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Love Heals Past – RIANSH OS


Hey Aditi…. I hope you are reading this!!! This OS is as per your request and I hope I have given what you expected. And so sorry for the delay!!!!


No proofreading done….. please ignore and excuse some errors!!!!!!


Peace. Serenity. Contentment. A mixture of all of these creates the unmatched feeling that overwhelms me when I’m at the beach, watching the constant ebb of the waves.

It’s only me on the beach, allowing me to enjoy the sunset, undisturbed. The sun, a fiery orb, looks like it’s gradually receding into the waters below. The sky consists of an assortment of shades, a blend of reds, oranges, and yellows. The waters below mirror this effect. The waves are tinted vermilion, with underlying streaks of blue that clash with it. The sand below my feet is the same color, making me feel like a firewalker – daring and bold. The contrast created between the dark waters and the luminous sky makes the horizon look like a meeting of two worlds – the known and the unknown. It’s breathtakingly beautiful, and I’m speechless as I stand before this magnificent sight.
Nothing disturbs me as I slowly sit down on the sand. All I can hear is the sound of the waves as they crash against the shore, and seagulls, which I cannot see, squawk in the distance. The wind whispers in my ear as it plays with my hair, as if it is telling me it’s deepest, darkest secrets. It is all so pure and cleansing, so much so that I feel intrusive when I scratch my foot – the sound seems loud and resounding.

The smell is chaste and unpolluted, a welcome change from the smog that envelops me in the city. It is the smell of freedom, and it makes me want to get up and run along the shore, which is exactly what I do.
As I run, the wind whips my face, blowing my hair back. The salty air makes my eyes water and my feet tingle. The sand is soft beneath my feet, as I run close to the ocean, dodging the waves that try to push me over. I almost fall – the water makes me slip, and I stumble clumsily. My arms are thrown apart, grasping the empty air. I stop, breathless, and feel the stickiness settling on my skin, as I walk towards the ocean to wash my feet.
I soak my feet, and wash my face – which is a big mistake. The saline water stings my eyes, making them burn, and goes into my mouth. It tastes salty and dirty – quite different from how it looks – and I spit it out. I raise my shirt to wipe my mouth, and get sand in my mouth. My idiocy annoys me as I spit out the rough, grainy sand. It tastes of nothing at all – it’s not salty or sweet, just dry. I wipe my mouth and sit back down, feeling stupid.

All of that is forgotten when I look out into the horizon again. Without me noticing, the sun has almost set. The sky is more purple than red now, highlighting the transition from day to night. I lean back and stare at the sky, noticing the different hues. I breathe in deeply as I lie down, my eyes shutting involuntarily, as I slowly fall asleep.

The sounds of some hoots disturb my sleep and I open my eyes and reality struck me that am still laying in the beach and then I turn around to find some men moving toward my direction hooting and yelling; their uneven walk made me realise that they are drunk and that mere thought of them gawking me made me run for my life!!!! I literally grabbed my bag and ran from their with them shouting and hooting behind. I instantly took my car and rushed from that beach away from those lustful eyes which I hate to the core; I could feel my breath uneven. I try to take long breaths but as fear of they coming back freaked me and I kept driving until I felt am safe. Once I felt safe and my breaths were back to normal I once again started driving with my love…. my radio running and here comes one of my favourite songs….. But shit I missed the starting… anyways …..

…..tu kya sochta hai

Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai


Kyun dikhaye sapne tu sote jaagte

Jo barsein sapne boond boond

Nainon ko moond moond

Nainon ko moond moond

Jo barsein sapne boond boond

Nainon ko moond moond

Kaise main chaloon

Dekh na sakoon

Anjaane raaste

Goonja sa hai koi ektara iktara

Goonja sa hai koi ektara

Goonja sa hai koi ektara iktara

Goonja sa hai koi ektara

Goonja sa hai koi ektara iktara

Goonja sa hai koi ektara

Goonja sa hai koi ektara iktara

Goonja sa hai koi ektara

Gosh!!! I just love this song…. humming the lyrics, I drive home….. the place which soothes my inner turmoil… the place where my soul lives…. the place which has my heart. I decorated my that house as per my choices, as per my dream house….. oh shit!!!! I didn’t introduce myself right!!!

So, hi…. I am Riddhima …. just Riddhima!!! Hey don’t assume me as orphan but…. I guess you can call me a orphan with family!!!! Confusing right… just let it go; why to discuss all that shit now! So, let me tell you, am Riddhima… and am an event planner and I work along with my only friend whom I’ll introduce tomorrow but now, lets move to my house, we reached!!!

(POV Ends)

Parking her vehicle Riddhima moves towards her flat, she lives in an apartment; unlocking it we find a simple living area decked up in light pink curtains covering the windows and some paintings adored on the walls and they had some undefined pain in them and there we find a signature which indicates they are drawn by Riddhima herself. A small yet cozy sofa with 2 love seats around and a mini glass table in the centre. Kitchen is simple yet modern with all electronic equipment’s; she heats the pizza which she bought a while ago while returning from her work. Meanwhile she throws her stole on the chair and moves towards dining arranging the vegetables she bought into the refrigerator and after few minutes a sound grabs her attention and turning the oven she picks the warm pizza and settling on the couch and turning the television; she enjoys every bite of the extra cheese pizza. Once done with eating she does the dishes and moves towards her bedroom which was simple yet elegant…. draped in total white curtains over windows with many dreamcatchers adored over the walls along a love seat and another mini table near the balcony and a love seat swing swinging to the beats of air in the balcony. A Queen-sized bed covered in milky white bedsheets and a same sought of duvet waiting to fall over her all exhausted body. She rushed to the washroom to have a warm bath and changing into comfortable panda pyjamas she pounces on her bed taking her medicines and hugging her ____

(Riddhima POV)

Hey meet my Cuddles….. hey don’t expect it to be some living being; it’s just that it’s my Giant Teddy; ,my that friend gifted it to me on our first achievement in our company and then we named it cuddles. Cuddles is like my personal diary; I share all my thoughts; fears; happiness; sorrow every emotion with him …. because it won’t judge me nor will taunt me.

So, yea I forgot to tell you am a purely introvert person; now you might be wondering being an introvert how am I into event management right!!! Let me tell you, I wasn’t such years back but an incident or to be precise some incidents made me an introvert…. acha forget that. But coming to managing our company… I referred it as our company because me and my friend are co-owners; it was our mutual effort and involvement that today we fulfil small dreams of happiness in others’ lives. So, I was saying that my friend knows that am an introvert so am into supervising but when it comes to meeting and mingling with clients and staff; then that’s taken care of my that friend… you’d find me either supervising or taking care of finances and other such stuff where there isn’t any need of getting involved or meeting people. Tomorrow, we have a client meeting which would be taken care by my friend and I as usual would stay back in office. For now…. all this information is (yawn) enough…. you’ll get to know me and my friend thoroughly further. For now…. (yawn) GOOD NIGHT!

And ha…. why don’t you take a tour of my guest room and painting room….

(POV Ends)

Reaching another bedroom which is delicately adored with some of her paintings and is adored elegantly with light grey curtains and a tinkling wind chime flowing making the sounds of tinkling with the flow of wind. Coming out of the room we reach another room which is filled with painting boards and many finished and unfinished sketches but if there was anything in common than that was all had some undefined pain in them. If one painting has a beautiful eye ball then that had tears of blood flowing from its territory; if one had a bird flying then it had frown expression as her legs were tied to a string; if one had a beautiful scenery, it had a girl sitting all alone weeping….. her every painting was speaking many emotions, many untold stories, many hidden feelings……

Early in morning the artistic golden sun got up like a baby and started painting the dark black sky into a bright blue sky. The bright looking milky clouds got up from sleep and started travelling around the sky visiting the wonderful environment.

Fresh windy cool and crispy air started whistling like an invisible ghost. The red and green in colour birds with chilli like beak started twitting their morning melody. The enormous garden stood like a royal palace and the thick dried strong brown big branches danced welcoming the morning. The green brown beautiful countless leaves whispered to each other about their morning plans.

In the morning the big buzzing bumble bees swarmed up in the air in glad searching for sweet honey. The huge trees swung in the wind greeting good morning.

The small colourful cute butterflies danced all around the environment looking for sweet nectar. The flower’s fragrance filled the whole environment making the morning pleasant.

With many chirping sounds of birds accompanied with her alarm Riddhima woke rubbing her doe shaped deep black orbs, yawning she gave a sly smile to herself before moving towards washroom to freshen up. Coming out of the washroom dressed in 2-piece Maroon Calf Length skirt and black round neck full sleeved attire paired with high pumps. Moving towards the kitchen she started buttering her bread and preparing a sandwich simultaneously. As she took a bite of her sandwich she received a message and she’s all aware of who that could be so; instantly picked her phone and as expected it was the same person

Person: Oh, hello Madam… where are you?

Riddhima: Will be there in half an hour

Person (shock): You must be kidding right!!!!!

Riddhima (rolling eyes): You feel so?

Person (irritated): Arrey yaar Riddhima….. you know right…. we need to reach there on time

Riddhima: Oh, hold on…. what does “we” mean? Its only you who’s going right!

Person: Ha… ha (attitude) Madam is queen right! She won’t step out….

Riddhima: Any issue?

Person: I have that right?

