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It ended for last time

Scene shows Vansh knocking the door,

And as he entered,

Riddhima turned to him,

She tried to smile a bit but the uneasiness inside her was making her panik

Vansh too,didnt smile,

He tried but couldnt.

He signed her to come.

She went behind him,

As she entered the hall,

Grabbed Vansh’s hand tightly,

He too,held it back to calm her a bit.

Moving through all the people,

Staring at her,

she was always feared to face off this moment.

“I .am getting the fe..” said Riddhima.

“Dont rush away,all your fears are going to end soon”,said Vansh holding her hand more tightly.

Reaching the center of the hall,when people got back and paved a way,she standing there,took deep breaths and lifted up her eyes,

A soft smile tilted her lips up.

She slowly left Vansh’s hand and forwarded her hand.

Kabir held it and she got up on stage.

Her smile was showing that fears are now ending,she was getting calm.

Vansh too smiled a bit and stepped back slowly.

“She didnt get that much courage holding your hand as she got on holding Kabir’s”,said Ishani.

Vansh smirked,: She truly loves him.

Ishani: And you?

Vansh: Indeed Ishani. I also truly love her.But they have two sided, (turning back ),and I have one sided love.

You are geting..there weightage is higher?

Ishani smiled ,he tried to make atmosphere lighter,

But seeing his childhood love getting married to someone else,

Was breaking him to the core.

Perhaps,if she would not have been his best friend, he would never have attended this wedding.

And all it ended,

On Kabir and Riddhima exchanging ring,

And Vansh hurting his hand by the ring he brought for her .

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