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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update : Pallavi in difficult situation

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi thinking about Raghav while cooking, Rajan walks to her and tells her sabji is burnt, Pallavi in tears, she cuts her finger, Raghav sees that and walks to her and asks Rajan to get first aid and says Pallavi show me, Pallavi says what will you do seeing it my pain won’t end, Pallavi leaves.

Vijay walks in Rao Mansion, Jaya welcomes him in and goes to call Pallavi, Pallavi asks Vijay what is wrong, Vijay says whatever we had for that sake I am here for a favor, I am here to take you, Raghav looks at Pallavi, Vijay says Mandar needs you, he had a seizure and doctor says if Pallavi wont be with him he won’t recover, Raghav says find another doctor, Pallavi won’t go, Vijay says Raghav I don’t expect to help me but I am here for my son so for once understand my situation and falls in Raghav’s feet, Pallavi says please get up, Vijay says I will do whatever you want, will wash your feet too, please allow her, Raghav says you want to wash my feet right, go ahead, and then I will think, Pallavi says Raghav what are you saying, Raghav says he did same to me and this is all fake, Pallavi says someone is dying, Raghav says its all Mandar’s emotional blackmail, Pallavi says enough of your insecurity and call me when my Raghav will call me and not your insecurity and I still believe in humanity and so I am going and will stay thete till Mandar is fine. Pallavi leaves with Vijay.
Raghav angry on why Pallavi is not understanding.

Ramya says to Pallavi that Mandar needs you, Pallavi says I live my whole family and come here what else do you want, I am doing my best, Ramya says look at his condition and if this is what it is he will soon collapse into coma, Pallavi says we will take care. Ramya leaves.

Sharda looks at Vijay he leaves, Pallavi says Mandar I am here and will stay till you recover, Sharda says Pallavi come with me let him rest, Sharda closes door and leaves, Mandar opens his eyes and looks at Pallavi’s photo and smiles. Raghav tensed, he looks at their wedding photo, he gets call from Mandar, Mandar says so Pallavi is here and you can’t stop anything and before 7 days Pallavi is here and will never return to you and this is Mandar Deshmukh promise, Raghav says you will regret, Mandar says your love story has ended and mine began.
Raghav very angry says I have to get Pallavi, Jaya stops Raghav, Raghav says I have to get Pallavi I don’t trust Mandar, Jaya says do you trust Pallavi, Raghav says yes, Jaya says then why so insecure, I can see it clearly, you are scared of losing her and going to Mandar, and this is making you angry and if I give you a gun now you will kill Mandar, see Pallavi is very angry because of what you did, your anger is your biggest enemy it kept us away too, do you want it now to happen with Pallavi, relations break easily, Raghav says Mandar is bad, Jaya says may be but let Pallavi do her think and trust your love, Raghav says okay, Jaya leaves.

Pallavi sitting alone, Sharda walks to her, and asks how long are you staying, Pallavi says I didn’t think, I will leave when Mandar gets better, Sharda says you can keep visiting no need to stay, Vijay walks to Pallavi and makes her swear she won’t leave this house till Mandar gets better, Sharda scolds him for forcing Pallavi, Pallavi gets scared, Vijay says if you ever took me as your dad swear, Milind says don’t Pallavi, Pallavi gets scared and says okay and swears on Vijay she won’t leave till Mandar gets better. Vijay leaves.

Raghav drinking and playing TT and thinks about what Jaya adviced, Raghav thinks about Pallavi, Raghav calls Pallavi, Raghav asks her how is she and apologise and says I am a big idiot, I am loser, did such big mistake, I love you, and so I become insecure and I can’t think life without you, Pallavi says I am not leaving you, I am just helping Mandar thats it and will be back soon, near you, Raghav says this is different, Pallavi says I am in difficulty too, Raghav says one request, please come back soon, this house is killing me without you, I find this suffocating without you, I miss your love.

Pre cap: Mandar asks whats cooking, Pallavi says kheer for Raghav.
Mandar collects powder from Sunny and Kirti and adds in bowl of Kheer for Raghav.
Function in Deshmukh house, Pallavi feeds Raghav kheer, Mandar smiles.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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