Riddhima: You decide….. anyways catch you there…. by then tell your decision of if you have right or not!!!! BYE!!!!!

Person: So, mean!!!!!! Bye

Rolling her eyes, she picks her bag and moves towards her car, starting the ignition she drives to her destination. Passing the regular traffic of Mumbai; she finally reaches her destination….

(Riddhima POV)

I reach “Belle of the Ball” …. our company. I find half my staff is engrossed in work while others are on morning Tea Break. Staff wishes me morning and I nervously smile at them…. as said earlier, am not a person who’d mingle with anyone…. but there was something which let me mingle with my that friend, I can be myself with that person. I find that person in their cabin and sensing that am late, I quietly slip into my cabin avoiding that person!

I decored my cabin as per my personality…. simple painted in light shade of gold with black curtains adoring my windows along with some exquisite artifacts and some indoor plants. My chair is as per my petite height and my table has many designs which I need to finalize for upcoming events. And there lay my favourite cozy couch with a mini table which has todays paper!!!! Placing my bag over my table, I pick some designs when a barging sound freaks me making the papers in my hand to fly high and fall down while I turn around to find who the hell was that and then I find a bright grey orbs glaring me or gawk…. no, no…. its just glaring me; pointed nose which is flaring in anger I guess….

Hey, I didn’t introduce my friend right!!!! So, here I present my one and only friend Vansh…. Vansh Rai Singhania. We met years back when I used to stay with my grandma when my parents almost threw me out of their lives; his family were our neighbours. In the beginning whenever he used to try speak to me; I used to run kms away from him or anyone but then after few years or to be precise after my grandma’s demise he and his family helped me a lot when my own parents let me die. We became friends and gradually our bond grew stronger and now we started our own company. I stare at him who glares me from tip to toe all lost…. I snap my fingers in front of him and he comes out of trance and mouths

Vansh (lovingly): You are damn gorgeous…..

Hey, didn’t I tell you…. he…. he loves me which I don’t!!!! Yes, I didn’t knew of his feelings few years back but one night he confessed his feelings that he always had feelings for me since our childhood but never dared to confess afraid of my reaction and that worse dream of his came true when he confessed; unable to digest the fact, I literally ran away from him and even avoided him for 2 months but then he assured me that he’ll never let his feelings overpower our friendship and he proved it too…. even after all these years he never let his love come in between us; but yea at times he flirts which at times I enjoy and at times it irritates me and now if you observe his orbs; you can only find adoration, care, concern, affection and more and more love for me. The truth is, am afraid of relationships; as am afraid they’d leave me as my parents left me in my childhood for society and my grandma left me to go to God…. now am afraid if I love Vansh then maybe even he’d leave me!!! I like him for sure… but love!!!! I don’t know … but I love when he gives all his attention to me and never leaves a stone upturned to make me feel special; whenever he compliments me truly. I feel butterflies in my stomach whenever he shows his care for me; making sure am alright; making sure I reached home safely. Though he isn’t aware of my past and reason why my parents left me with my grandma; he understand my emotions and always stood by me whenever I felt all lonely.

C’mon Riddhima look at him how he’s glaring you pouring all his love for you; break his thoughts…..

I smile at him and he comes out of his trance and diverting his eyes off me, he takes a deep breath and turning back he composed himself before blasting on me making me scrunch my nose

(POV Ends)

Vansh: What the hell yaar Riddhima!!! Is this the time to come? You pretty well know that we are supposed to go and meet clients

Riddhima: Oh hello…. what do you mean by “WE”… its only you who’s going

Vansh: Haa … vahi!!! You know right I can’t go until you come

Riddhima: Acha baba sorry!!! You go now…. (Puppy eyes)

Vansh: Don’t you show those eyes…. fine!! Am leaving

He before leaving turns around once again

Vansh: You sure… you won’t accompany me?

Riddhima (stern): You pretty well know my answer Vansh!!!

Vansh (sighing): I don’t understand what issue you have with meeting people and if you won’t conquer your that fear when will you live yaar!!!! You need to break that “I can’t do that” vaala bubble….

Riddhima (firm): DONE???? Can I continue my work?

Sighing Vansh left leading to Riddhima wipe her upcoming tears…. Few hours passed smoothly with her decoding the designs. By lunch Vansh arrived and was discussing the next event they have in their hands for the next day

(Riddhima POV)

Look at this guy, he has been giving the brief of everything but isn’t telling me the occasion for which we have to plan and that too in such a short notice.

(POV Ends)

Riddhima: Arrey…. breathe!!!!

Vansh stopped his rants and glared Riddhima confused

Riddhima: Can you first tell me what’s the occasion?

Vansh (hitting his head): Shit!!! I didn’t reveal it right!!! Vo actually its 5th birthday celebration of Ahana Agarwal D/o Akash Agarwal

Riddhima’s expressions turned into horror but she tried to cover it with a tight smile but Vansh did notice and was wondering what happened but before he could ask her, she masked it with her famous tight smile and diverted the topic

Riddhima: Hey am hungry…. am going to grab some pizza… want to join?

Vansh trying to understand her emotions was lost in his thoughts when she snapped her fingers bringing him back

Vansh: Huh?

Riddhima: I said am going for lunch want to join?

Vansh: Hmm… yea!!!

The day went smoothly with Riddhima trying to convince Vansh of she not wanting to attend the birthday event but Vansh being Vansh didn’t budge and stated that its compulsion of the partners being in the event and at the end without any other option left she had to agree to him. Reaching home, she was all lost in her thoughts…. skipping her dinner, she tried to sleep which seemed to be far away.

She was sceptical to attend the event but with no option left she prepared herself mentally and composing herself she got ready in peach pink net gown surfaced with micro-stone and stonework, zari work, sequins, and mirror embellishments. Tying her hair into a bun with some flocks falling on her face, she grabbed her bag and left towards the venue where she was adored and admired by her known admirer Vansh openly

Vansh: Riddhima, you just….. stunning…. marvellous….. breath-taking….mag….

Riddhima: Oh….oh…. hold on man!!! (smiling) Thank you

Vansh (giggling): Couldn’t hold on isliye just went with the flow…..

Riddhima smiled and was just observing the arrangements and realised that the theme is Princess theme and she felt nostalgic and wanted to just move away from there when Vansh

Vansh: Acha why didn’t you come in the morning? You didn’t even give a proper answer when I called you

Riddhima (fidgeting her fingers which was observed by Vansh): Vo… actually…. just …ha just was unwell… so wanted to take some rest.

Vansh wasn’t a fool to believe her transparent lies. He had known her for years and can sense her emotions of how she’d react or behave on a particular situations and observing her fidgeting her fingers and not meeting his eyes while replying was a sign of her lying. He was about to question her but before he could his assistant interrupted them

Assistant: Sir, we need you….

Vansh (sighing): Riddhima you stand there (pointing towards a secluded corner) I’d be back

Riddhima nodded and was about to go but he held her wrist and she turned around raising her eyebrows

Vansh (concerned): Careful….. if anything, just call me!!!

Riddhima gave a genuine smile and left. Reaching that place, she was observing everything and was constantly fidgeting her fingers and was waiting to leave to her home…. but a pair of eyes were glaring her or to be precise was gawking her from tip to toe with lust. Unaware of those glares Riddhima was trying to find Vansh among that crowded celebrations when she felt some glares on her and she turned around to find an elderly man around 50’s gawking her with lust with his one hand on his alcohol glass with another hand on his manhood… Freaked Riddhima turned her gaze off him and was dedicatedly searching Vansh when she saw that elderly man moving towards her, she started calling Vansh with sweat beads flowing over her face in the chilled out climate and her hands and feet were shivering of fear and she was about to suffer a panic attack when she realised Vansh wasn’t answering her calls; cursing the music system for the loud music she started finding him in the crowd and miserably failed. She decided to walk away from there when she felt a hand on her shoulder, afraid, her phone slipped off her hands and she turned around to find ….. find her peace, Vansh!!!! Finding him she craned her neck behind him to find that elderly man stepping back; observing him she out of fear hugged Vansh tight shocking him, he realised her fast heartbeat which were over his torso; he held her tight as she was shivering. He could sense his tuxedo wet with her tears making him freak and concerned for her; he broke the hug and wiping her tears

Vansh (concerned): What happened Riddhima? …. Why are you shivering and this miserable condition of yours?

Riddhima sobbed once again and hugging him tight; she indicated towards the elderly man. Vansh turned around towards her pointed direction to find that man with his one hand still on his manhood and his lust eyes on Riddhima; Vansh fisted his hands with volcanic eyes he held Riddhima tight to himself

Vansh (anger): Riddhima…. just…. just stay here!!! I’ll be back in a minute

And was about to move towards the man to give him some not so good punches and bashes when Riddhima held his hand weeping

Riddhima (weeping): Vansh…… take me ho….me please…. please I ….I can’t…. don’t want to …. stay here!!!!

Concerned and afraid of her deteriorating condition he held her hand and took her to car and helping her sit he moved towards driver seat and drove towards her place with she holding onto his arms and weeping continuously freaking him of her condition.

Once reaching her place, he saw her asleep or precisely unconscious on his shoulders; he patted her cheeks expecting her to wake but when she didn’t; he picked her in his arms and carried into her bedroom unlocking her flat with difficulty. Placing her on the bed; he picked the nearby jug and sprinkled some water but when he found her not responding; afraid he called the doctor who came in 15mins. In those 15mins he could sense Riddhima’s temperature rising and she shivering and murmuring something. Once doc came and checked her thoroughly;

Doc: Mr. Singhania; I guess she had experienced some past traumatic situation ….

