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Mere Sai 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Aatya decides to confront Sai

Mere Sai 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suryakant asks Bheeva till when should they wait. There is no space in dharamshala. Bheeva tells him to have patience. Sai has agreed to help you so He will. He asks Suryakant to work with him in the fields. You will be able to pass your time this way and earn some money too. Suryakant refuses. Sai said He will help me. There is no need for that. He leaves.

Sarkar is shocked to hear that Kakasaheb Dixit came to meet Sai. Why dint you find out why he will come back? Santa and Banta say that they came to him with whatever info that they had. Sarkar is sure Fakir must be trying to convince Kakasaheb to fight the case for Gangaram. He has high connections. I will have trouble in challenging him in court. I will fill his ears against the Fakir when he will visit Shirdi again. I will see who will help Fakir then. Hari Om!

Sai asks Suryakant to wait for another day. I will help you tomorrow for sure. Suryakant and his wife get worried but Bheeva nods at them. Bheeva offers to help Sai but Sai tells him He will do it. Kakasaheb is about to come. I want to make coconut sweets for him with my own hands. He loves them. Bheeva, Suryakant and his wife leave. Outside, Suryakant tells Bheeva that Sai said no again when you said it has never happened before. I feel that Sai’s entire focus is on Kakasaheb. He isn’t even talking to us. Bheeva says he might be special to Sai. I am sure there is something in His heart though. Baizama overhears their convo. She greets Sai.

Chandu asks Bheeva to come for some work. Bheeva asks Suryakant to join him too but Suryakant refuses to lower his standards. I wont do this menial work. You can go ahead. Bheeva goes with Chandu.

A person is waiting for Kakasaheb Dixit at his home. The hearing will start in an hour. Aatya assures him that Kakasaheb will be here soon. He has never disappointed anyone till date. The person prays that that comes true. I will get 25k if I win the case or I will be penalized if I lose. Aatya tells him to bring sweets for her when he will win. He readily agrees. I will give 1k to Kakasaheb from my end if I win the case. Aatya asks Annapurna about Kakasaheb. He should be here on time or we will lose 1k. I wont spare anyone if he went to meet that Fakir in Shirdi! Kakasaheb calls out to Annapurna just then. Aatya stops him outside. Where were you since 2 days? We were so worried for you. He reminds her that she had told him he can go meet Sai only when He will call Him. He sent 2 people to Devidas’s house to take me to Shirdi so I went with them.

Baizama asks Sai why He isn’t helping Suryakant. He feels as Kakasaheb is more special to you. He feels that you are biased. Even Bheeva is thinking the same thing now. Sai reasons that He is only following Ram ji’s wish. He will receive help when Ram ji will want it to happen. Baizama says you were very concerned about Kakasaheb when he came here. You took good care of him and are still thinking about him. Is there a special reason behind it? Sai says I have to take care of the person who will help Ram ji in His mission. It is Kakasaheb who will buy the land. He smiles.

Aatya says Fakir doesn’t even know you. How can He invite you? How would He know where you will be? Kakasaheb Dixit says you will know when you will meet Him. He knows everything about everyone. He looks after everyone. You don’t know him. Maybe you haven’t looked at me carefully. I look so positive after meeting Sai. Even my pain has decreased. Aatya and Annapurna look at him. Kakasaheb adds that he can walk easily now. I have a new outlook towards life. Aatya says you are still limping. Maybe He gave you something to eat which is why you are talking nonsense. He tells her that she may or may not accept it but he has accepted Sai as his Guru. The person waiting for Kakasaheb reminds him of their hearing. Kakasaheb tells him not to worry. Sai has blessed me. Truth and honesty will always win. He goes with him. Aatya is in thoughts.

Baizama reminds Sai that they only have 7 days left. Will Kakasaheb be back in time? Sai says my Kaka will surely come.

Aatya decides to confront Kakasaheb once he is home. I kept quiet as he was getting late for court earlier but not now! Annapurna asks her what’s wrong if Sai has changed him for good. Aatya tells her to be quiet. Such people try to lure rich people and try to gain money from them. I will ask him to choose between Fakir or me. He cannot go against my wish! Kakasaheb’s client walks in with sweets. Aatya asks him if they won the case. He nods. Who can lose when Kakasaheb is on their side? He kept the money and told me to deliver sweets at home. He left for Shirdi. Aatya tells Annapurna to pack her bags. We are going to Shirdi right away. Fakir has surely fed him something. Kaka never goes anywhere without asking me. I will make Kaka forget that Fakir in Shirdi now.

Suryakant asks Sai to help them today. Sai asks him to come some other time. Suryakant refuses to wait any longer. We have been coming here every day without fail but you refuse to help us. Don’t play with our emotions. You have no right to do that. Enough! We wont let you insult us like this anymore. We are leaving now! We wont bother you ever again. Someone greets Sai just then which brings a smile on Sai’s face. It is Kakasaheb Dixit. Sai asks him to come in. I was waiting for you only.

Aatya and Annapurna are on their way to Dwarkamai. Aatya vows to see how Sai can captivate Kakasaheb. He wont be able to do magic on me. Santa asks them to move aside. Sarkar’s palanquin has stopped because of you! Aatya challenges them. Banta asks her if she doesn’t know them. Aatya says I am not interested. I have only come to free my Kaka from Sai’s clutches. I warn you that it cannot happen till the time I am here! I will take my Kaka back home safely with me. She goes with Annapurna. Sarkar smirks.

Kakasaheb Dixit tells Sai he won the case with His blessings. I came back to Shirdi to fulfil my promise to you. I brought a gift for you as you changed my life. My client gave me 1k as a gift when I won the case. I won it because of you so you deserve it. He keeps the money in front of Sai. Suryakant gets tempted. Sai picks the bundle. Suryakant whispers to Bheeva that his Sai was so supporting Kakasaheb because of this. I am going now. Sai stops Suryakant. You were upset with me as you said I wasn’t helping you. I tried twice but you said no. Suryakant is confused. When? Sai speaks of the jobs offered by Bheeva and Chandu. I was trying to make you stand on your feet whereas you wanted me to lift you in my arms. God helps those who want to accept that help and work hard themselves. You would have gotten another work if you were dedicated. You wanted the same respect and money that you were getting earlier. Maybe you forgot that we have to prove our capabilities whenever we try something new. It is wrong to think we will always initially get whatever we demand for.

Precap: Kakasaheb Dixit tells Sai this money cannot be used in a better way than this. Aatya tells him to stop his nonsense. Kakasaheb is surprised to see her there. She tells him she will handle him later. Let me deal with this Fakir first.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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