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Pandya Store 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Suman feels insulted

Pandya Store 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman scolding Raavi. She asks what shall I do of you girls, Rishita said she won’t have kids, you left the function and sit here sadly. Dhara sees the kids running around the poles, and making the structure fall. She sees Krish dancing with the girls. She asks Gautam to look at Krish. He says I told you, he will find a girl in 2 years. Dhara says take him, your work is over. Gautam takes Krish with him. Krish jokes. Dev asks Shiva what’s happening, tell me, share it with me, I m your friend also. Shiva says I don’t want to talk to you. Dev asks him to just share it. Shiva refuses. Dhara stops the kids. She says if mandap falls on your head, then you will get hurt. The kids cry and go to their mum. The ladies scold Dhara. Suman hears the voice and goes to see. Dhara says I m explaining them since long, I didn’t raise hand on them, they were making the mandap fall, they would have got hurt. The lady taunts her. Suman gets shocked.

Rishita gets angry and scolds the lady for not teaching manners to the kids. Dhara asks her to leave it. Rishita says Dhara scolded the kids for their betterment, the kids would have got hurt, show love for your kids in your house, they were checking my purse in my room. The lady asks are you calling him a thief. The ladies argue with Suman. The lady says Suman, you won’t get grandchildren in this birth, your family won’t go ahead. Rishita asks the ladies to leave. Prafulla smiles and thinks I wish Dhara gets more hurt. Anita also smiles. Suman stops the lady. She scolds her. She says my grandchildren will play here, my Dhara will also get her kids, my Rishita and my Raavi will also have their kids, you just see. The lady laughs and taunts her. She says Dhara can’t have kids, Rishita and Raavi also won’t have kids, you forget the joy of grandchildren now, Pandya family is just till Krish and then full stop.

The guests leave. Dev and Shiva hear the ladies gossiping and leaving. Shiva gets angry. Dhara says I got scared, the kids were shaking the mandap, if they got hurt then… Suman says their mums were there to look after them, why did you become mother india. Rishita says Dhara is just saying… Suman says you shut up, you are a kid, shall I treat you like a kid, if you don’t get a child in one year, then I will send you to your dad’s house. She cries. She says I have three bahus, but none wants to give birth to a kid, my fate is bad, I m dying of embarrassment every day, you do what you want. Prafulla says you are saying right, Dhara, you should die of shame, see Suman is hearing all this because of you, I feel bad for Suman. Suman asks her to shut up.

She says if you didn’t wish to become mum, then why did you come in Gautam’s life, your mum left her children, she couldn’t become a mum, you have her blood, how will you become a mum. Dhara asks her to calm down, get quiet. Kanta goes to call Dev and Shiva. She says Dhara made a mistake, Suman is very angry, go fast. Suman says you asked me to get quiet, the world is taunting me because of you, but I shall keep quiet, fine I will get quiet forever. Dhara asks her to listen. Gautam and Krish come. Gautam asks what’s the noise, where are the guests. Suman says they will come when I die, I will jump down. She slips into the well by mistake. Everyone gets shocked and shout. Gautam jumps into the well. Anita worries. Prafulla stops Anita. Gautam holds Suman. Suman says leave me, I want to die, I m hearing people’s taunts. Gautam says you will sink, what are you doing. Dhara asks Shiva to find a way to save them. Shiva, Raavi and Dev go to get ropes. Dhara cries for Gautam and Suman.

Dhara says I want a child, when will our child come. She cries. Gautam cries for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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