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Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Maithili Confronts Jwala

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav’s family enter mehandi function venue. Arun greets them. Maithili takes Jwala and Mangi’s blessings. Jwala says let us start the function and asks where is samdhan ji/Sadhna. Arun says she is having headache. Maithili gets concerned and says she will give her medicine. Bhavana stops her and says she will be fine if she rests. Arun says there are many upcoming functions, so let Sadhna rest today. Function starts. Guest says bride’s mother should apply shagun mehandi on the bride first. Sadhna watches from window. Arun says when women are succeeding ahead in life, why should men be left, so he will perform shagun. He sings Aaja Mahi Ve song and dances around Maithili. Mangi sings Na Chahe Sona Jwala and her daughters join him. Rani dances around Jwala next singing Jhut Bole Kawwa Kate.. song. Maithili imagines Raghav dancing with her on Bekharari me bhi tera hi khayal aaye.. song. Arun pinches her cheeks on Cuite Pie song.. and gets her out of imagination.

Maithili hears guests discussing that groom’s family are not so well doing, but are wearing costly clothes and mother is wearing jewelry worth at least 2 lakhs. Mangi thanks Arun for gifting them clothes and jewelry. Arun says they are family now and says let us enjoy the party. He turns and sees Maithili standing hearing his conversation. He then applies mehandi on her hands. She asks why did he buy clothes and jewelry for her in-laws and spent so much money. Arun says he helped the dear ones. Jwala applies mehandi to Maithili next saying she will perform her mother’s duty and gives her gifts. Maithili says she shouldn’t have accepted gifts from her father as he is a simple government officer and cannot bear so many expenses. Jwala laughs and says expenses were in her bahu’s mind and not Raghav and asks her not to bother about it and enjoy the rituals. She then tells Mangi that her plan is failing and before Maithili informs everything to Raghav, she needs to turn the plate on her side. On the other side, Bahvana knocks Sadhna’s door and aslsjer to come out now at least as guests have left. Sadhna comes out and asks if Maithili’s in-laws left. Bhavana says they are having dinner and she should meet them at least now. Sadhna agrees.

Maithili calls Raghav and says she needs to talk. He asks to go ahead. She reminisces fake short circuit incident and says she will inform once he returns from Lucknow. Bhavana informs Maithili that her in-laws finished dinner. Maithili tells Raghav that she will speak to him later and disconnects call. Raghav thinks what she wanted to discuss. Sadhna acting as having severe headache meets Raghav’s family and apologizes for not welcoming them. Jwala says Arun served them well. Sadhna says it was their duty. Jwala says they will also perform their duty, returns her and her daughters’ jewelry and says she will wash the clothes and return them as she doesn’t want Maithili to doubt them. Arun asks Maithili to apologize Jwala. Jwala says they are middle class people and got Raghav studied with great difficulty, their house and clothes were burnt, Arun offered help to Mangi and they accepted it thinking Arun’s guests are rich and he would feel embarrassed seeing their old clothes, etc. She continues her drama. walks out remembering Maithilil’s confrontation, and says till now Maithili did what she want, but now she will do what she wants. Maithili feeling sad greets her bye while she walks away smirking.

Precap: Maithili stops Sadhna and Arun’s fight and tells Sadhna that she can do anything for her happiness. Sadhna asks if she will do anything. Raghav over phone says he is feeling good meeting big officers. Jwala says they will find another girl for Raghav.

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