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Our Limitless Love(A Riansh FF….) The Unplanned meeting…. Ch-59



Anyone… With any Os ideas🤣😂! ??

Please h toh… Mention it down!



Angre:- what happened bhai??

Vansh:- angre take a U-turn, today ridhima will be staying at VRmansion, just ask dadi to be at my side!


Angre:- bhai now you will be the prey to her outburst!


Vansh:- angre I said U -Turn


Angre:- okkk bhai! (Sighs)


Angre leaves vansh at a small distance from RS villa and went back to VR mansion.


Vansh took his Royal steps to her villa and went in… As soon as he reached her doorstep, he totally transformed himself as he was too sick to walk!


He pressed the door bell and ridhima opened the door!


Ridhima:- u here, why, for what, any work, if not please go. I want to sleep. I have to attend a meeting on a case tomorrow! Now say,


Vansh in heavy voice,


Vansh:- ridhima it’s paining horribly, do something!


Ridhima heard it and quickly took him in by giving her shoulder for him as support and made him sit on the sofa .


And sat beside him,

Ridhima:- accha, listen, take you right hand, and move it like this(doing herself and asking him to copy).

Vansh was doing it and was looking at her!.


After they were done,

Vansh:- it’s better!

Ridhima:- vansh, you need to understand you are not fully recovered , so stay home, it will be good for you and your health! Try to understand, now it is all over between us!.


Vansh:- ridhima not saying that you don’t have the rights to get angry but you can quit it all! Please!

They were discussing when vansh said.

Vansh:- you noticed???


Ridhima:- what??

Vansh:- that…. (Maintaining a suspence face)

Ridhima:- what, vansh?

Vansh:- that that, we talked for whole half an hour without fighting! (Burst out laughing)


Ridhima smacks his right arm .


Vansh:- accha it time to go back home!

Ridhima:- ok, go(brimming with happiness).


Vansh:- but angre went without me, I can’t walk with this injury and I don’t think nor I would be able to drive back home, will you…!

(Cutting him)


Ridhima:- fine, come!


They sat in the car and she starter to drive to VR mansion!


Vansh’s pov,

Ufff! Though we talked for half an hour with arguing but still I sensed that there is something that not alright!

But now I need to irritate her!

C’mon, sweetheart how much will be hard as ice! You being ice and I being heat! I will melt you soon!


Pov ends!



Vansh:- ridhima I want ice cream!


Ridhima:- what???


Vansh:- ice cream! Please yrr!


Ridhima:- ok, chocolate ?


Vansh:- you still remember my choices!


They share an Eyelock.


Ridhima breaks it and says! I was saying what if we eat and head back?

Vansh:- ok!


They see a ice cream parlour nearby and get down.


They get in and were eating ice cream , when ridhima’s phone rang!

It was showing………





That’s all for today’s guys!


Theories for:- who called?

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