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Shakti 5th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat and Heer decide to get FIR file against Daljeet

Shakti 5th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parmeet asking Heer if she will drag them to court. Heer says I know Gitu since few days, but knows to test the people. She says when I met her first, I offered her money, but she refused to take it. She tells that she is not at all greedy and was bearing the burden of her family, it was our responsibility to have given her safe environment here. She says I believe that very wrong thing has happened with her here in this house. She says she will get justice for her. Parmeet says you will get my son punished due to this liar girl. Heer says we shall not forget Daljeet Bhaiya’s past and says he is still accused of trying to kill Virat and me, still that case is going on and he is out on bail. She says none of us are thinking what is going on in Gitu’s mind and heart and asks Parmeet to understand her pain being a woman atleast. She says wrong thing has happened with her and I will support her in the fight of justice. Parmeet tells Virat that Heer has gone mad and will ruin our respect and prestige and asks him to stop her.

The client asks why did Harman Singh haven’t come? Balwinder says no, he had some work so he didn’t come. He says I will see the deals from here on and shows the POA. The client asks who is he? Balwinder says I am Harak Singh’s son in law and you can think me as the owner, if son can be owner, then why can’t son in law. Harman asks Sant Baksh why is he standing silently and says you know that Heer is right. Sant Baksh says we got Daljeet test done due to Heer, but after the reports came negative, she is still saying the same. Parmeet asks Harman to go. Harman says this is my daughter’s house too and that’s how I am related to this house. Heer asks Harman not to worry about her and says Virat is with me. Harman says I am very proud that you got a husband like Virat and says call me if needed. Heer hugs him. Harman signs Virat to handle and goes. Heer asks Virat if he is coming with her. Virat comes forward and says I will come with you, Heer. Parmeet is shocked. Virat says we will file the FIR written together. Shakti song plays…..They are walking out with Gitu, when Parmeet shouts calling Virat.

Harman comes home. Soumya asks how is everything? Balwinder comes home and calls Raavi. He says he got the deal and takes Harak Singh’s blessings. He congrats Harman. Harman says you have done this deal, so it is your responsibility. He asks Soumya to get ready to meet Heer.

Parmeet asks Virat, how such a bad crime is on your brother, and tells that reports proved Daljeet’s innocence. Virat makes Parmeet leave him. Heer tells Virat that she is doing this to get justice for Gitu, else she don’t wish to accuse someone wrongly. Parmeet breaks the things and takes out anger. She tells Heer that report clears that Daljeet is innocent, then what does she wants? She asks Virat to look at Daljeet and asks what do you think that he has done wrong. She says he is trying to get better, but your wife is not letting him. She says if you go out today then your family will be in trouble. Virat says I understood Maa, but if my family is in trouble then it will fight and win too, but I have promised Heer that I will get justice for Gitu. He says if Daljeet Bhai is innocent then it will be proved and if not then he will be punished. He says I am sorry Maa and asks Heer to come. Shakti song plays….He holds her hands. Heer walks out with Gitu. Shakti song plays…..Daljeet tells Sant Baksh that this girl is trying to trap me, I didn’t do anything, I am innocent.

Virat stops the car. They see Harman and Soumya standing. Heer gets down. Soumya tells Heer that the fight is not easy as it is with her family and says people will point finger on you and accuse you, but you shall not lose, make these tears as your strength and make this fight as your mission. She says whenever you want my help, then I am with you always. She says wherever I will be, I will come whenever you need my help. She says Harman ji and all our family are ready to help you always. She asks Heer to get justice for this innocent girl. Heer says whenever I found something difficult, you made the way easy for me, thanks you Gulabo. Harman says I am sure that your intentions will never get weak and asks her not to back off. He says he is proud of her. Heer says you both are my inspiration and I will try fully that Gitu gets the justice. Harman keeps his hand on Heer’s head. Heer goes and sits in Virat’s car.

Sant Baksh calls Inspector and asks him not to file FIR and even if he files FIR then not to write Daljeet’s name. Inspector says ok. Virat asks Inspector to file FIR and says Gitu is molested in our house. Inspector asks him to bring the proofs. Virat says it is your work to find proofs. He asks if Dad asked you not to write report. Inspector says your dad is DSP and not you and tells that he asked him not to write Daljeet’s name. Heer argues with Inspector and tells that reports can be forged but not Victim’s memory. Inspector refuses to file FIR. Heer says we will see, how you don’t write the report.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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