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Which new show has won your interest?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka is the latest show on Colors Channel. The story revolves Mayura, who is extremely beautiful, but often lands in trouble because of her beauty. She develops a hatred for her beauty, which others admire. Her sister Megha is dark-skinned and has much inferiority complex with Mayura. Mayura doesn’t want everyone to like her because of her beauty. She dislikes the fact that they overlook her values and qualities. She feels caged by her beauty. She wants to be liked for her real self, not for her appearance. She begins to fight for her identity, by putting aside her beauty.

Shaadi Mubarak is the new addition on Star Plus. The show brings Rajshree Thakur back on the small screen after many years. She is paired opposite Manav Gohil. Their chemistry and pairing looks amazing. The story revolves around Preeti and KT’s lives, how the destiny brings two contrast personalities together and binds them into a beautiful bond of friendship. Preeti is a widow, self-exploring the right opportunities to create her strong identity. Her son Tarun proves to be worse for Preeti when she needed his support. Preeti finds a strong support in film star KT. They begin a new journey together, helping each other deal with their problems. Which new show has won your interest? Let us know your opinion.

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