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Kkb (Love of Life) Episode 29

The next Morning – In the Mehra Mansion.
Everyone was ready with their bag packed and were about to leave for Mumbai.. Just then Abhi comes and checks wether everyone was present he was shocked because for first time they all were ready on time.. He sees Pragya and wasn’t able to get his eyes off her, just then Rhea jolts Abhi and whispers something in his ear which makes him shy… After sometime they all sit in the cars and head towards Mumbai.
While in Srinivasan Mansion
All were busy in doing their works just then Meenakshi enters in and shows them some saree which she had kept for Prachi.
Meenakshi – So you people tell me which saree is the best, today Mehras are coming so I am thinking to call Abhigya and introduce her to them.. And you know that one of their sons marriage will be in Mumbai only, I guess his name is either Aryan or Ranbir.. So I was thinking we will get Ishaan also married when Mehra and Kohli family will be present in Mumbai so how is my plan?
Mr. Srinivasan – Perfect Meenakshi, that’s really nice then they will meet our daughter-in-law also and our Ishaan will get many blessing.
Shashank – Amma don’t they have any daughter?
Meenakshi (laughing) – She is of yours bhai’s age, but ya one is of your age and if you want I can talk to them about you.
Everyone start laughing at Meenakshi’s statement..
Shashank – Amma! Why do you always make fun of me.. I was asking for bhai, I don’t need anyone.
Ishaan – What, I have Abhigya so you need to search for yourself don’t make excuses.
Meenakshi – Now you both stop arguing .. Okay you tell which saree is perfect for Abhigya.. This one or that one?
Mr. Srinivasan – That should be Ishaan’s decision after all she is his fiancee.
Ishaan sighs and gives a cute smile.
Shashank –  Yes bhai tell fast.
Ishaan – Amma this one will look nice.
Meenakshi – Okay, so kanna you call Abhigya and meet somewhere and tell her everything and do not forget to give her this saree.
Ishaan – Okay Amma.
Ishaan calls Prachi and asks her to meet in a restaurant.
After some time Ishaan and Abhigya meet each other in the restaurant.
In the Restaurant
Ishaan sees Prachi and waves his hand up in air, Prachi does the same and comes to the table where Ishaan was sitting.
Ishaan – Hey Abhigya , come have a seat.
They both sit on the chairs and the conversation begins.
Prachi – So how are you? All are doing well?
Ishaan – I am fine and all are doing well, what about you, Shahana and Sunny?
Prachi – I am also okay and bhai and Shahana are well.
Ishaan – Actually I wanted to say that Amma has given you this saree, woh today appa’s old business partner are coming to Mumbai so Amma and appa wanted that you should be present there as they are close friends of appa and after all you are going to become daughter-in-law of our family so that’s why.
Prachi – Okay, I will come..
Ishaan – Abhigya if you don’t mind can I say one thing.
Prachi – Yaa sure, continue.
Ishaan – Do you love someone?
Prachi was shocked to hear this and remembers her love Ranbir who betrayed her, she gets tears in her eyes but hides them.
Prachi – No.. Actually I don’t believe in love so it’s just marriage and then we develop a bond with our partners which makes us to care for him and people call this bond as love…What about you?
Ishaan laughs at this question – You know Abhigya I never ever dared to look at a girl in my childhood and when I grew I was shy so love is very far thing for me.
Prachi gives a smile and then they both leave for Srinivasan Mansion.
Prachi – Ishaan if guests are coming then aunty must need help to cook food for so many people..You do one thing that take me with you so that I can help aunty.
Ishaan – Abhigya but that’s not needed..
Prachi (ordering) – I said na take me.
Ishaan follows her instructions and takes her to the Mansion.
In the Srinivasan Mansion
Meenakshi sees Prachi and gets happy.
Meenakshi – Abhigya kanna come in! And you came so early.
Ishaan – Amma just see her she is so stubborn, she didn’t listen me.. She wanted to help you in the kitchen .