Vansh (confused): Past trauma?

Doc: Aren’t you aware she is a patient of PTSD for years now and her medicines on the side table indicate the severity of her condition

Vansh (shock): PTSD…. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder!!!!!

Doc: Exactly…. and if am not wrong; then she experienced something related to her past because of which she had a panic attack. I’d give some medicines make sure she takes it once she wakes and if at all she again haves another attack or freaks out suddenly then give her this injection.


As night took over the city of Delhi; a lawn decored with fairy lights behind a small independent house which was decorated with many balloons, confetti’s with many guests chitchatting and praising the décor when they hear a chirpy laughter paired with some anklets sounds and all turn around to find a cute girl coming to the centre of the lawn with her friends and family clad in an elegant Pink Flower Embellished Gown with Cap Sleeves. As soon as she reached the centre; a round of claps were showered along with some confetti’s popped on her welcoming the princess of the night….. the birthday girl …. 5th birthday of the princess and to fulfil his princess’s wish; her father arranged a lavish princess themed party where all kids were clad in different attires of prince and princess. The girl was all happy to witness such a lavish arrangements that she instantly hugged her hero….. her dad

Girl: Thank You so much Papa!!!!

Father: Baby…. papa will do anything for his princess (kissing her) and now papa has a surprise for his pari

Pari (excited): What’s that papa?

Father: Haa…. not so easy baby!!!!

Mother: First close your eyes ….. and ha no cheating

Agreeing to her parents she closed her those orbs which had pure life with her tiny hands and was patiently waiting for her parents to ask her to open her eyes and finally her wait was over

Father: Princess….. open your eyes

As soon as she opened her eyes; she found a 3-tier cake in the combination of pink and white with first and third tiers covered with handcrafted roses and decorated with white beads all over. Glaring with wide eyes the birthday girl jumped in happiness and hugged both her parents for whom she was their lifeline. Cutting the cake and feeding her parents and they feeding her; she went to play with her friends while her parents were greeting all the guests. Once all friends left and only relatives left back; the mother took their pari to change while the baby was ranting her happiness continuously while the mother was all smiling at her princess’s happiness. Changing her into a plane sleeveless squared neck white A -Line frock; kissing her forehead the mother left the room as her husband called her for dinner

Mother: Baby…. wear your footwear and come for dinner

As soon as mother left; the baby was wearing her sneakers when the door of the room opened and turning; she found her maternal uncle standing with a gift in his hands and a smile on his face. Seeing him, she ran to him and as soon as he bent to her level she started questioning his delay

Girl/Pari/Princess: Mamu…. you are late (pout)

Mamu (smiling): Am sorry princess…. you know right mamu loves you a lot and to compensate my delay I got you a gift too… won’t you see?

Girl/Pari/Princess (excited): What’s that?

Her mamu gave her the gift and she excitedly grabbed it while he was observing the room steadily and cautiously. His gaze once again turned towards his niece who sat on the bed with her legs waving in air; her hands trying to untie the gift while her eyes carried excitement and enthusiasm of what her favourite mamu bought for his princess. He stood and spoke or indeed asked her

Mamu: Princess… where’s your Mumma and papa?

Girl/Pari/Princess (engrossed in unwrapping the gift): They are at dining with everyone

Mamu (smiling): So, anyone else in this room now?

Girl/Pari/Princess: No….

He gave a wicked smile and eyed the baby as how excited she was to see what he bought for her. He turned around, locking the room; moved towards and sat beside her. Picking her he placed her on his lap while she was still unwrapping the gift. He eyed her with some wicked smile and lust with his one hand wrapped around her tiny waist supporting her on his lap while his other hand was moving to the hem of her dress trailing his fingers on her tiny legs and inner thighs. Poor baby unaware of her mamu’s intentions was so happy to see a Cinderella Barbie set which he gifted her. She excitedly

Girl/Pari/Princess (excited): Mamu… this is so good… very good!!

Mamu (wicked smile): Princess… you are happy with this gift? I have another gift for you. Don’t want that?

Girl/Pari/Princess (happy): Yes….. yes I want that too

Mamu (smirk): That’s like my girl… now mamu will give you another gift but before that you play with your this toy until then mamu will prepare the gift

Nodding happily, she was playing with the toy while that mamu was rubbing his hand on her thighs moving her frock hem while his lips were eying her neck and back lustfully and was planting kisses on her with his other hand reaching from her waist to her chest and was touching her inappropriately. Unaware of his intentions the poor girl was laughing as his bead was tickling her bare back. Sliding his hand over her knots of frock over her shoulders, he pulled one of them and seeing her milky white baby skin, he started trailing his lips over her biting her making her wince and turn to him with upset face

Girl/Pari/Princess (upset): Mamu you …. you hurt me!!!

Mamu: Baby its nothing… am giving you your gift!!! Princess wants it right!!!!

The girl nodded her head

Mamu: So, now mamu will give her the gift but…. but baby it should be secret between us. You shouldn’t tell it to anyone that I gave you this gift not even to Mumma and papa. Okay?

Girl/Pari/Princess (excited): Yes….

Mamu: Chalo, now mamu will do some magic and for that he needs baby’s help. Will she help her mamu?

Girl/Pari/Princess: Yes… (happily nodding her head) Yes

He lift the baby from his lap with his wicked smirk and placing her on the bed with her back on the bed, and her one strap of the shoulder open revealing her chest; he hovered on her and started kissing her neck while his other hand untied the another knot of her dress making the dress to fall of her and revealing her whole baby chest. The baby was all clueless what he was doing but as he asked her to assist him in his so-called magic, she didn’t say anything and let him do what he was doing. He started biting her baby nip*le making her wince and he shushed her saying its part of magic and she tried to not make any sound as he informed her that making sounds will spoil the magic. He hovered over her tiny innocent face and was kissing her lips when she wriggled unable to breathe

Girl/Pari/Princess (wriggling): Mamu bad smell…..

Mamu: Baby that’s called alcohol…. its not bad smell it gives me power to show you magic. So, now no talks ok!!!

She nodded and he once again kissed her on her lips sucking those baby lips while his tongue was finding its way in her mouth with the baby lying below him all afraid and confused. He left her upper part and lifting the hem of the dress (not removing her dress off her) he moved towards her clit and pulling her undie, he gave a wicked smirk and his eyes had lust blocking his responsibility towards that poor kid. Bending to her clit he started licking it making the kid scared as that was sending some not so good sensations to her and she started being uncomfortable

Girl/Pari/Princess (afraid): Mamu it’s not good….

Filled with lust, he just gave a deaf ear to her fear and started unzipping his pant and boxer. Once his manhood was out, he started pleasuring himself seeing the semi naked kid in front of his eyes. All confused the kid stared at the giant manhood in front of her eyes which her mamu was trying to pleasure himself by making her lick him

Mamu: Baby (huskily…. lust) c’mon now as a good girl you’ll chew this as you do for your favourite lollipop.

Girl/Pari/Princess (afraid): But it’s not lollipop mamu

Mamu: Baby first open your mouth you’ll like it… c’mon princess will do as mamu says right

He pulled her face to his manhood and clenching her jaw he made her open her mouth and within a split second he pushed his manhood into her tiny mouth freaking her as it touched her throat and she was crying of the sucking taste of him. He giving blind eyes to her tears was pushing her through her hair from behind he was pleasuring himself and once he reached his peaks he cummed into her mouth making her puke. But giving blind to her that condition, he once again reached her clit and spreading her legs, he pushed his manhood into her tiny clit swiftly making her cry of pain and he closed her mouth to not let her cries leave the room. Her those tears didn’t burnt the monster in him as he kept trusting her making her cry more in his palm. As her clit was tight and small to adjust with the monster’s p*nis he didn’t stop even then but instead kept pushing himself into her showing his monstrous side. Once he was satisfied, he dressed himself and her too, wiping her tears; he saw how her lower part was all red covered in her own blood and so was her bedsheet and clothes. Brushing all that, he picked her and once again placing her on his lap and cupping her face

Mamu (sweetly): Did princess like the magic?

Girl/Pari/Princess (crying): No… its….. (weeping) Its paining mamu

Mamu: Baby… its magic, you’ll be fine in few minutes. Now enough of plays and magic….. mamu will go to dinner and like a good girl princess will come too after wiping her tears and as promised will not tell about this secret to anyone. Okay?

Not understanding anything she just nodded her head and he left her and moved towards dining as if nothing happened and here the kid was all in pain and even she observed her blood and that freaked her more and was continuously weeping holding her stomach.

When their princess didn’t come even after half an hour the parents went into her room to find their princess all dishevelled and crying; they rushed to her and held her when her mother’s eyes travelled to the blood on her

Mother: Bacha… what happened?

Father (worried): What happened princess? Why are you crying?

Mother (concerned): Baby did you hurt yourself? Where are you bleeding?

The kid hug her mother and cried in her embrace and when they broke the hug and she was once again questioned, she narrated how her mamu did magic on her and she is in pain. Shocked her parents stared each other not able to believe

Mother (furious): Enough!!!!


