, she remembers Kiara’s talks and gets tears in her eyes. On getting no response Sunny immediately rushes upstairs towards Kaiar’s room. On the way he meets Ranbir.

“Ranbir do you know where is Kiara? ” asks Sunny in a tensed tone.

“Dii must be in her room. ” says Ranbir.

“What has happened, why everyone is so silent? ” asks Sunny to which Ranbir doesn’t respond. He looks at Ranbir, pats his shoulder and rushes towards Kiara’s room.

The door was closed, Sunny knocks the door. Kiara who was crying, thinks that it was Abhigya and at this moment she didn’t want to talk to them.

“Please leave me alone. ” says Kiara while sobbing.

Sunny gets shocked on hearing her voice which clearly showed that she was crying.

“Kiara it’s me. ” says Sunny with a calm voice.

Kiara recognizes that it was Sunny but at this moment she just didn’t want to face anyone not even Sunny. She closes her eyes tightly.

“Sunny please leave me alone for sometimes. ” says Kiara in a broken voice

Sunny got tears in his eyes because it was unbearable for him to see or even hear Kiara’s broken state. It wasn’t the time when he should leave her alone, it was the time when she needed him the most and it was his duty as a true friend to be with her in her difficult times. He once again knocks the door.

“Kiara open the door. ” says Sunny in a calm voice.

Kiara again asks him to leave her alone to which he refuses sternly but Kiara still doesn’t open the door. But Sunny also remains stern on his decision he tries really hard to open the door but fails.

“Okay if you don’t want to open the door then it’s okay, I don’t know wether we will be able to meet again as after few days I am leaving for Bengaluru. ” says Sunny while disclosing the real reason behind his arrival which shocks Kiara to the core.

Sunny turns around to leave with a heavy heart when Kiara opens the door and rushes towards him to hug him tightly to which Sunny responds in the same way. He then looks at Kiara and wipes her tears. Kiara takes him to her room. Sunny was shocked to see her room, it was totally messed up with all the things lying on the floor. There he finds her phone which was lying on the floor, he picks it up and gives it to Kiara.

“This much anger, tell me honestly what happened. ” says Sunny while sitting beside Kiara.

Kiara looks at him with teary eyes, she didn’t know from where to start and how to tell him everything. She takes a deep breath and tells him everything from Rhea’s confession to confronting Abhigya. Sunny was shocked on learning the truth, he gets tears in his eyes on knowing how much his sisters (Prhana and Rhea) suffered, he didn’t have anything to speak. He looks at Kiara and assures her that everything will be alright and leaves from there making an excuse..

Kiara looks at him and hugs him emotionally after which he leaves from there. Sunny was passing through corridors when he meets Purab. He looks at Purab emotionally, at that moment he just wanted to hug him tightly. Purab looks at him emotionally and on noticing tears in his eyes he asks him about it.

“Are you okay Sunny? ” asks Purab to which he knew that he will get a rude reply but to his surprise it wasn’t that..

“Can I ask you something? ” asks Sunny emotionally to which Purab nods in affirmation.

“Why do kids have to suffer because of parents misunderstanding? Why do we have to bear the pain of seperation? ” asks Sunny with tears flowing from his eyes.

Purab gets emotional on hearing this and understands that he was making a reference to his and Disha’s separation. He had nothing to say, he goes close to Sunny and hugs him tightly to which Sunny also hugs him back. It was that moment which both of them were longing for years. There this moment was broken by a phone call which Sunny receives, he picks it up and immediately leaves from there while Purab emotionally looks at him.

The screen freezes on his emotional face.

Precap – Family time, Ranbir sings a song for Prachi.

Link character sketch –

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