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Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Badi Maa feels haunted by her past

Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badi Maa looking at Yamini Devi and her husband’s photo frame and gets upset. She recalls her husband visiting Yamini Devi’s concert and getting mesmerized hearing her singing. Even Yamini Devi looks at him and sings. After the performance, Badi Maa’s husband praises Yamini Devi. Everyone leaves from there, but Badi Maa’s husband is still sitting. Yamini Devi says the song is over. He goes near her and says I didn’t realize when it ended, I felt like it is the start of a new meeting. He offers her a red rose, which she accepts and smiles. Fb ends. Badi Maa gets haunted by the past, as the heavy wind comes in her room and the curtains start moving. She keeps her hand on her ears and feels scared. She drinks water and tries to handle herself. She thinks when this inauspicious voice leaves me and asks Maa Durga to help her fight with this voice.

Simar looks at Yamini Devi’s pic and says I don’t have Maa Saraswati’s pic, but have yours. I was devoted to Maa Saraswati and even you. She says I have wasted your precious time and says sorry. Badi Maa comes out of room and sees Simar talking, thinks with whom she is talking to. Simar thinks I have wasted your precious time unintentionally and feels apologetic. Badi Maa walks towards and is about to keep hand on her shoulder when Aarav calls Simar. Simar goes. Aarav asks her to sit and says he made the coffee with his hand. Badi Maa looks at them from far. Simar says she was apologizing to Saraswati Maa for insulting music today. He asks her to sing in her sweet voice so that she gets forgiven by both Saraswati mothers. He asks her to have coffee. Simar takes coffee and drinks. Aarav also takes the coffee and drinks. He says I feel like that I will get the darshan of Saraswati Maa in this one month. Simar asks how many days are left in one month. Aarav says shall I count and say and tells that he doesn’t want to count.

Badi Maa comes and says 21 days are remaining. She tells that she is counting every moment and tells Aarav that he never made her have coffee. Aarav says I will make coffee for you. Badi Maa asks her to make milk coffee for her. Simar tells Aarav that she will make coffee. Badi Maa says she wants her grand son to make coffee for her. Aarav says ok and goes. Badi Maa asks Simar to sit and asks from where do you get this innocence and selfless feeling, you have impressed my Aarav so much that he started making coffee for you. She says it is good that you remember your position in this house, and counting the remaining days. She asks what do you think, what you got by doing this dramas and acting. Simar says I didn’t act anything. Badi Maa says I don’t lie when you don’t accept. She says that’s why I have to put your Papa in jail again and again. Simar says she will leave today itself if she wants, and says don’t trouble my father. Badi Maa says he didn’t apologize to me even now and says his real place is in jail. She calls Aarav and asks how much time is left to bring coffee. He says 2 mins. Simar pleads infront of Badi Maa not to trouble her Papa and says she will leave after 21 days. Badi Maa asks her to make her sister understand to divorce Vivaan and leave, else she will send her Papa to jail if he is alive. Simar asks her not to say this and tells that she will talk to Reema and they will leave the house. Aarav brings coffee and gives to Badi Maa. Badi Maa says she will enjoy coffee made by her grand son in her room and asks them to close the windows.

Aarav asks Simar, what did Badi Maa say? Simar says everything is fine and thinks to talk to Reema, hopes she will agree for Papa. She sees his hand bleeding and gets concerned.

Reema thinks to do the opposite of Oswal family rules and thinks thankfully Mummy ji is on my side. She sees Vivaan sitting on the bed and goes to him. Vivaan asks where was you lost, my dream girl? Reema asks to what extent you can go for me. He says I had poured kerosene oil on me once, and next time I will pour petrol on me. She asks him not to joke and reminds him of his promise that he will make her face of Oswal group. Vivaan says do you want to kill me. He says you was just a model before, but now you are Oswal family bahu. She says just my marital status has changed, but even now my dream is the same, to be an international model, want to appear on newspapers and hoardings. She imagines winning the Ms. India contest and the photographer clicking her pics. Vivaan finds her lost and says you are scaring me, something is going on in your mind. Reema thinks I was thinking about how to ruin Gitanjali Devi’s rules and reach my dreams.

Roma tells Lalit that she has ironed his clothes. She tells that if she shall make ladies finger tomorrow. He says my colleagues like it. He says he wants to get a promotion and wants to come in the boss’ sight. Roma asks him to stop it and says she came to know everything. She says I know that you have no job. She asks from where did you bring the money then? She asks if he sold her jewelry. He says he will bring her jewelry back once his book is published. She says you betrayed me big and asks if his love is fake too. She says you have broken my prestige. He says he will make her proud one day and asks her not to leave him. He hugs her. Roma cries.

Simar bandages Aarav’s hand and he pretends to feel pain. Simar asks if he felt pain. Aarav says no, I was joking, see your face. Simar is still bandaging his hand and tries to tie it hard, he feels pain and takes back his hand. Simar says when it hurts, it pain. She bandages fully and asks what was the need to make coffee and says you increased the pain. Aarav asks what do you say? Simar says you got hurt and asks him to rest. Aarav says you are with me, to make my injury heal. Simar looks at him. They have an eye lock. Simar says the bandage is done. She asks if I ask anything then will you agree? Aarav asks what, how to agree without knowing. Simar asks him to promise. Aarav says ok and promises her. Simar says today you will sleep on the bed and I will sleep on the sofa. He says no. She says you promised me. Aarav says ok, for today. She calls his name. Aarav asks what? She says nothing. He sleeps on the bed. Simar writes in her diary, why their simple life gets complicated with time and making us meet who is not in our destiny. She looks at Aarav. Vivaan is also sleeping. Reema does ramp walk in her walk and stands in style and smiles. Simar takes the calendar and marks it. She thinks the dreams which become painful for us and our loved ones, why to see such dreams. She comes to Aarav and covers blanket on him. Mahiya song plays…..

Next morning, Simar comes to the inhouse temple and greets Sandhya after greeting God. Sandhya blesses her and says today you wake up late. Simar says yesterday night and recalls Badi Maa’s words. She says I got sleep late in the night. Sandhya says it seems some worry is bothering you. Simar says you are also like my mother and says even she used to say the same. Sandhya says I am your mother only. Simar says yesterday we have gone to our Maa and Papa’s house and says they have sent wishes for you all, but couldn’t send any gift. Sandhya says I always pray for them, they are good people, you are their gift with me. She asks her not to worry and prays for her happiness. She asks what happened? Simar says actually. Sandhya says don’t tell me now, tell it after your work is done. Simar says even Maa used to say this and hugs her. Sandhya says, my lovely daughter. Simar says she will do the aarti. Sandhya says ok, I will go and see in the kitchen if the breakfast is made. Simar takes the aarti in her hand.

Avinash irons his shirt and asks Indu to get ready, as they have to go somewhere. She says ok. Roma comes there. Indu tells her that they are going out and says she has made breakfast and asks her to make lunch. Roma says we can’t stay till lunch and is returning to our home. Indu asks if Shobha ji called you. Roma says yes and hugs her, cries. Lalit feels bad and thinks one day he will make her proud and she will take his name proudly. Simar knocks on Reema’s door and asks shall I come in. Reema asks her to come in. Simar walks inside. Reema is about to take aarti with her left hand, but Simar asks her to take aarti with her right hand. Reema takes the aarti with her right hand. Simar says I want to talk to you di, you have seen that Papa is unwell. Reema says due to me. She says if she will stop her blame game.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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