Riddhima (shout): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Vansh who was sitting beside the laying Riddhima was all shocked to see her miserable condition and tried to comfort her but she kept murmuring something

Riddhima (crying): Am…. am not lying!!!! Am….. am….. not…. lying!!!!

All confused, Vansh tried to hold her but she jerked his hands and kept throwing her hands and legs in air blabbering that she isn’t lying. Not able to see her this condition, he filled the injection and gave her with she falling unconscious immediately with still murmuring

Riddhima (semi-conscious): A…. m ….. n…..t…… ly….ing

And she fell into deep slumber under the effect of medicine

Vansh (worried and concerned) (cupping her face): What happened Riddhima!!! What’s disturbing you? How do I help you…. what’s that past trauma that’s disturbing you even in your sleep!!!!!

Worried he kept staring his love with care, affection, worry for her!!!


A huge compound is seen where lush green plants, shrubs and trees have grown and there stands a huge building amidst that. A window is seen where a guy clad in white shirt paired with navy blue pant along with a tie is seen writing something …. with many such guys and girls are seen …. seems like a class where a teacher is writing a mathematical a sum which is being then solved by a girl around 14/15yrs Clad in a simple Georgette White Sequined Salwar Suit, paired with oxidized choker and hangings with bangles on her either hands making the sounds of tinkling whenever her hand moved; her waist length hair moving with the beats of winds. As she is done with solving the sum;

Teacher: That’s great….. you have very good grasping power. You solved such a difficult sum so easily!!!!

The girl gives a tight smile and her those eyes hold some untold stories. And soon the bell rang and all students started running towards exit; the girl was packing her belongs when a Pune came into the classroom

Pune: Librarian is calling you

Nodding she took her bag and left towards library. Entering she saw how the library was empty; she started searching for the librarian when she heard some sounds from behind some racks and following the sounds she reached the spot to find the librarian searching something and realising someone’s presence he turned to find the girl

Girl: Sir, you called me

Librarian: Oh yea, actually I heard you are a topper so wanted some best books for my niece who’s in 8th a year younger to you. So, can you suggest some books for her so that she could read them in winter break

Nodding she started searching preferrable books when his eyes were on her back and staring her butt he was smirking evilly; he moved closer to her and when she felt someone close to her, she turned abruptly to find herself an inch away from him; afraid she moved back swiftly while he eyes her from top to down

Librarian: Don’t you know you aren’t supposed to wear civil dress to school?

Girl (stammering): Vo… actually its…. it’s my birthday

Librarian: Oh, Happy Birthday

Girl: Th…. thank yo…u sir!!!

The librarian moved towards his seat near the entry while she quickly picked some books and moved to give it to him. As she placed the books in front of him and turned to move she found the door closed; afraid she started trying to open the door and found its locked from atop. She tried jumping to detach the lock while the librarian was enjoying the view from behind as how the dress was fit to show her curves and the way she was jumping to detach the lock her butt was bouncing increasing his lust; eying her with desires he reached closer to her and held her hand which was trying to reach the bolt. The girl freaked and pulled her hand back and turned around to face a beast in form of human.

Girl: Si…r….. bo…. lt!!!

Librarian (smirking): C’mon, don’t you know we need to close the doors and windows when we need some privacy (wink)

Her eyes widened trying to analyse what he meant and before she could understand she saw him holding her hand and caressing it; feeling his touch she tried to pull her hand back but his hold tightened around her wrist; she afraid was stammering

Girl (afraid): Sir….. le….ave…. me!!!!!

Librarian: C’mon girl don’t pretend to be naïve….. lets have some fun!!!! Trust me you’ll love it!!! Vaise bhi (eying her lustfully) I wont be able to see you again for a month due to this winter break from tomorrow.

He pulled her with her wrist and she landed on his chest with tears making their way she was wriggling over his hold; his one hand on her wrist while his other was on her waist caressing it.

Girl: Sir….. (crying) Ple…..ase let…. me goooo!!!!

Librarian: Shh…..

Trailing his finger on her face, he held her chin and bringing it to his comfortable angle; he caressed her lips lustfully while her tears were flowing continuously with she begging him to stop but he paying no heed to her he kissed her pouring all his lust into it while she kept wriggling over his hold. Holding her tight to himself he pulled her more into the library to avoid the noises reach out; he threw her over the floor and while finding the chance she tried running but he held her neck from behind and pulled her strong enough for her to hit her back to the racks in the library making it to stumble and few books falling off

Girl (crying and begging): Sir….. pl…..ease!!!! Pl….e…..ase lea….ve me!!!!

Librarian: Shut up (angry)

Angered by her constant refusal to his desires he slapped her hard over her face making her corners bleed. Seeing her cry holding her lips he held her chin rubbing the blood off

Librarian: Shh…. sorry baby doll but …. its your mistake, you shouldn’t have disagreed to me. Now, don’t worry; I have a deal with you

Saying he pulled her again but she still kept wriggling in his arms while his one hand was caressing her cheeks while his other hand was holding her onto him with her waist; trailing his lust hands over her waist

Librarian: Now, if you cooperate with me then I’d speak to our principal and then in your boards next year you’d top and that’s….. (Rubbing his cheeks on her cheeks) my promise to you for todays this pleasure session. You just have to keep mum and then you’d top next year boards

She kept disagreeing and wriggling not giving into him; pissed he kissed her aggressively while his one hand held her to him, his other hand reached to the zipper behind her dress. He pulled the zip in a go making the back all accessible to him; seeing him approaching her back, she held her dress to herself trying to cover her back but seeing her doing so, pissed he gagged her mouth with his hanky to avoid her shouts and grab attention of anyone. Holding her hands behind her, he turned her around and his eyes lay on her milky back; kissing and licking her back he was having his own time while she kept shouting over the gag and trying to get rid of him but nothing sort worked. Slapping her ass cheeks, he once again turned her around and now she lay on her back while he pulled her dress over her shoulders and started kissing and biting her neck and cleavage while she kept on shouting to leave her. Pulling her dress off; he unhooked her bra and as her br*asts bounced; his eyes filled with desire and started biting and sucking over her nip*les; playing with her bosoms with the girl crying with his filthy touch. Pulling her bottom, he pulled her pantie too and eying her pinkie clit he licked his lips and pulled his clothes too revealing his erected manhood. Pleasuring himself for a while he started kissing her nip*les once again while his manhood swiftly entered her vagina making her shriek over her gag due to pain; he kept thrusting her until he was satisfied. Turning her, he started licking her ass and rubbing her ass cheeks fulfilling his desires; he inserted his finger into her ass feeling erect he dig his manhood into her ass thrusting her until she almost lost all her life shouting for help. Once done, dressing himself, he left her to die in herself; Wrapping her clothes to herself she kept crying due to the unbearable pain. Dressing herself, she reached the exit to find a boy waiting for her concerned and seeing her dishevelled state he rushed to her concerned

Boy (concerned): Where were you? And what happened to you?

Instead of replying to him she ran….. ran away from everyone…. she kept running until she reached ______


Riddhima: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Riddhima’s shriek echoed in the room making Vansh run to her bedroom from kitchen. Rushing he saw Riddhima having palpitations; he worried approached her and tried to comfort her but she being restless started shouting and when he held her arm tight to calm her down; she coming into senses saw his face close to hers; widening her eyes; she jerked his hands and getting off the bed she grabbed the knife kept on the side table shocking Vansh to the core

Vansh (worried): Riddhima, careful…. you might hurt yourself

Riddhima (sarcastic smile): If I wont hurt me you’d do it right!

Vansh (confused): Riddhima why will I hurt you!!

Riddhima: All ….. all men are same (tears)….. even…. even you’ll rape me right!!!!

Vansh was flabbergasted of how she was alleging him. His anger rose when she alleged his love

Riddhima: You said you love me so that even you can force yourself onto me right!!! You too wanted to enter into me to pleasure yourself like every men right!!!! You …. (crying) you were waiting for some moment maybe …. am I right!!!

Unable to take her allegations he shouted on her

Vansh (shout & anger): SHUT UP!!!!! JUST….. SHUT UP!!!!

Seeing her flinch in fear of his voice, his mind understood her vulnerable state; calming himself, he approached her carefully and grabbed the knife off her hand and holding her gently he led her to the bed

Vansh (concerned): Riddhima…. you aren’t well; rest. We’ll talk later!!!

Before she could react; the medicines showed its effect and she fell unconscious; ducking her into the bed; he covered her with the comforter and caressing her hair; he sat beside her

Vansh: What happened Riddhima!!! Why were you speaking such! Why were you alleging me and my love? And your (striking something) ….. (Expressions changed) you…. you were stating rape….rape me again!!!! What the hell did you mean Riddhima? Were….. were you … (scared) are you a v….victim?

Vansh: Gosh!!!!! Isliye she was so scared when that man was eying her….. but…. but why was she stating that ….. what does she mean by even you’ll rape me!!! Does she mean she was molested multiple number of times? Oh God!!!!

Vansh: Riddhima I don’t know what happened to you in the past…. I … I want to heal every pain of yours; I want to create a happy world for you; I want to heal every bruise of yours; I even want to kill your culprits with my bare hands…. but for that I want you to share your pain with me. I want to be your medicine; your solace; your peace!!!! But…. please don’t accuse my love for you as façade to reach your body!!! I …. I can’t bear that!!!

