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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Malhar punishes Khanderao

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gautama saying I m not crying to request you to forgive Khanderao, I m crying because I m really ashamed for my son’s misbehavior, I m much hurt, too much love and pampering aren’t good, I learnt this lesson, he raised a question on my upbringing. Malhar hugs her. She says I m a mother, I don’t know to get strict on him, but this time, I will not stop you, I will not be there, you won’t forgive him this time, its my request, you punish him that no one dares to insult their teacher. Khanderao and Ahilya look on. Dhana ji says you have played it well and did a miracle, you got Khanderao insulted by Dharampal, Guru ji was angry on Khanderao, you sent Guru ji at the same time, they both fought, how were you so sure of Khanderao’s anger. Dwarka says I know him since childhood, he is always angry. Gunu ji says Malhar’s love for his son can awaken. Dwarka says this won’t happen. Gunu ji says Gautama can convince Malhar. Dwarka says I know Gautama and Malhar better than you, she will not forgive her son knowing he misbehaved with his teacher, she will do a wife’s duty. Sita asks what will happen now.

Dwarka says Gunu ji has to handle from here, Khanderao’s image broke, this wound will not heal easily, Gunu ji can make a place for himself in Malhar’s heart by sincerity, talent and hardwork. Gunu ji nods. Khanderao apologizes to Gautama and Malhar. He says I know, I made a mistake, forgive me. He asks Gautama to say something, he can’t bear her annoyance. Gautama says I didn’t feel so ashamed before, but its because of you, its good that I didn’t see anything, but your dad has seen it, I find hard to think what he went through. Ahilya says Khanderao is also ashamed on realizing his mistake, he should have not done this. Malhar says you know the story of Shivaji and Sant Tukaram. She asks what. He tells the story. He says Shivaji went to the kirtan to get saved from the enemies, Tukaram hugged Shivaji, soldiers came there and asked for Shivaji, someone told that Tukaram is there hugging Tukaram, soldiers saw Tukaram and Shivaji hugging in every direction, enemies didn’t understand which way to go and attack Shivaji, Shivaji left from there safely, Guru are such, who protect a student like Lord, its the miracle of Guru’s blessing, I have decided your punishment. Harku asks him to give a chance to Khanderao to rectify his mistake. Malhar says he will surely get a chance, but not today, after 7 years, I was thinking what to do, but I reached a decision now, I decided that, Khanderao has to go to the Gurukul and learn good behavior, healthy politics and weapons skills, he will come back after 7 years. They all get shocked. Gautama asks what are you saying. Malhar says you said Khanderao should be strictly punished, he has to do this. She says I don’t agree with you. He says its not just a punishment, its an attempt to give him right knowledge, it will be good for him. Gautama says he will be going away for 7 years, this can happen here also, how will I live without him, what’s the need of all this.

Ahilya and Khanderao also cry. Malhar says its a lucky thing to get Yuvraj’s position, but this position gets a burden of responsibilities, he should learn to handle the responsibilities well, he will learn everything at Gurukul, he will become a true person, I want Khanderao to learn knowledge, Raj Dharm, discipline and humanity. Khanderao says I won’t go anywhere, I know I have done a big mistake, ut you can’t make me away for 7 years. Malhar says you have to accept this decision. Khanderao asks Gautama to say something. He says I did a mistake, but Malhar is giving me a big mistake, say something. He apologizes to Malhar. He says you can beat me and stop my food, going out, don’t make me away from Malwa. Malhar reminds her words. Khanderao asks Gautama to say something, she said she will always support him. She sits crying. He asks Harku to support him. Harku says just… Malhar says I don’t have a habit to change my decision. Khanderao asks Ahilya to see, there is no use to come here, dad doesn’t want to listen.

Khanderao argues with Dwarka. Malhar gets angry on him.

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