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Udaariyaan 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Tejo comes across Simran

Udaariyaan 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahi coming to Tejo and asking the matter. The card falls down. Tejo says everything is fine, actually I m worried about Fateh. Mahi asks why. Tejo says he looks worried these days, he stays lost, he behaves strange. Mahi says you went for a nightout. Tejo says it was fine till then, but he is avoiding me now. Mahi asks did you talk to him, he loves you a lot, you should talk to him directly. Tejo says you are saying right, I should directly talk to him. They hear Gurpreet shouting. They run to see. Gurpreet gets an asthma attack. She falls on the floor. They try to help her. Tejo calls Fateh and informs. He asks what, I m getting the medicine and pump, I m reaching. He says I will tell Jasmin that I can’t come. Jasmin gets down the car. She says aunty had to get the attack at this time. She sits back and asks driver to take a u-turn. Gippy says did she see me, why is she going back, I will not leave you guys.

Tejo cares for Gurpreet. Fateh looks on. Tejo says I will sleep here, uncle isn’t at home, Mahi has her exams, doctor asked to check your breathing and temp every hour. She gives her medicines. Gurpreet asks her to tell Biji that Nimmo will come in the morning. Tejo goes to the kitchen and does work. Fateh comes. She asks what happened. He holds her hand and says you have a big heart, mum always stays upset with you, you are caring for her. She says she is my mum also. He hugs her and says you are really good. She says you also care for my family and parents a lot, even after Jasmin did all that, I m happy that we are together. He says I was just thinking you care for everyone. She says they are my family, I m going to volunteer for girls education. He says all the best. She says I will get the food, go.

Its morning, Tejo gets ready in the red saree. Fateh comes. She goes to him. He doesn’t see her. He thinks Jasmin didn’t call even once. He goes. She gets sad. He calls Jasmin and says mum was really unwell, you were upset, right. Jasmin says yes, but promise you will meet me. He says I want to meet you. She says right now, tell me, which colour shirt are you wearing. He says maybe white. She says I will wear a white dress, come to Shere punjab, its safe, its really far, who will see us there. He says okay done. Tejo comes and asks who were you talking. He says investor. Mami sees Jasmin dancing. She goes and says Jasmin is going to Shere punjab to meet Fateh at 2pm. Tejo says be ready at 2pm, there is lunch party for teachers and spouses, everyone wants to meet you. He says I can’t come, say sorry from my side, I have work. She asks is everything fine. He says yes, why are you asking. She says I feel you are staying away from me. He says no, why did you feel this. He says we don’t have lunch together, and don’t talk well, I can read your eyes. He says nothing, its just work. She says I thought I did a mistake, so you are upset with me. He hugs her and says not at all, I can never get upset with you. She says I will not make you away from work. He goes.

She gets Gurpreet’s breakfast and tea. She asks her to take medicines and do exercise. She says I m going to lunch party at the college, everyone is coming with their spouses. Gurpreet asks is Fateh going with you. Tejo says no, he has some work. Gurpreet says wait a min. Tejo says tell me if there is any work. Gurpreet get her a necklace and sees Simran’s pic. She asks Tejo to wear the necklace, she made it for Simran, maybe she won’t wear it ever, its better that bahu wears it. Tejo wears it and happily cries. Gurpreet recalls Simran and says she loved ruby jewellery, I couldn’t give it to her. Tejo says Fateh told me, that Simran’s marriage happened against Khushbeer’s principles, he will never forgive her.

Gurpreet says yes, he is stubborn, why did you get ready soon. Tejo says my college too an initiative to educate under-privileged girls, I have to go to other pind, thanks for this lovely necklace. She leaves. She talks to the girls and leaves. She collides with Simran. Simran gets shocked seeing Tejo wearing her necklace. Tejo says sorry. She sees her gone. She says who was she, why do I find her face familiar. Simran looks on sad. Tejo leaves. Simran says I never deserved this necklace. Jasmin and Tejo come to the restaurant. He worries. She says you made me wait a lot. He says wait doubles the excitement, I m with you, my mind has to come to you. She says better, I can’t share you and your thoughts with someone else. He says even I can’t share you with anyone else. They order the food. Gippy comes there and sees them together. He says they can romance, its their last lunch together.

Precap will be added later

Update Credit to: Amena

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