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Silence Whisper With a Devil ( Chapter 14 )

Is he stalking me? he said don’t let other men to touch me… but why? is he jealous seeing I hug Kabir? can a devil get jealous? like seriously?but why is he jealous….  don’t tell me that a devil is falling this little cute girl… aish!!!! too many questions….

”hey Ridz why are you touching you lips ….. ” Kabir asked seeing I am touching my lips…. what can I tell you Kabbu…. I am in a situation where I myself doubt whether I am a mad…

”ahh nothing a mosquito bite my lips ….. ” I said with a fake smile…. ha ha ha a devil mosquito….

”cut pie how about grabbing dinner together….” Sejal asked after saying good bye for Kabir

” no problem…. ask Kabir also… we can spend a great time …”

”ok deal…”


Vansh’s POV, 

I really wonder how Riddima can be Lily….. There are two different personalities… Lily is a clam , loving , silent , mature and decent ….. and here Riddima is totally different …. she is aggressive , carefree , childish , loud and a stubborn girl….

In morning I was about talk her but then I saw a man hugging her…. and she also hugged him…. who is that man… I never saw him before…  why these girls so touchy with strange boys in this human world….  I was not jealous but somehow that closeness between them made me irritated …. that’s why I kissed her … her face…. she is totally surprised by my action…. it’s so funny to see her dumbfounded behaviour…. see I can do that much affect on her….

Suddenly I remembered Angre telling Aryan is missing…. This Aryan!!!!  He is my brother , my younger brother… that time whole heaven knew our brotherhood…. we shared a special bond like soulmates but now everything has changed into enmity…  It’s a long story…

I know where is this idiot now…. I am 100 percent sure he is hiding in that place where he used hide when he is upset with me ……


”Cute pie what are doing ” Sejal asked sitting beside me in lunch break….

”googling to know some ways to drive away a devil’ I said carelessly

”What! ” oh no!

”no no-thing…. I was just reading some memes…” I said to cover it

” here your iced coffee , samosa , burger and sandwich….. ” don’t be surprised I told earlier that I am foodie…

”what did you ordered?”

”I am not used to eat those instant foods like you… so I bought my foods from home… cute pie you should stop eating outside foods …. it’s not good for your health…” she said trying to be my grandma… ha sometimes she is too much advising…   The main reason is I am too lazy to cook…. without hearing her bla bla bla I was eating peacefully…. suddenly, I got a message from an unknown number…..


Sweetheart , wanna meet you tonight…. have something to tell you and show you… be at home tonight…

Sweetheart?is this Vansh? ahhh when a devil start to use mobile phones…. maybe hell is also developed fro modern techniques…oh ho…. do the devils have what’s app , Instagram an all? oh my goodness….. what if I have devils as followers in Instagram…. oh nooo I must check it today and remove all those whom I don’t know…. aahhhh you are thinking too much Ridz …. think a way to avoid meeting that devil….

” Cute pie… where are you lost ” I came to my sense when I felt Sejal patting……

” nothing I … I want use wash room.. see you later…”


It was a huge cave with water inside…. it looks so calm and peaceful…. sunlight came through the hole and it makes the water shines…. on the edge of stones a boy sat putting his head between his knees….. it has been hours yet he is in this posture…..

 it has been hours yet he is in this posture

( imagine somewhere like this )

”Any idea to go back ” the boy gasp and looked his behind and seems surprised by the voice came behind

”you!!!! what are you doing here…. ” the boy asked looking away

”came to see my little brother ”

”huh!!! nonsense… how did you know I was here…. ”

”Aryan ,I know you more than you , because I am your Vansh bhai ” Vansh said putting his hand on Aryan’s shoulder

” no never you know me…. and you are not my brother…. my brother died on that day when you choose that girl over me…. ” he shouted standing up

”Aryan you are wrong… you are going on wrong path… you don’t know what actually happened that day… ”  Vansh said trying his best to calm himself

” no you are lying…. you know what , you are totally obsessed with her… you broke the rules of heaven for her, you broke the heart of father for her , you fight with everyone for her and at the end you end up in the hell because of her…. but she… she did nothing for you…. yet you are trying to save her even now …  ”

” Aryan stop it… you are crossing the line” Vansh said furiously as he can’t bear bad words towards his love

” no..not yet… hear this also… there is nor love for you in my heart just hatred… so wait and watch I will kill your so called love and at the end I will kill you also…”

”ARYAN!!!!” Vansh screamed coming to his devil look but by that time Aryan vanished from there….

”Aryan , I always try not to hurt you because we are bothers and share the same blood but if you do the same mistake again and again then there will be no mercy for you in future….” Vansh said under his breath while trying to calm down him….


I came to restaurant to have dinner with Sejal and Kabir ….. but I was little afraid as I didn’t stay home for Vansh…. could I able to avoid him….  Today I wear a all in black , wear a black cap and a mask and a black shade…. now now one can identify me not even that devilish Vansh…..

( imagine Ridz  like this )

( imagine Ridz  like this )

”hello buddies” I said  sitting  where Kabir and Sejal was…. but they are looking at me like I am a thief… what happened to them… can’t they identify me…. oh , then I lift my mask and my shades for a second and again wear them ….

”cute pie… is this you!!!!” Sejal said making her mouth ‘O’ shape

”hey Seju it’s me shut your mouth otherwise you can taste flies instead of food”

”but why Ridz you acting like weird today, I mean dressing like Idol…. ” Kabir asked rubbing his back of neck

”shhh I have to hide from someone …. so don’t utter my name from now on…” I said in a serious tone

”From whom…. ?”

” from someone … I will tell you later …. let’s eat now … I am so hungry” I said rubbing my tummy

we ate peacefully while creaking jokes and spending our time…. it was a great time…I asked Kabir about why he take me to my parents…. he said that they wanted to tell me something important… he said sorry for hurting me and suggest me to meet my parents as to know what they want to tell me…. even though I don’t want to meet them I agreed him ….

I was drinking glass of cool water when I heard a familiar voice near my ears…. I almost chocked my water hearing that….

”Sweetheart you look so gorgeous in all black…. this colour suit you really…. ”  


I know you all maybe confused about the past between Vansh and Aryan, soon you will know it clearly…. and I want to say that Aryan plays a spacial role in both Ridz and Vansh lives….

so how was this chapter?😋😋😋

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