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RadhaKrishn 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Ganesh Tricks Balram

RadhaKrishn 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi Gauri sees Bal Ganesh in discomfort and worried asks reason. Bal Ganesh says his stomach is full more than usual today and he wants to rest where nobody can disturb him. She asks him to lie on his lap. He says he wants to lie under her anchal/sari pallu. Devi Gauri gets happy hearing that and covering Bal Ganesh under her anchal thinks nobody can find him until he is in her anchal. Mahadev thinks a mother’s anchal is the most protective place in the world. Balram searches Bal Ganesh and doesn’t notice him under Devi Gauri’s anchal. Mahadev asks Krishna what will he do now. Krishna if he cannot help Balram directly, Radha will. Balram returns to Krishna and says Ganesh is not found anywhere after drinking khrisagar’s milk and if he doesn’t find Ganesh, how will he refill khsirsagar. Krishna says he cannot tell him as Narayan has his own restrictions. Balram warns to call Radha here if he doesn’t. Krishna says he can take Radha’s help. Balram walks to Radha and explains the problem. Radha says only a mother can know where her son is.

Devi Gauri continues making Ganesh asleep under her anchal and hearing Nandi and Ganpret loudly singing and dancing around scolds them to go aside as Bal Ganesh is sleeping. They walk aside. Balram returns to Devi Gauri and requests her to tell where Bal Ganesh is as he consumed whole khirsagar milk and if he digests it and doesn’t return it, he may never be able to refill khsirsagar and the whole nature will get unstable. Devi Gauri gets tensed and says he promised Bal Ganesh not to wake him up until he himself wakes up, but cannot believe her son is the reason for the mishap. Ganesh hearing her wakes up. Balram rejoices seeing him there and requests to return khsirsagar’s milk. Ganesh agrees and says he will obey his mother’s order. Gauri emotionally hugs him. He accompanies Balram.

Rishi Sandipani visits Dwarka. Radha greets him. He says he came to describe shravan maas story. Radha gathers everyone and listens to the story. Blram takes Ganesh to khirsagar and ask him to return its milk. Ganesh says he will only if he fulfills his demand. Balram says he didn’t say that in front of Devi Gauri then. Ganesh demands to tell which is the most sound producing instrument. Balram after a long explanation says its his father’s damroo. Krishna thinks Mahadev is trapped now.
Mahadev thinks he will not get trapped easily, emerges in front of Ganesh and Balram and tells Ganesh that his mamasri Narayan’s panchajanya shank is most sound producing instrument. Ganesh demands Balram to give him shank. Balram after much hesitation agrees. Ganesh returns kshirsagar milk and demands shank. Balram gives him shank. Ganesh blows shank. Whole universe hears the loud sound. Devi Gauri thinks why is Ganesh getting mischievous. Mahadev says he is not. Narayan/Krishna thinks he will not wake up as he knows Ganesh will trouble him like he is troubling Balram.

Precap: Ganesh opposes Maahdev and says until he is alive, nobody cannot go in. Mahadev beheads him in anger. Gauri seeing that tells Mahadev that he will be punished for that. Narayan fixes an elephant head on Ganesh and says he will be called Gajanan from hereon.

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