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#riansh – my angry baby- #immj2

Hi guys !! I know, I was on break till 5 August but now I got a lil free time so thought to write an os ……

So this os starts from the beach incident of riansh but in this vansh and riddhima already knows each other and it was there plan to trap kabir ….they were just acting to be unknown to make kabir fall in trap …….this starts from the dance of Neha on laila mein laila …..

Same as show Neha dances around Vansh seductively which didn’t go well with riddhima . After the party was over ….all went back to their respective places

At vr mansion

Everyone were sitting in hall talking and laughing spending some family time with each other when they saw a short heighted girl entering inside the house with face red due to anger ….

Siya&Ishani(excited) : Bhabhiiiiii ……

They ran towards her and hugged her tightly. RIDHIMA also reciprocated the hug

RIDHIMA (breaking the hug ) How are you both

SIYANI: Yes bhabhi …we are fine ….how are you …and what happened you came today thus much late

RIDHIMA: I am fine …..where is your Vansh bhaii

SIYA: What happened bhabhi …is everything alright

ISHANI: Yess bhabhi , it’s looking like bhai have done something which has made you so much angry and annoyed …

RIDHIMA: Yes ISHANI your bhai has done a wonderful work today and I am not going to leave him ….

SIYA: woah !! What happened bhabhi …what has my brilliant bhai done

RIDHIMA: Wait Siya let your bhai come down first

RIDHIMA (shouting) : Mr. Vansh RAISINGHANIA come down

Vansh who was sitting and relaxing in his room after such a tiresome day got startled listening her voice and hurriedly came down

VANSH : Sweetheart what happened….why are you calling my name like this

Saying so VANSH tried to hold her hand but she jerked away

RIDHIMA: Don’t you dare touch me

VANSH: what happened Sweetheart…why are you behaving like this

RIDHIMA: Don’t try to be act as saint because you are not

VANSH: Sweetheart I know you love me a lot but don’t you think that discussing our bedroom life infront of everyone would be embarrassing 😳😳

RIDHIMA : Shut up VANSH I am not talking about that saint …..I am talking about that beach party

VANSH: ohhh…By the way Sweetheart you arranged tge party really very well

RIDHIMA: oh so you liked the party

VANSH: Yes very much

RIDHIMA: So you must have liked the food also

VANSH: yes , very much

RIDHIMA: Decoration

VANSH: Awesome

RIDHIMA: How was Neha

VANSH (absent-mindedly): She is too hot and se*y , her dress was awesome and the lip shade she used was beautiful ❤️

RIDHIMA was fuming in anger  listening this and all family members were shocked and we’re worried what is going to happen with VANSH now


VANSH jerked up and came out of his dreamland and was shocked to remeber what he said …..

Vansh immediately ran away from. There and RIDHIMA run behind him shouting

RIDHIMA : Stop right there vansh otherwise consequences will not good

Listening to this Vansh stop running and stands at his place only

RIDHIMA (catching him) : You are ba……

Before RIDHIMA could complete her words vansh closed her mouth with his palm as they were infront of whole family and he pulled RIDHIMA with him to their room

In their room

VANSH: Sweetheart what were you doing …you were about to call me that infront of whole family

RIDHIMA (confused) : What I was about to call you

VANSH: Arre that only

RIDHIMA: Vansh what….speak clearly

VANSH : You were about to call me bas**rd infront of whole family

RIDHIMA (shocked) : What ….you Dumbo , idiot o was about to call you a bad husband….

VANSH: Oooooo…Ok then let’s move back to hall then you can say that

RIDHIMA: Are you mad VANSH ….You know what I don’t want to talk to you ….I am going and you never try to call me …from today I will sleep with siya and you go to your that Neha

VANSH (smirking) : Oh …so someone is jealous

RIDHIMA: No I am not ….

saying so , RIDHIMA was about to leave the room when VANSH pulled her by her waist and they both landed on bed with RIDHIMA over VANSH

VANSH: Never ever try to leave me RIDHIMA…I am nothing without you …VANSH is incomplete without his RIDHIMA

RIDHIMA: But I am still angry with you (pouting like a cute small baby)

VANSH: Ok then I have many ways to  pacify my angry baby

Saying so vansh start moving his hand from her waist to her blouse strings and then…..🙈🙈🙈🙈

The end!!! I don’t know what trash I have written…I just know that it’s worst then trash also ….special thanks to my paro (Parita_2006) to motivate me to write ….love you so much my cutiepie 💕💕.Today I will not say to comment as I know it is not even worth of reading also ….

Sorry guys by mistake I posted this first on immj1 and now again posting it here on immj2

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