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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak Kicks Desai Family Out Of Their House

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak laughs when Desai family gets afraid seeing her tying a fake time bomb. She removes bomb and says its fake like her fake kidnap drama. She asks Baa that they lost the house to her. Baa shouts why did she do this. She asks Baa to stops shouting or else she will get a heart attack. She confronts her next. Sthen blames Gehna for the change in her as she was the elder bahu and the has first right on the house, but Baa gave all the rights to Gehna seeing her goodness. Hema says she told them already that Kanak did a fake kidnap drama. She says Hema is her partner in crimes, supported her always, and is the lonely witness. She then says her husband revolves around her calling her baby, but kicked her out of house when she did a small mistake. Anant says she played a game with them and they played a counter game on her. She says the house belongs to her now. Anant says they gave her fake papers. She asks Gehna to tell the truth. Gehna says she exchanged fake papers with real ones after informing Anant. Anant shouts if she changed really changed the papers. Gehna says she did to save Kanak’s life and exchanged papers after informing him. Anant remembers the incident and says he just told her that they should save Kanak at any cost. Gehna says they told her to give real papers to goons. Chetan asks when did say.

Kanak shouts silence and says she will stay in the house from hereon and they will be out. She then wipes Baa’s tears and says her tears will not return like her house. Baa says she didn’t know that she brought a snake instead of a bahu/DIL. Kanak says a snake like her doesn’t spare when it bites. Baa angrily tries to slap her. Kanak holds her hand and giving her hand in Bapuji’s hand says they can be together forever but out of this house and shouts at them to get out. They both remember celebrating her birthday. She holds their hands and sends them out of the house. She then walks to Hema and calling Hema a bottomless utensil/bin pende ki loti kicks her out of house, then pushes out each family member one by one confronting them for their mistakes, drags Pankaj out of house reminding him that he kicked her out similarly. She then finally pushes Gehna out of house and locks the door. Gehna falls down.

Anant blames Gehna and says they all trusted her blindly and she got them expelled out of their house. Hema blames Gehna next followed by Baa who says Gehna ruined her house and their dignity and curses the moment she considered Gehna as her bahu.

Precap: Pest controllers spread smoke in Desai family’s tent, Baa and Bapuji cough, Gehna tries to clam them down. Kanak orders them to get back to work.

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