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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik returns home

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Sirat not getting the voice on call. He goes and meets the investor. She says we support women empowerment, have you witnessed any such empowered women. He recalls Sirat and says yes, there was one. She says that’s nice, congrats. Later, he doesn’t get sleep. He checks news. He reads Ranvir’s murder case. He says why didn’t Sirat go for hearing. Sirat recalls Indira asking her to say anything but confidently. Sirat sees Kartik waiting there. She says I don’t feel well, take another date, I have to go. She goes. She gets ready for another hearing. Vishal stops her and argues. Uncle says I will call the police right now. She thinks how to end this matter. She says I was going for some work, but I m not going now. She says I can’t miss the third hearing. Kartik says she shouldn’t miss the third hearing, where is she, is she fine. He thinks to find her.

Its morning, Vishal follows Sirat and stops her on the way. He says you stay here since months, but no one knows about you. He troubles her a lot and asks did you kill anyone, your landlord, friend or husband. She angrily punches him. He falls down. She asks him to stop following her. She leaves. Naksh wakes up by Kartik’s call. Kartik says I m coming to India by taking the next flight, I have to fix everything, I will come there and tell you. She does the cleaning work in the house. She asks why is this sorrow written in my fate. Aunty asks whose name did you take, Khatu Maharaj. Sirat says no. Aunty says I heard this name in Rajasthan, are you not well. Sirat says I feel tired. Aunty says stop working now, come with me, I have made pancakes. Sirat says I m not hungry. Aunty takes her.

Sirat says I will made the lemonade. Aunty says fine and goes. Sirat says I have hurt many, I don’t want to hurt uncle and aunty now. Kartik reaches India. He asks driver to take him to the kids soon. Driver says kids also miss you a lot. Kartik says its been two weeks that I met them. He thinks to do his work. Manish likes the food. He asks is there anything. Suwarna says its been one week, there is no media outside. Dadi says I can go to temple now. Manish asks what’s the second reason. Suwarna makes a smiley on the kachori. Kairav says Papa… Everyone smiles seeing Kartik. Kartik hugs Kairav. Dadi says you came today suddenly, you said you will come next time, is everything fine. Kartik says yes, work is done, they will courier the deal papers. He sees Manish sitting silently. He hugs Vansh and says I got the gifts, I wanted to surprise the kids, so I just told Suwarna. Suwarna asks him to come and have his fav kachoris. Manish says Suwarna, send my breakfast to my room. Kartik says no need to go, I was going to freshen up, I will have it later. He goes.

Dadi asks Lord to end this father-son issues. Manish says Sirat snatched my son, I will never forgive her. Aunty gets a sprain in her arm. Uncle asks her to remember her words, she needs to stay strong. Sirat does her massage. Aunty says her hands are so rough, like she does wrestling since childhood. Sirat says no, I used to clean the floor in the orphanage, do you feel fine now. Aunty says it got perfect now. Uncle says Simran is our best employee. Aunty says she is the best girl. Sirat says you guys are best. Uncle asks her about the orphanage. Aunty says its in Mumbai. Sirat says there is not much to tell about the orphanage, I studied there and had to leave it, I had to come here some months back. Aunty asks what about Rajasthan. Sirat thinks aunty is doubting me. Kartik likes Kairav’s painting and hugs him. Kairav says you are world’s best Papa, love doesn’t get less if you stay away, Sirat also stays away, I love her.

Uncle says baby knows languages well. Sirat says I have worked as a tourist guide in Rajasthan, I lost my way and had to leave that job. She recalls Ranvir’s death. Aunty says you made her sad. Uncle says sorry. Aunty says we are your family now. Uncle asks shall we call you baby from today. Sirat hugs aunty. They cry. Uncle jokes. He says we will celebrate. He plays music. They dance. Kairav asks did you meet her. Kartik says I m going for an imp work. Dadi asks how much will you trouble yourself for Sirat. Manish looks on. Kartik says I m not doing that. Suwarna says I feel tensed hearing her name, media spared us one week back. Kairav says its okay, you go, when I was ill, Sirat helped us, she is alone, you should help her. Kartik says I wish everyone thought as you. Kairav says I will talk to Manish. Kartik hugs and says I love you son. Kairav replies I love you too.

Kartik hears inspector talking about Simran. He goes to Dalhousie. He comes across Sirat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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