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Pratigya 2 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update

Pratigya 2 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shakti gets a call from Kumar and asks if his tender will be done? Kumar says that the girl you sent made a scene, didn’t let me touch her and called everyone there, I was insulted. The flashback shows how he tried to touch Meera but she asked him to move away, Kumar told her that she was given in the deal so he will do what he wants with her but Meera pushed him away and ran from there. The flashback ends, Kumar tells Shakti that he will never get the tender now.

Krishna comes to Pratigya and says don’t worry about Meera, nothing will happen to her. Garv and Kriti come there. Kriti asks if they remember what’s tomorrow? Krishna acts and says I don’t know what’s tomorrow. Pratigya says what’s special tomorrow? I don’t remember. Kriti asks if they lost their memory? Krishna says I remember clearly that tomorrow is my sweet daughter’s birthday, we will all celebrate.

Shakti is angry for losing the tender. Kesar comes there and asks if he did something with Meera? Shakti says you will question me now? Did you forget your punishment?

Pratigya comes to Meera’s room and sees her crying. She asks her to stop crying, you will find a way to live this life. Meera says if I don’t have a man in life then this will happen what happened today. Pratigya asks what happened today? She sees a mark on her body and asks if someone did something with her? Meera tells her everything. Pratigya is shocked.

Pratigya comes to Shakti and slaps him hard. all look on. Shakti says what? Pratigya says don’t ask me why I slapped you, if I say something then you won’t be able to show your face to anyone. She tells the family that this man deserves this slap. Krishna says Pratigya is right as Shakti is silent so he must have done something wrong. Shakti looks away. Krishna asks what did he do? Pratigya shows a mark on Meera’s body and says Shakti is behind all this. Shakti says I didn’t do anything. Pratigya says you gave her a woman in a deal? Sajjan says she is staying here for free so we used her for a deal. Pratigya says have you forgotten that your daughter and daughter in laws stay here, if you get one woman molested then others aren’t safe also. You both should be in jail. Shakti says I didn’t do anything so don’t shout. Krishna grabs his collar and says I won’t spare you. Sumitra says you will raise your hand on your elder brother for a girl like Meera? Krishna says for every woman who has to go through all that because of men like him. Pratigya says I have called the police so calm down. The police come there. Pratigya asks him to arrest Shakti. Shakti says my brother is staying with two women in this house, I didn’t like it so he filed a complaint against me? I am a family man so I couldn’t see this filth, I am an innocent man, he couldn’t stop me so he tried to kill me. He is living with two women and maligning our respect. Pratigya says if I tell the truth then this whole family would be in jail. The inspector asks Krishna why are you keeping two women in the house? Pratigya says if he had another woman then I would complain against him, don’t listen to Shakti and just arrest him. Shakti says they have filled this house with filth, they have no manners and limits. They both should go to jail. Krishna says I won’t spare you, he tries to beat him but the inspector stops him. Meera tells the inspector that I don’t want to file any complaint, just leave. The inspector leaves. Meera goes to her room. Shakti tells Pratigya that I sent Meera to a contractor but nothing happened to her. Krishna says your thinking is so cheap. Shakti says I am not ashamed so what will you do? Pratigya says he doesn’t care. Shakti says I will answer you back about the slap. Pratigya takes Krishna from there. Shakti asks Kesar to bring tea, he shouts at her.

Kesar is in her room. Shakti comes there and says I asked for tea but you didn’t bring it? You will go against my orders now? Kesar says I never said anything against whatever you did with me but you will deal a woman for money? How can you stoop this low? It’s good that I don’t have a daughter otherwise you wouldn’t have spared her also. Shakti shouts that I am the one with bad fate, I got a wife like you.

Pratigya asks Meera why did you take her case back? That man is trying to take your advantage and you are letting him? Meera says he was trying to blame you and Krishna. I can’t let him get Krishna arrested. Pratigya says I was handling everything, I have got the contractor arrested. You have to take a stand for yourself as only then I can help you. Krishna comes there and says she is right, you have to fight for yourself, Shakti is a cheap man and he will keep trying these cheap tactics. I haven’t done anything wrong so don’t worry about me, my lawyer wife will take care of me so don’t worry and just fight your battle. Meera says I have worried you both already a lot so I don’t want to put you in harm’s way.

At Kriti’s birthday party, a guest tells her kids that we shouldn’t have come here, they keep two women which is wrong. Kriti cries and tells Pratigya that my birthday got destroyed because of you all. She asks Pratigya to throw Meera out of the house, she can’t stay here. Pratigya looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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