Holding her hand to his heart; he sat staring her for hours trying to understand the pain she was going through and was trying to analyse it. After few hours … around afternoon Riddhima gained conscious and realized her surroundings; sighing that she was safe in her house she tried getting up but then saw her hand held onto something; turning to her right she saw Vansh sleeping with her hand in his hands to his heart. His that small gesture bought a small smile on her face; smiling she was adoring him when the previous night incidents played in her mind bringing the bad memories coiled with she alleging him. Eyes widened she eyed Vansh who even after such allegations didn’t leave her side; guilty of her emotional attack on him; she was crying over her turmoil. Tried to get out of his hold leading him to jerk and he opened his eyes to find a weeping Riddhima; afraid of the reasons, he cupped her face

Vansh (concerned): Riddhima… are you ok? You feel pain? Is your head hurting? Shall I give you anything?

Riddhima observing his care and concern for her; instantly hugged him confusing him; still he wrapped his arms around her protectively, soothing her. He could feel his shirt dripped in her tears while she kept mumbling something which was inaudible to Vansh until she broke the hug

Riddhima (crying): Am….am….. sorry!!!! Am… sorry Vansh…. I …. I shouldn’t have alleged….. alleged yo….

Vansh (cutting her in between): Shh…. Riddhima yaar you speak a lot. You woke up after almost 15 hours; and ab toh am hungry and without feeding this hot, handsome hunk you are blabbering something. You just wait here, its waste of time asking you; in fact, I’ll myself cook something and get for us. By then you fresh up

Smiling at his way of diverting her mind; she walked towards washroom while Vansh went to cook; once done with lunch; they sat in the balcony with Riddhima on swing and Vansh on the love seat. He saw Riddhima lost in her thoughts; sighing he initiated a conversation

Vansh: Riddhima….

As she turned to him, he composed himself before he spoke

Vansh: Riddhima…. I know…. I know you are going through some emotional turmoil and that’s killing you every day, every moment; but….. but trust me whenever you feel like sharing your heart with anyone then am just a call away!!! I… I want to be a part of your pain; I want to feel what you are going through…. I…. I just didn’t say I Love you…. I meant it and I want to be by you in all your ups and downs and after witnessing your vulnerable state I know you need someone who listens to you and understands you not judge you…. and if at all in all these years of friendship you understood me then you pretty well know I can never judge you… so, if at all you feel like speaking to me then just remember…. I AM THERE!!!!

Without giving her a moment to react, he got up and kissing her forehead he moved out of the house to his home while Riddhima kept staring him with utmost adoration and confusion of how a man he was!!!!

Its been a week over that incident and in this week Riddhima attended the office only once and Vansh did observe her all lost in herself; sighing he didn’t bother to ask her expecting her to reveal it herself. Riddhima to realised how effected Vansh was because of her being lost; she decided that its time she needs to open up herself to him as she felt he has all rights to know about her and her past. Making her mind she called him for lunch to her house on a beautiful Sunday morning guessing the outcome Vansh too prepared himself to face the ugly past of her and determined to heal her by his love. Reaching her place with her favourite lilacs and box of chocolates he rang the doorbell…. handing them to her he sat opposite her and they had their lunch in all silence; after which they moved to her drawing room; where he saw her all paintings and she led him to the couch over there and sitting she started speaking

Riddhima: Vansh… I know you understood why I called you here today. I…. I want to open up!!! Not because you asked for but because am …. am unable to take it anymore; I want someone who’d understand me… who wont just brush off saying am lying…. someone who’d believe me and…. and I trust you so much that I know you will never say that I am lying.

Vansh was about to speak something but she cut him in between

Riddhima: No Vansh…. today please let me speak…. I was mum for years now… now I can’t!!! I want to share everything … my every pain…. my every bruise….. my every ordeal!!!!

She started narrating how she was raped at the age of 5 by her own uncle in the pretext of magic…. Vansh was shocked to even understand what she had to go through at such tender age and seeing her crying; he lend her his shoulder to cry on and she gladly accepted….

Riddhima (crying): You know Vansh…. when I revealed what my that uncle did to me; my mother was……

(Flashback Starts)

Mother (furious): Enough!!!!

Father: Riddhima this isn’t a joke …..

Riddhima (innocently & crying): But papa…. mamu….

Mother (slapping Riddhima): Shut up Riddhima…. you started being stubborn. Do you even know what you are speaking of? How can you lie so profusely?

Riddhima (crying more): Mumma…. mamu sachi did magic

Father (grabbing Riddhima by her arm forcefully): Just shut up!!!! How can you blame your mamu saying he did such?

Mother (furious): Just stop blaming my bhai for such heinous crime which he might never ever do in his worse dreams

Father: I agree… we don’t trust your blames Riddhima…. in fact, stop cooking up stories

Mother: I can never imagine my daughter pranking with such a dangerous joke…. in fact, now am done with you; after you blaming my bhai for your story; I want you to shift to your dadi’s house away from us. I hate you Riddhima

Father: I am going to drop you at your dadi’s place tomorrow and after today we don’t have any relation. I can never imagine my daughter lying to such an extent blaming her own uncle of raping her which is a transparent lie.

Bashing Riddhima and not listening to her cries; they locked her in her own room and went out. Riddhima cried all night of pain which was enduring in her accompanied by her parents scolding’s which she didn’t understand anything except she going to her dadi’s place the next day and reason she didn’t understand. The very next day her parents packed her all belongings and dropped her at her grandmother’s place and didn’t even bother to speak to her or even turn back once to see their baby crying for them while they left. Riddhima all lost in new place and new surroundings except her grandmother who loved her immensely and tried to give her everything with the money her father sends her every month but couldn’t heal the space of parents as they never came to meet their daughter or even never tried to contact her; they broke all ties with her.

(Flashback Ends)

Riddhima (weeping): Vansh…. can a 5-year-old kid lie about being raped? Does she even know what’s being raped? How can a 5-year-old kid cook stories of being raped? Does she know that she can prank on getting raped? Why ….. (crying) Why didn’t my parents think that I don’t even know what’s it? Why didn’t they see the blood….. why didn’t….. why didn’t they believe me…. am I not their daughter? Isn’t it that parents should understand and take a stand for their kid? Then ….. why didn’t my parents do that? What was my mistake when my uncle raped me? I cried to stop him but when he didn’t then why did my parents blame me for lying? I didn’t lie Vansh…. I didn’t….. I …. (hiccups) I was…. raped by him Vansh…. I am not lying…. he ….. he said he was ….. showing magic; I didn’t…. I didn’t know that he was taking due advantage of my innocence

Vansh (trying to not break): Shhh… Riddhima I … I trust you

Riddhima (crying): Vansh …. you being my friend trust me right!!! Then being my parents weren’t they supposed to trust me???? They should have confronted that uncle right… for what he did to me then….. then why did they scold me saying am lying????

Riddhima: You know Vansh after leaving me in granny’s place they didn’t even bother to turn around to see my crying face; they didn’t ever try to contact me forget coming to meet me…. till today in these 20 years, they never tried to find me or contact their daughter…. what was my mistake in all this Vansh?

Riddhima: I was a mere 5-year-old who needed her mothers warmth; who needed her fathers support; who needed parents by her side. But what I ever had was just my granny who tried all that she could to give me that love of parents but failed miserably.

Riddhima (smile): That was the moment when you met me…. you had dreams of befriending an all-lost girl but unaware of storm running in that small kid you tried all you could to win over her and you finally did after 3 long years isn’t it…..

Vansh gave a small smile as he realised how a touch nut she was to crack to win her friendship and it indeed took 3 long years for him to be her friends and after that there wasn’t no turning back as they have been friends for over 17years and still continuing.

Riddhima: You know Vansh… after you came into my life I got a family in form of Uma aunty and Ajay uncle as they treated me as their daughter

Vansh (trying to change environment): Thank God they didn’t make you my sister (wink)

Riddhima smacked his arm smiling and once again hugged him trying to soothe herself drifting to the past of how Uma and Ajay accepted her their daughter as they always wanted one but as Uma couldn’t give birth after Vansh they dropped the idea of having a daughter but when one fine day Vansh bought Riddhima home stating her to be his friend; they found their daughter in her and accepted her with open arms; loving her more than Vansh; showering her with all affection. She did miss her parents but gradually Uma and Ajay filled that empty space in her life with their love.

Riddhima: You know Vansh…. I used to miss my parents and as time passed I got accustomed to it and then aunty and uncle; they took the place of parents in my life and am ever grateful to you for coming into my life in fact;….. (Crying again)…. if not aunty then maybe today….. I’d have not been alive!!! She….. you…. you remember 11 years back ….. you came to pick me from my school and not finding me you were worried and seeing my condition you… you asked me the reason

Vansh silently nodded as he drifted to those memories of how he used to pick her from her school everyday and that day being her birthday he planned a surprise party for her in her home only with his family and her granny but reaching her school he didn’t find her along with her classmates; afraid he was searching her around and when he once again reached school he saw her coming from school all dishevelled with messed hair; spread kohl and bleeding lips. He remembers how messed she was that night and due to unknown reason she was shifted to his school

Riddhima (crying): That….. that day…. once again…. it…. it was my birthday and ….. I was…… once again raped…. (Weeping profusely) raped by the school librarian

(Flashback Starts)

Instead of replying to him she ran….. ran away from everyone…. she kept running until she reached her home to her granny’s embrace where even Ajay and Uma were present; that boy who waited for Riddhima near her school was Vansh and seeing her run afraid even he ran behind her and saw how she was crying in her granny’s embrace.

