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Anupama 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Anuj Still Thinks Of Anupama

Anupama 4th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

While returning home, Kavya tells Vanraj that she knew that Anuj Kapadia is handsome, but didn’t know he is so charming. Vanraj remembers Devika excitedly revealing once that college’s most handsome boy was mad behind Anu’s dance. Anu informs Baa over phone that she is on the way home. Kavya comments again that one who have 40 lakhs pay package consider themselves as Ambani, but wasn’t having attitude at all. She asks V where is he lost. He says he was thinking something. She asks if he is thinking about Anuj, if he is Anu’s friend, she can ask him to buy their karkhana/factory. Vanraj says Anuj was Anu’s classmate and not friend. Kavya says even classmates are friends. Vanraj repeats Anuj was not Anu’s friend. Kavya asks how does he know. He says Devika had informed him. She says if not friend, he can become a friend, why don’t we meet Anuj with Anu. He says no as he looks to good to be true and looked too sweet and oversmart than required. She says he is thinking too much, Anuj seems to be a good guy. He angrily asks her to stop talking about Anuj for god’s sake. She says he must be jealous that his thepla-like ex-wife’s friend is like pizza. He repeats not a friend and continues his anger.

Devika asks Anuj if he didn’t go to drop Anu home. Anuj says she said no. He says she would have said no even during college. He says he can try where there is a hope. She says there must be some ray of hope; Anu is without love for 26 years and will not ask from life and he is only in love and will not open up, they both don’t belong to this world. He asks she is bestfriend of them and asks what is this karkhana issue. She says its a long story, Anu’s family has 40 lakhs loan, but she will find out some way out. He says let us dance and dances with her friends on Yeh Kali Kali Anken.. song.

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