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Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update – Gyandatta realizes his mistake & pleads forgiveness from Santh Tulsidas.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Guru Madhusudan appreciates Tulsidas’s devotion towards his book due to his statement that this book is his life hence he too assures him that he’ll return after reading it with pride. Guru asks him why he wrote this in simple language & Tulsidas says to allow reading for any kind of person who wishes if at all he doesn’t know Sanskrit & Guru appreciates him & Tulsidas leaves.

Guru sits for reading the book leaving all his work while Tulsidas’s friend Shrikant asks him why he gets encouraged always by Gyandatta inspite he trying to insult him but Tulsidas says there is also a secret hidden in act of Gyandatta because this brings challenge for various kinds of people to understand this book hence it might be possible that once Guru Madhusudan reads it then it may become more famous within the people in this village to spread knowledge from him.

Guru Madhusudan after reading writes some words in his lines on a Paan & takes along with Ram Charitra Manas for returning to Tulsidas while this is learnt by Gyandatta feeling happy thinking now Shastri ji will clear this by rejecting it & all gather at Tulsidas’s place. Shastri Madhusudan gives the honour to Gyandatta for reading what he has written about his views which states that the book is outstanding & Tulsidas becomes very delighted hearing his praise but Gyandatta feels jealous hence he plans saying that if this book is so great then this will be the last test of getting praise from Prabhu Mahadev himself & if Prabhu gives his written acceptance then I’ll sacrifice myself becoming student of Tulsidas forever because this is as per Tulsidas himself who had declared earlier also of Prabhu’s blessings being achieved & Tulsidas accepts his condition.

All of them gather at Prabhu Mahadev’s temple & they keep the book in front of Prabhu’s Shivling idol closing the door of the temple & Gyandatta says that now he’ll guide the temple doors himself so that nobody can enter till tomorrow morning for proving the same while Tulsidas’s student tells him that this Gyandatta always tries to insult you then why you do not give him answer once & for all but Tulsidas says instead answering proving is better option.

Tulsidas sits under a tree to write some more of his Prabhu while Puspadant asks Ganeshji what he was writing & Ganeshji says he sat to write about all the Gods blessing Shri Ram & Mata Sita & their importance in this world which made him keep on writing for whole night.

Next day morning Gyandatta says now it’ll be proved what’s true & all enter the temple but all are shocked to see writing of Prabhu as “Ram Charith Manas” hence Gyandatta realizes his mistake remembering about what ever had happened earlier of challenging Santh Tulsidas & he always accepting it winning with Prabhu’s blessings due to his true devotion hence he bends down pleading for forgiveness praising him in Sanskrit while all the people are stunned about Gyandatta accepting his mistake & Tulsidas also feels happy about his change in behaviour.

Precap: Ganeshji says after this people started attending Santh Tulsidas’s class achieving appreciation of his devotion towards Prabhu & also a miracle was about to happen from his devotion. A woman comes crying bringing her dead husband in front of Tulsidas pleading him to make him alive when she had got blessings from Prabhu of her life which will always be happier with her husband then why he died?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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