Granny: Riddhima, beta what happened? Why are you crying? Did anyone say anything in school?

Ajay: Vansh what happened?

Vansh: Dad even am clueless; I was waiting for her near her school but she came out late and in this miserable condition and when I asked her reason she ran here

Granny: Bacha… tell me what happened?

Riddhima was about to say but then her conscious told her to not utter anything in front of Ajay, Uma and Vansh and observing or understanding her Uma gestured Ajay to take Vansh and leave. Nodding Ajay took Vansh and left while Uma too follows but worried and suspicious for Riddhima and her behaviour she decided to eavesdrop to the conversation of Riddhima and her granny. She was all shocked to learn that Riddhima was raped but what more shocked her was her granny not believing her in fact alleging her of lying

Granny (shouting): Stop it Riddhima…. how can you lie so blatantly!!! I didn’t believe when your father told me how you were lying being raped by your uncle but today I realised my son was all right…. you are a shame to our family!!! How can you lie on such matters?

Riddhima (crying): Dadi… am… am not lying neither am cooking any story….. I ….. (Falling on knees and crying) I was raped …… back 9 years back on my birthday night….. and….. and even today…. am…. am not…. lying

Granny: Shut up….. just shut up

Granny slapped Riddhima hard and bashed her

Granny (anger): I don’t believe you are my Riddhima…… you are so easily cooking such stories and expect me to trust you. You are a shame to our family

Riddhima (hurt and anger): You’ll never believe me right!!!! Neither did Mumma and papa believe me then nor you are believing ….. (crying) believing me now …. I think…. its better I die!!! Right??? You all will be happy after my death right!!!!

Saying she ran out of the house and granny fed up of her granddaughter’s lies didn’t even bother to go behind the crying Riddhima and expected her to return back by night but Uma couldn’t see her daughter’s vulnerability and ran behind her and saw her trying to kill herself by jumping off the cliff… Uma ran to her and pulled her before she fell. Seeing Uma there all concerned for her Riddhima instantly threw herself in her arms and cried for hours sitting there.

Uma (anger): What were you going to do? Huh?

Riddhima (crying): What should I do more aunty? ….. None…. none believes me….. neither years back nor today…. why do they think am lying? Will any girl ever lie about…. about…….

Riddhima was hesitant to speak further afraid Uma would also think she’s lying

Uma: Riddhima…. I …. I heard everything

Riddhima’s eyes widened and she was all ashamed of herself but Uma hugged her to her heart

Uma (concerned): Riddhima….. I believe you…. and I know no girl can ever lie on this matter neither a 5-year-old nor a 14-year-old girl. I don’t know why they aren’t believing their daughter but I trust my daughter and I believe she can never lie and I don’t care about society but I stand by your side; I trust you and we shall fight back this trouble together. Beta but death isn’t a solution…. how can you kill yourself?

Riddhima instantly hugged Uma and wept letting all her emotions flow

Riddhima: What…. what else can a girl…. raped twice do?

Uma (worried): Didn’t you think of what would happen to me, your uncle and Vansh if something happens to you? You are our happiness bacha…. without you we cant even think a moment …. please never ever do such stunts!!!! We all are there for you and aren’t we a family?

Riddhima silently nodded

Uma: Beta now I don’t want you to go to that house where none trusts my daughter; from today you’d be staying with us as our daughter. We’d leave this place; we’d go far from here.

Riddhima (hesitant): But….

Uma: You trust your aunty right?

Riddhima silently nodded and she took Riddhima with her to VR mansion and the next day they shifted to Mumbai. She slept with Riddhima that night to give her comfort and warmth of a mother which Riddhima needed. When Uma informed Ajay they’d shift to Mumbai the very next day he didn’t question anything as he understood that something isn’t right and he trusts his wife more than himself and agreed to her demand and made arrangements for the 4 to shift. After shifting Uma informed everything to Ajay who boiled in anger to rip those bastards who dared to touch his daughter but Uma handled him and he made sure not to let Riddhima know that he is aware of her past. They made sure to give Riddhima the warmth and love she needs; it did take time for Riddhima to adjust but eventually with such supportive parents… not so-parents and a best friend she was finally out of her that past but she used to get nightmares and worried of her health Uma took her to psychiatrist who gave her medications which she still uses for her PTSD.

(Flashback Ends)

Riddhima (weeping): If at all that night Uma aunty didn’t come to save me… then today maybe I wouldn’t have been here with you!!! If at all am… am a bit over my past then all thanks to aunty and uncle who stood by me in all my phases of life

Riddhima (sarcastic chuckle): Irony is my parents… that family of mine never tried to find where I am after that day; why will they right…. when all they wished was for my death

Vansh: Shhh…. Riddhima, why do you care for that family which never stood by you? You have us right!!!! We are a family Riddhima…. I …. I am sorry…. I never knew what you are going through…. I always tell that I love you…. I am your best friend but still ….. I …. I couldn’t see the pain my friend was going through (guilty)… I …. I am not fit to be called your friend

Riddhima (hitting him): Dare you say….. Vansh you didn’t know anything about it….. I never shared all this with you. Not because I didn’t trust you but…. because I was uncomfortable ….. I never told all this to even uncle …. that doesn’t mean I didn’t accept him or he doesn’t deserve to be my father!!! Vansh though I didn’t thoroughly move from my past but I thought that doesn’t freak me but….. (scared) but that still scares me Vansh…. I …. I realised it that day when you told me of the 5th birthday celebrations that bought my bitter past into my thoughts once again but what freaked me the most was that man…. that man eying me….. (crying)

Vansh (hugging her): Shhhh….. Riddhima nothing will happen to you, am there

Breaking the hug confusing her; he held her hand and bent on his knees shocking her to the core and before she could react;

Vansh: Riddhima, I have told you but still I want to remind you that I have loved you back then since years, I love you even today and am damn sure I’d love you till eternity. My love for you isn’t for outer beauty but it’s for your character, for your soul, for your mind, for how you behave…. for everything. You have always had me run behind you from childhood (pouting) ….. (smiling) and I’d love to run behind you even when we get old, when we lose our this outer beauty, when we lose our teeth and be on liquid diet…. tab bhi I’d run behind you to claim you as my friend like I did 20 years back. Riddhima I love you for who you are…. and dare… dare you think my love as sympathy or disrespect it as lust. I know whatever you said that night wasn’t you intentions but still it showed your insecurities and fear of getting close to someone. But trust me Riddhu, I can never break you…. if I do, before you break I’d break in to millions of pieces; my life depends on you. I love you irrespective of your past …. because your past cant be changed but I promise to stand by you in facing the repercussions of your past. I assure you to fill your past bitter moments with happiness of present and future…. and this isn’t just my word but my only aim in life. Riddhima when you called me for lunch I came prepared to propose you though I understood the severity of your past, I didn’t want you to interpret my love as sympathy and I don’t care if you agree to my proposal or not because you were, are and will always be my best friend and you know me how chipku type of person I am so am not going to leave you even if you don’t agree my proposal (wink) but I’d be the happiest including mom and dad if at all you agree. So, Ms. Riddhima; will you marry this idiotic friend of yours? Please say yes (puppy eyes)

Riddhima was all tears seeing his unaffected love for her even after learning her dreadful past; she was all confused of her feelings…. does she love him? She indeed likes him and she knows she can blindly trust this man in front of her that he can never break her heart or even hurt her in his dreams but is she eligible to get his love? Does she deserve him?

Riddhima (confused): Va….Vansh you deserve …. you …. someo….

Vansh: Shhh…. dare you complete that shitty sentence of I deserving someone better because I know I don’t deserve anyone other than my Riddhima

Riddhima (happy tears): But…. w….why me!!!!

Vansh (face palming): Yaar Riddhima…. after I gave such a huge speech you are still asking me the reason toh what else should I say?

Riddhima chuckled at this idiotic man who loves her immensely and even she started understanding her feelings and she realised the person who is on his knees in front of her is the only man who can love her and heal her all pains and bruises as his love holds that power and now she wants to be healed and for that she has to accept that yes she loves this man….

Nodding her head happily at him she mouthed a yes with teras flowing continuously; getting his answer he jumped happily before pulling her into a bone crushing hug. Staying in each other’s embrace for few minutes, he broke the hug and kissed her temple. Excited of their new found relationship, he decided to take her for a date to her favourite place and asking her to get ready he went to prepare something; smiling at her man… yes her man, isn’t it irony; the feelings she have been covering under the façade of friendship were in true sense was love and when she accepted it she was feeling like a free bird after accepting him and her feelings and also after opening her bitter past to him she feels all free of burden over her heart.

Excited and happy she decides to fresh up before he pulls up at her door again. Vansh after decking himself perfect for his first date with his ladylove drove to her house where she was waiting for him clad in a simple sleeveless boat necked polka dot black maxi dress with her hair flowing to the beats of the newly born love filled wind. Coming out of the car, he moved to her and holding her hand he kissed atop her knuckles making her chuckle

Vansh: Looking simply elegant sweetheart

Riddhima (confused): Sweetheart?

