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Molkki 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Priyu plays emotional card in front of Virender

Molkki 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi refuses to let things go wrong or to let anyone do anything wrong. Come with me and tell Mukhi ji you are trying to trap Veer because of your greed. Admit that Anjali made you do this. Priyu tells her to let go of her hand but Purvi takes her with her.

Veer touches Virender’s feet. I just wanted to thank you for accepting my feelings for Priyu and agreed for my marriage with Priyu. Thank you so much Baba. Virender tells him that hearing him call him Baba makes him very happy. I was yearning to hear you say it when you were upset with me. Hug me. Veer hugs him and cries. Please forgive me. Virender tells him everything is fine. Purvi brings Priyu there. Virender asks Bawri what she is doing. Purvi says Priyu wants to tell you and Veer something. Virender nods. Priyu tells Virender he is the Mukhi of this town. You haven’t let anyone do any injustice till date. Stop the injustice that’s happening to me too. My sister is pressurizing me o say no to the wedding. Purvi is stunned. Priyu sheds fake tears. I love Veer very much and I want to marry him. Please let it happen. Virender questions Purvi but Priyu offers to tell him. Didi has something against Veer. She is telling me not to marry Veer. I love him very much. I wont be able to live without her. Purvi asks her what she is saying. Veer feels bad. Virender questions Purvi. Why are you against them when they love each other? You have been in love too. You should understand. Why are you against their relation? Purvi says Priyu is not good for Veer. I cannot let this happen. Veer insists that they love each other genuinely. Why are you saying that Priyu is not worthy of me? Purvi wonders how to tell him the truth without hurting him. I cannot tell him the truth. I must stop the wedding some other way. Virender questions Purvi again. Purvi says forgive me but I don’t want this wedding to happen. Virender tells her that her wishing that wont stop their marriage. If they love each other then they will get married. They have my permission. Priyu smiles. Virender says I have given them my blessing. I cannot let them part ways. I wont decide against it without a concrete reason and I wont let you do it either. You may get upset over it but this wedding will happen for sure! It will happen within 2 days. I will see who will stop it! He assures Priyu and Veer about it and asks them to go. Priyu thanks him. Purvi looks at her. I will stop this wedding as even I cannot bear injustice like you even if I have to face my sister. You want Veer to be happy and so do I. I wont let Priyu succeed. I cannot tell you the truth in front of Veer but I will tell you everything later. This wedding wont happen.

Sudha cries thinking about Veer confessing his love for Priyu. Purvi asks a maid about Sudha who tells her that she is on terrace. Purvi heads upstairs. Sudha is crying. Purvi hugs her. Sudha shakes her head. I found out my place once again today. I forgot that I am not an ordinary woman but a Molkki. I will remain a Molkki forever. Why does it happen that a Molkki cannot love someone or dream? Purvi tells her against it. Sudha calls herself a fool for thinking that Veer can love a Molkki. It isn’t his fault. It’s mine. Purvi assures her that everything will be fine. Have faith on Kanha ji. Purvi decides to expose Priyu in front of everyone. She comforts Sudha.

Virender is speaking to pundit ji. The wedding will happen on the mahurat you have decided. Purvi requests him to listen to her once. You can take the decision later. He asks her what it is. Purvi tells him the real intention behind Priyu deciding to marry Veer. I dint want to hurt Veer. Please have faith on me. Priyu does not love Veer at all. She is cheating him. Virender calls Priyu inside. Purvi is surprised to see her. Tell Mukhi ji everything honestly. Priyu pretends to be heartbroken. You are my sister yet you are trying to instigate Mukhi ji against me? What have I done wrong? Why are you stooping so low? Purvi asks her what she is saying. Priyu turns to Virender. I could get luxuries and money even after being Vaibhav’s wife but I never asked you for anything. I wanted love. I could get money as his widow too. I genuinely only want a husband and family. If Didi still thinks I am wrong then it isn’t true. Veer has added colors in my life. He has given me a new hope. Please don’t take him away from me. Virender tells Purvi her tears are telling everything. She loves Veer genuinely. Why are you against it? He tells Priyu not to worry. The wedding will happen day after tomorrow. It will be your sangeet tomorrow. Go and tell everyone. Priyu goes. Purvi wonders how to stop the wedding now.

Priyu selects her bridal dress. She tells Anjali she cannot believe that her dream is going to come true. I will become Mukhiyayin in future. Anjali reminds her not to forget her favour once that happen. You will wear beautiful clothes and expensive jewellery then.

Everyone applies haldi to Priyu and Veer one by one. Sudha wipes her tears out of the corner of her eyes. Purvi applies haldi to the couple reluctantly as well. Virender and Purvi exchange silent glances. Anjali tells Prakashi that this incident will break their relationship for sure. Virender and his Molkki are not even looking each other in the eye. Their distances continue to increase. We have to make sure they are never able to get together. Molkki’s sister will help us now as I have the ace card. She will be exposed if I show that video to anyone. She shows the video to Prakashi. Purvi happens to be passing by and watches the video. Prakashi notices her. they hide the phone and walk away. Purvi could see Priyu and Veer in the video. They hid the phone when they saw me. There is something in that video. I need Bhabhi’s phone to find out what it is. How can I take her phone?

Anjali puts her phone on charging in her room. Purvi gets inside stealthily but hides when Prakashi comes to take her. they head to kitchen.

Maid gives a phone to Purvi. It has been ringing incessantly. It was on charging. Purvi recognizes it to be Anjali’s phone. Anjali takes the phone from her hands just then.

Anjali feeds laddoo to Purvi when she enters in the kitchen. She goes to give laddoos outside and takes her phone with her. Purvi inches closer to the phone many times but it gets snatched from her at the final moment. She decides to do something else to get hold of the phone. Purvi buys a similar mobile cover from a shop.

It is sangeet night. Priyu and Veer are dancing. Sudha looks on sadly. Anjali is sitting in a corner. Purvi joins everyone on the dance floor. Veer starts dancing with Sudha but Priyu steps between them. Veer pulls Anjali for dance too. Purvi decides to replace her phone with Anjali’s. She wont realise that the phone is different as the covers are same. I will find out everything by then. She switches the phones smartly and takes Sudha upstairs with her. They watch the video together and are stunned. Purvi thinks I dint think Priyu will stoop so low. She is cheating Veer and spoiling his life. I will expose her in front of everyone with this video now.

Precap: Purvi shows the video to Priyu and asks is she not ashamed of doing all this? Priyu goes to Anjali and tells her that Purvi got her phone and now she’s going to show the video to Virender. Purvi is going somewhere in a car. She sees Aarav meeting and hugging Chaudhary. Later, Purvi is crying in her room. Virender comes and asks what happened. She tells him Priyu’s truth.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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