Prachi looks at her with a murderous look..
Prachi – I am stubborn really Ishaan. Meenakshi – No kanna not at all and you did very good by coming.. Chalo lets go to kitchen.
Prachi and Meenakshi were heading towards kitchen when Shashank comes there, he sees Prachi and hugs her.
Shashank – Bhabhi.. You here.
Meenakshi sees it and gets happy.
Prachi – Woh actually guests are coming so I thought to help aunty in kitchen so I came.
Shashank – Oh! So today I will get a chance to have tasty food.
Meenakshi glares at him – What do you mean? I don’t make tasty food.
Shashank – No Amma I didn’t mean that actually Abhigya makes so tasty food so it automatically came out of my mouth.
Then both of them leave to cook food in the kitchen while Shashank leaves to go to his room. After some time Meenakshi and Prachi cooked everything and the Mehra family have almost reached the Mansion.
Meenakshi – Abhigya the guests are about to come so you go and wear saree.
Prachi – Okay aunty.
After some time Prachi comes wearing saree, Ishaan was mesmerized on seeing her and was continually staring at her… Shashank jolts him to bring him to his senses. Meenakshi goes near Prachi and takes a little kajal from her eyes and puts a small dot of it behind Prachi’s ear.
Meenakshi – Kanna you are looking so beautiful.
Shashank – Yes Abhigya you are looking gorgeous.
Ishaan – Beautiful!
Prachi looks at him and gives a smile and thanks everyone. Just then Ishaan receives a phone call from the office and after answering it he returns.
Ishaan – Amma I need to leave for the office.
Meenakshi – But why kanna?
Ishaan – Actually there is a huge problem in the office so I just need to leave.
Meenakshi – But kanna today guests are coming and today was your holiday.
Ishaan – Amma but what can I do I have to leave.
Prachi – Ishaan you remain here, I can go in your place. I can meet the guests afterwards also.
Ishaan – But Abhigya!
Prachi – Do you trust me?
Ishaan – Yes, I do.
Prachi – So let me go.
Shashank – I can drop Abhigya .
Meenakshi – Okay but both of you return soon.
Prachi and Shashank – Okay Amma/aunty.
There conversation was hardly over when the Mehras and Kohlis arrive. The whole Srinivasan family comes out to welcome them while Prachi and Shashank leave for the office from the back door. Rhea who was standing far away talking with her friend Dimpy, senses Prachi. Prachi pases past her and wasn’t able to see Rhea. Rhea starts looking around to find Prachi but fails. Kiara calls her out , Rhea goes near her. Meenakshi welcomes the MK family and they enter the Mansion.
Mr. Srinivasan – Welcome to the Srinivasan Mansion. Have a seat.
They all sit on couches and chairs.
Meenakshi brings water for them.
Meenakshi – You people must be tired, have water and after having a conversation we will have food and then you can go to your respective rooms .
Mr. Srinivasan calls out Ishaan and introduces him to the MK family.
Mr. Srinivasan – Meet my elder son Ishaan. And Ishaan he is Abhishek , he is Vikram and he is Purab.
Ishaan – Namaste.
Abhi – I thought you have two sons.
Mr. Srinivasan – I have two sons only  my younger son has gone to drop our daughter-in-law to the office.
Abhi – Your son are married!
Mr. Srinivasan- No, no actually Ishaan is getting married very soon , there was an important work in the office so Abhigya insisted to go instead of Ishaan and Shashank went to drop her.
All were suprised to hear the names.
Mishti was surprised to know about Shashank while the Mehras to know about Abhigya.
Abhi – You know my wife Pragya, meet her and our couple name is Abhigya and your daughter-in-law name is Abhigya that’s cute.
Everyone starts laughing at it.
Mr. Srinivasan – You met my family now introduce yours family to me.
Abhi introduces everyone to the Srinivasan family and after that they have a conversation.

Precap – Mishti and Shashank meet and Shashank learns about Mishti’s wedding and lashes out at her. Ishaan and Rhea have a night out.

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