Vansh (smiling): Of course, you…. my sweetheart

Blushing she smiled as he led her to the car and helping her to sit and buckling her seatbelt he drove to the destination ….. her favourite place…. where beach meets the land letting tis waves crash and soothe the heat of land. She saw a beautiful setup arranged for their first date. Escorting his ladylove towards the setup, he being a thorough gentleman helped her sit and took his seat not before offering some wine to her and himself. The evening was spent speaking of many topics in each other’s embrace and at the end of the day he took her home as he wanted to introduce her as his fiancée to his …. oops their parents. To surprise their parents Vansh covered Riddhima with a mask and led her into the living room where Uma and Ajay were involved in some business matters when they saw Vansh coming with a girl hand in hand; confused they stood up in reflex

Vansh (trying to hold his laughter seeing their expressions): Mom…. dad; she is my sweetheart…. my love….. my fiancée …. we want to get married

Uma and Ajay were all flabbergasted and the first to react was Ajay

Ajay (anger): How dare you Vansh!!! How dare you betray my daughter!!!

Uma (firm): I wont accept anyone as my daughter in law except my Riddhima

Ajay: I agree she isn’t reciprocating you feelings that doesn’t mean you chose any random girl

Uma: And how can you do this Vansh? You love Riddhima for years and today you state that you want to marry this girl…. Did you think what Riddhima might go through if she gets to know of this!!!

Ajay: My daughter will break…. I swear I’ll kill you Vansh if you marry any girl except my daughter

Vansh (trying not to laugh): But mom…. dad I … I love her…. she is my everything now

Ajay (furious): You said the same when you realised your feelings for Riddhima…. tab we supported you because we were selfish as our daughter would be in front of our eyes but now…. now you say that this girl is your love and you want us to believe it and agree too???

Uma (anger): Vansh you need to decide… either marry my daughter or you are free to move away from our lives if you chose this girl.

Vansh (shocked): Mom….. are you kidding me?

Ajay: That’s our final decision Vansh…. now you decide

Vansh (shock): Dad you guys are ready to lose me for Riddhima?

Uma: For us none is as important as Riddhima and we’d chose her over everything even if its our own son

Vansh: Is it your final decision?

Uma: YES!!!!

Vansh: But… at least try to see your would-be daughter in law

Ajay: Not interested

Vansh: She is more beautiful, intelligent and perfect than your that Riddhima

Uma: None is perfect for us than our Riddhima and … dare you compare this girl to our Riddhima

Ajay: Mr. Vansh you can leave with your this love from our house

Vansh: Dad….

The duo turned around showing their backs to Vansh and Riddhima indicating the end of discussion and all this while Riddhima was in teras seeing the love they have for her. Vansh glared her as if indicating see what you did to my parents; chuckling over him she spoke

Riddhima: Even I should go?

Listening to the voice Uma and Ajay turned around

Uma (happy): Riddhima…. Vansh did you hear her voice!!!

Ajay: Bacha… where are you?

Riddhima pulled her mask off and the expressions of them was worth watching while Vansh burst into laughter which was obviously ignored by the trio

Uma (confused): You… here….. Vansh… lo

Ajay (confused): Vansh… lov….yaar someone explain us what’s happening

Vansh (laughing): Yaar mom and dad…. you guys were ready to let me go but not accept anyone as your daughter in law except Riddhima!!!

Uma: Vansh first care to explain?

Vansh: Acha… ok… so,

He explains them how he proposed her and she accepted it; Uma and Ajay’s happiness had no bounds they instantly pulled Riddhima into a hug which she reciprocated with utter happiness.

Riddhima: Aunty…. uncle (weeping) you love me itna ki you wanted Vansh to leave you?

Uma (cupping her face): Riddhima for us you matter the most

Ajay (patting her head): We don’t care who it is …. even if it’s our own son; we would even kill him if he hurts you

She hugged them once again unable to express her happiness; Vansh who was witnessing the union of his parents with his sweetheart without him he pouted and faking his anger

Vansh (pouting): Did I drink any invisible potion that I turned into Mr. India?

Ajay: Idiot,……

Vansh (shocked): Dad first you trio ignore me and then you abuse me?

Uma: Shall I show you what’s it to be abused?

Saying she started chasing Vansh with cushions hitting him while father – daughter duo were laughing hard with Vansh running trying to save himself from his mother who now was no less than devi kali for trying to prank them . Tired, panting they both fell on the couch when suddenly Vansh started laughing followed by the trio too and then they had a family hug. After chatting for a while all retired to their rooms

Uma and Ajay were seriously discussing something

Uma: Ajay… don’t you think Vansh deserves to know Riddhima’s past!!!

Ajay: Even am thinking the same but….. it should be Riddhima’s decision of when and how she’d reveal…. we… we don’t have that right

Uma: I’ll …. I’ll speak to her once tomorrow…. maybe she needs moral support to open up

Ajay: Maybe yes…. but…. will Vansh be able to accept the truth? Am worried….. I don’t want Riddhima to face heartbreak (worried)

: Don’t you trust your son?

They turned towards their door to find Vansh standing folding his hands over his chest

Uma (shocked): Vansh…. yo…u here!!!!

Vansh: Don’t you guys trust your upbringing?

Ajay: Vo….

Vansh: Dad I was here to ask mom if you know the truth but I got a shocker to know that you both are aware of the truth and am the only one who was all clueless of her pain

Ajay: You… you know? But how?

Vansh: Obviously Riddhima told…. vo bhi today

Uma: You accepted the truth? (Excited)

Vansh: What did you guys expect that I’d let my love go just because she has a bitter past? Don’t you trust me? Am your son guys…. you could’ve trust your upbringing right!!! But you both disappointed me by having this doubt

Ajay (hugging Vansh): Am… am happy …. I …. I have no words Vansh!!! Am proud of you

Vansh: Dad my love isn’t weak that I leave her just for her past…. I loved her before knowing her past and when she told me her pain I took a oath to protect her till my last breath…. she faced much in her younger age and now it’s her time to cherish every moment and I promised myself to give her the happiness of the world.

Uma (caressing his face): Today am proud to have a son like you Vansh….. and am… am sorry for not telling you about her past years back!!! I…. I didn’t have courage

Vansh: Mom I understand …. even I was a teenager and maybe my understanding power would have been much less than what I am now so… its justified for hiding it… but still I regret not understanding her that pain which she always hid behind her smile

Uma: Vansh you need not be guilty or regret for something you aren’t responsible for …. just think of happiness we might give her and heal her now with this new beginning.

Vansh: I agree…. and now my only aim is to heal her. And she promised me that she’d visit psychiatrist regularly. She is not only my love but also my responsibility and now she has to come out of her that bitter past which has snatched her happiness

Uma + Ajay: And we are with you in this

The trio hugged each other and bidding bye Vansh reached Riddhima’s room to find her sleeping peacefully hugging her pillow with a serene smile on her face. Caressing her hair, he pecked her temple and left towards his room.

Next day Uma called pandit and an auspicious day after 2 weeks was fixed for wedding with all functions starting after a week. Excited they all started shopping and all arrangements. The whole week passed in a blink due to their excitement and even in this chaos Vansh made sure Riddhima paid a visit to the psychiatrist and took her medicines on time. The rituals and all functions too ended in a split second and then came the day of wedding. The whole mansion was decorated with lights and flowers elegantly depicting the royalty. And then came the bride clad in Deep Red Raw Silk Lehenga Set, Beautifully Crafted with Resham, zari paired with polki jadau choker with hundreds of uncut diamonds. Vansh’s jaws dropped seeing his queen walking down the stairs elegantly; Riddhima lift her eyes to meet her love who was dressed to kill her clad in silk fabricated zari, zardosi, French knot and bead embroidered Sherwani encompassing mandarin collar, full sleeves with a maroon-coloured silk kurta. Riddhima was all awe seeing her hero depicting no less than a king sitting in the pavilion waiting for her. He held her hand and helped her take her place beside him with all eyes on the power couple. Exchanging the garlands and taking vows; Vansh promised himself to protect her against his everything while marking her his by applying the vermillion on her hair partition after tying himself onto her by nuptial chain.

Once done with wedding and other post wedding rituals they were escorted to their fully decorated wedding room seeing which Riddhima turned nervous and was sweating profusely when she felt a hand on her shoulder; afraid she turned to find Vansh

Vansh: Riddhima, relax….. the decorators might have done this. You need not exhaust yourself. You change to something comfortable; I’ll clean this mess meanwhile

Riddhima just nodded and left to calm her inner turmoil while he was cleaning all the decorations and made a comfortable bed for her when he saw her coming out of the washroom in extra sized sweatshirt paired with shorts making her tender milky legs all visible to him. Smiling

Vansh: Riddhima you rest; its been a long day

Smiling she popped on the bed while he moved to washroom to freshen up and once back he was proceeding to couch when he heard her

Riddhima: Where are you going?

Vansh: To couch….

Riddhima: Why? (Confused)

Vansh: Obviously to sleep

Riddhima: Do you have any issue with sleeping with me on bed? (Innocently)

Vansh: Obviously not Riddhima…. its … it’s just I don’t want to make you uncomfortable

Riddhima smiling sat up straight and spread her arms asking for a hug; chuckling at his little wife he went to hug her where she snuggled onto him

Riddhima: Vansh you can never make me feel uncomfortable. I want to sleep in your arms…. its….. it’s just I …. I don’t think am… am over my….

