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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Dev and Sonakshi frantically search for Aayush

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishwari is applying the medical bandages on the forehead of Aayush, Sonakshi comes saying Shub has gone to sleep, Dev comes saying he can go to sleep, Ishwari exclaims can she leave the little Dev and be able to rest, Sonakshi asks Dev if he would like to hear a story, Ishwari suggests that he rest when Sonakshi once again tries to talk but Ishwari insists that he rest, she then suggests that she make chocolate shake for him however Ishwari says that in their house they do not give the chocolate shake to children who are ill, and if they don’t know then should ask the elders, Sonakshi leaves wishing him good night.

Radha wakes up in the middle of the night while she sees Ishwari still sitting beside Aayush, she goes to check the temperature of Aayush then waking Ishwari exclaims it is low and so she must go and rest, Radha while sitting beside Aayush falls asleep, he in his dreams sees how Ishwari desires to change his name to Veid, and Soha was blaming him for the fights amongst her parents, in the middle of the night when the time is half past three, Aayush opens the door of the house to leave.

In the morning Sonakshi calls Maa asking about Aayush, she walks in with Dev where they see Radha who wakes up exclaiming, he would be here, they once again ask before calling Maa who also comes, Radha tries to explain he would be here, Ishwari question what she means because she was with him, they all leave to search for him, Ishwari exclaims she should not have left his side and remained with him, Dev comes back with Sonakshi exclaiming Aayush is not in the entire house, Radha starts crying saying that it is all her fault because she was with him and even checked him in the morning so he did not have the fever, she therefore fell asleep, Soha wakes up asking what happened, Sonakshi explains Aayush left the house, Soha thinks if he left because of her words.

Dev and Sonakshi exclaim they have to search for him, she asks If he thinks Aayush went to his grandparents house, he replies he doesnot feel because if Aayush had reached their house., the would have called, Dev and Sonakshi both decide to search for him, Radha also says she will call Vicky and Alena to help them, Dev agrees, he advises Ishwari to stay back as someone has to be with Soha and Shub.

Dev drives off frantically searching for him, Sonakshi also searches in the park while Bojay and Vicky are also doing their best, Alena makes a video for her social media requesting everyone to help her find Aayush who is missing.

Ishwari is praying in front of the Mandir, questioning why did he put her plan through such a hard time after giving them the happiness which was missing, Baldev consoles her saying she must not be worried as they would surely bring Aayush back safe and sound, Ishwari asks what is the reason he left even when she was showing so much affection towards him, Baldev asks her to think the answer in her heart because Radha told her that when Aayush was ill, she did not let Sonakshi come near him when she tried even when she is his mother, he explains that Ishwari has always tried to degrade Sonakshi at every given moment so this hurt the feelings of Aayush who was broken emotionally as it doesnot feel nice for a child.

Sonakshi and Bojay are both searching for Aayush, he sees her so calls her when she exclaims, she doesnot know where she would find Aayush, he asks her to go back home because he will search for him, Sonakshi exclaims she will not, but he insists that she leave as there is also Shub and Sona.

Sonakshi reaches back home where she sees Shub playing alone in the hall, she calls the workers who do not answer so she takes him into her arms, Alena comes to the house, she immediately brings water for her but Sonakshi is not able to drink it, she questions why did he leave because she was not able to be a good mother because of the insecurities of Soha she did not even take the stand for her own son, when maa asked her to leave she did not insist on staying with him.

Sonakshi gets a call form Dev, she immediately asks if he was able to find him, he replies to the police have begun a formal search but he is not able to find Aayush, Sonakshi asks Dev to think like Aayush because he is the one who can connect with Aayush the most and so must think like himPrecap: Dev calls Sonakshi informing he has found Aayush, she asks him to bring him home, he agrees, Dev after reaching to his house calls Sonakshi, she signals him to be quiet as Maa has fallen asleep, she asks where is Aayush, he is not able to answer her question.

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