Vansh: Shhh… sweetheart I know. You need not give me any explanation. We married each other to spend our rest of the life in each other’s embrace not to have s*x and marriage isn’t only about that. Our main motto is to heal you and for that we need to pay a visit to the psychiatrist tomorrow as you have an appointment

Riddhima was all smiling listening how he understands her feelings but when he spoke of visiting psychiatrist the very next day she scrunched her nose pouting making Vansh chuckle and pulling her nose; he made her lay on the bed with he taking the other side and hugged her from behind. Smiling; they drifted to sleep but Vansh’s sleep broke when he heard a loud shriek; opening his eyes he saw Riddhima panting and sweating crying profusely murmuring

Riddhima: N….o…ooooo!!!! Pl…..eas……ee……. lea……ve …..l eeeeavvvee….. meee!!!!

He instantly hugged her and tried to calm her by rubbing her back

Vansh (concerned): Riddhima…. sweetheart calm down!!! No one will ever harm you . Am here

Vansh: Its just a bad dream….. please calm down!!!!

He felt his shirt get wet by her tears as she clung to his shirt weeping; after a while he felt weight on his chest and saw Riddhima sleeping all tired. Laying her down, he pecked her forehead before wiping her tears with she still holding his shirt as if her life is dependent on him. Sighing and concerned he drift into sleep with her in his arms with him protecting her.

The next few days passed with Riddhima showing some improvements; her nightmares did come to a halt. She started being happy whole heartedly not plastering with a smile. She started once again concentrating on her work and this time she started socializing with people and even accompanied Vansh to meet clients….. Time was passing and so was the bond of RiAnsh growing stronger with each passing day.

Its been 2 months of their wedding and the next day was Riddhima’s 25th birthday and reminiscing her bitter memories related to her birthdays, she never celebrated it but this year Vansh is all hellbent to celebrate it with a bash and make it a one memorable with all good and happy moments. He planned everything with his parents and as decided he first planned a intimate celebrations with only him and his sweetheart followed by a grand party with close friends and relatives. The day of her birthday she had an event to manage which he skipped stating ill health and when she wanted to accompany him, he stated one among them needs to manage the event so he convinced her to attend it.

All tired she reached home late night to find the mansion dark, suspicious she reached their room to find it empty; panicked she started searching Vansh who wasn’t even answering her calls and messages; but then she received a voice note from him

Vansh: Sweetheart…. stop panicking and reach terrace

She instantly rushed to their terrace to find it dark and then some fairy lights emerged in a corner grabbing her attention; she with baby steps approached the place to find it all decked up with their pics hanging over the fairy lights. Unknown to her a small smile creped over her face and she moved caressing each pic as their every pic had a story and memory which she was reminiscing and then a hand came on her; she instantly identifying the touch turned and hugged him with all the love and affection she has for him which he reciprocated with same and maybe multiplied feelings. Kissing her crown; he broke the hug and cupping her face; caressing her cheeks

Vansh: Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Birthday….. her memories drifted back to her past where she had many bitter moments attached to her birthdays….. fear almost accompanied her but then his hold on her tightened making her realise she is past it and now its not time to break but cherish all the moments and create new memories. She took a step behind getting rid of his hold freaking him; with tears in her eyes, she turned around to see the setup he made for her special day which she forgot long back but this man here poured all his love in every inch of the celebrations and decorations; breaking her chain of thoughts she heard his whisper which was filled with fear

Vansh: Riddhima (whisper)

Turning to him she saw how afraid he was; smiling at him she ran to him wrapping her arms and legs on his neck and waist. He was first all shocked but then he held her to himself pulling her more to himself immersing her into him. Breaking the hug, she kissed him on his cheeks

Riddhima (tears): Thank …. thank you Vansh!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!! I forgot my birthday years….. years back but today you doing this for me shows how lost I was in my own self that I forgot when my birthday was as it had its own bitter memories but …… but today I want to create new memories and I want you Vansh…. I want you by my side to create new memories

Vansh (happiest): I…. I’d be always by your side sweetheart…. I am always there for you. And yes…. we shall create all memories which have only happiness

Kissing her temple, he hugged her once again wrapping her tiny hands around him she let all strings attached to past break. After a while they lit lanterns and let them move into the empty sky making a wish to fill their lives with happiness. Vansh gifted her a dress and asked her to come down in half an hour as he has planned a surprise for her; excited to start afresh she rushed to the room. Opening the gift, she was all flabbergasted to see a White dress….. her memories once again made their way and she threw the dress afraid. Kept staring the dress with many thoughts raising in herself….. finally winning over all her fears and thoughts; she picked the dress and got herself prepped for the night.

She walked down the stairs searching and calling Vansh but instead of him replying to her a spotlight fell on her and she stopped on her tracks afraid but then a voice gave her strength

Vansh: Sweetheart, am here

She realised he’s around so taking baby steps she reached the middle of living area and then the lights turned on revealing the princess she was clad in a halter neck satin pearl white high slit gown with spaghetti straps over her shoulders revealing her bare back. She turned her head to find the decorations; whole mansion prepped to celebrate her birthday. She saw Uma and Ajay all beaming in happiness seeing their daughter taking a step into healing thoroughly; she hugged them and took their blessings and they were introducing her to their friends, though she was meeting and greeting them; her eyes were searching for her love who was the reason for her smile. And then the lights were once again dim with a spot light on Vansh seeing whom a small crept on her and clenching his hand they reached the dance floor with a romantic number playing behind they clasped their fingers together moving to the beats

Jab tak tujhe pyar see

Beinteha main bhar na dun

Jab tak main duaaoon sa

Sau dafa tujhe pad na loon

Haan mere paas tum raho

Jaane ki baat na karo

Mere sath tum raho

Jaane ki baat na karo

Smiling whole heartedly over the dance Riddhima was filled with all new joy and enthusiasm in her life; her that beautiful heartfelt smile captured Vansh’s heart to such an extent that a lone tear escaped his eyes; pulling her through the waist he tucked her hair strands behind her ear, leaning a bit

Vansh: Today you took a step to overcome your fear….. you have achieved a milestone sweetheart and I cant express my happiness over your this achievement. I know how difficult it is to celebrate or even recollect your birthday but still you overcame your fear of your most special day and decided to celebrate it once again; the worse memories associated with this white colour isn’t something new to me; I have seen you not touching that colour for your attires but still you have took a step forward to adore yourself with that colour and now I promise to fill that white serene colour in you with rainbows of my love. The smile playing on your lips is the most beautiful return gift you could give me on this special occasion. You…. we have stepped into a new journey and now I want to say that you’d be finding me beside you in every step of yours towards healing and breaking the ties with past and its memories. We’d be creating new memories and cherish them and fill our future with all happiness you deserve. Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Cupping her face, he placed a deep kiss on her forehead; overwhelmed with his support, care, affection and love; with tears brimming she pecked his lips expressing her gratitude, expressing her love, expressing her happiness leading to his shock. That was technically their first kiss, her first step in moving from past. Seeing him all shocked she once again pecked his lips chuckling at his reaction; all thanks to dim lights which led to the guests not having a clear view of what the couple were up to. Once the lights were back so wa Vansh off from his shock, he turned around to find all clapping at them but Vansh was still trying to digest the kiss; trying to analyse if at all that kiss was his hallucination or reality. Breaking his chain of thoughts Ajay bought the cake for his princess; smiling at their gesture to make her day special, she cut the cake with her family…. her family….. her Vansh, her husband, her love her everything; his parents who are more her parents cum friends to her than to him; who in true sense gave her the love of a family. Celebrating her day with her family she moved to the room to be pinned by Vansh as soon as she entered making her first gasp of fear and then relax seeing her love staring at her with some mischievous glint

Vansh (huskily): Someone was being all bold downstairs….

Riddhima (blushing): Vo…. ac…actually I …. I was overwhelmed of happiness … so…..

Vansh (caressing her cheeks): Even am so happy now …. so….

Vansh was smirking seeing her reaction, but then saw her blushing, taking it as her nod …. he leaned to her face with an intention to capture her lips and saw her hold on his shirt tightening; chuckling he led his one hand to her bare back caressing it his other hand was on her cheeks with his thumb gently playing near her lips; making her quiver with new sensation sending chills down her spine

Vansh: May I sweetheart? (Huskily)

Riddhima slid her hands over his neck grabbing it as if gesturing him her approval; smiling at her, he pecked her forehead; gently bending to capture her petal lips into his, nibbling her lower lip with his upper while she playing with his upper lip they both were engrossed in embracing the newly found intimacy in their relationship. Their this first kiss had passion, love, care, affection, adoration for each other.

The room was filled with the newly found intimacy as the full moon light entered the room through the window spreading its peacefulness and calmness over the couple blessing their love till eternity.

A painting board is placed adjacent to the window with many colours spread across the table and then their stood the painting which depicted the serene beauty of love, the love which carved a new beginning to the painting which depicted all emotions but not a inch of pain.

She didn’t thoroughly come over her past but yes…. she did take a step and with love and support of Vansh and family she’ll win over her fears and maybe even open herself more intimately in front of Vansh leading to them consummating their marriage in future. But she realised that her bitter past can’t control her beautiful present and future. She won over her fears and trauma of being raped multiple times…. she saw much more than any individual of her age would see and now its time for her to cherish every moment of her life with bliss and happiness.

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