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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishqi and Dadi’s argument

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahaan and Ishqi waking up. She says we will get ready. He hugs her and sleeps. Suraj comes to Savitri and says I will take you to the doctor, I will get your medical file. Sonu comes there and meets Savitri. She says I got to know from Ahaan that you aren’t fine. Savitri says so you came to see me. She holds Sonu and hugs her. They cry. Suraj looks on and goes. Savitri says I was going to meet the doctor, thanks for coming. Sonu asks shall I come with you. Savitri asks do you want to come, no, let it be, your Dadi will not like it, even Ahaan won’t like it, I will manage. She coughs. Sonu says I will take you, I will handle Dadi and Ahaan.

Ahaan and Ishqi get ready. The door gets opened by the room service. Ahaan sees the special breakfast. He pays money to the man. Ishqi says its a way to loot people, its fine, we will have it, Kartik spent a lot of money on this honeymoon suite, we will take towel, soap and shampoo from here, Kartik is so clever, he looks innocent, he did it right. Ahaan smiles. She jokes. He says our relation will have no problem because of the child, you will always be my priority, its your decision, if you don’t want to support me in Riya’s matter, I need you, I really need you, I want your help, I want you to support me. She says I will always be with you, you don’t leave me. He says I promise, I will never leave you, there won’t be any secret between us. She thinks we still have a secret between us, I have to tell that to Ahaan before Dadi uses it. Sonu brings Savitri to the hospital. Riya greets Sonu and asks who is that lady, are you okay, shall I call Ahaan. Sonu says no thanks, that lady is my mom, Ahaan doesn’t know anything, go ahead and ignite fire. Riya says Ishqi got Ahaan’s mum to hospital that day, it means she already knows her, but does Ahaan know this.

Ahaan and Ishqi come home. Dadi asks where were you all night. He says Ishqi and I had to talk in private. Dadi says I also had to talk to you, you didn’t think, I have to think, we have to pay for your mistake by bringing Riya home. He asks why, I promised her, I will take responsibility of the child. Dadi asks what about the family respect, we will lose name if anyone knows this, such matters don’t hide, you married Ishqi and got a child from Riya, I didn’t expect this from you, how did you fall so low, that too for a girl, you got us insulted, is a girl’s love bigger than a responsibility, this isn’t my upbringing, your mum didn’t care for family respect and children for her love. Ishqi says enough, Ahaan is ready to take care of the responsibility, you are not supporting him. Ahaan asks her to stop. Ishqi says I don’t know why you want to get Riya here, don’t worry, we will handle it. Dadi scolds her for coming between Riya and Ahaan.

Ishqi says I m Ahaan’s wife, I have a right to say, you want my sautan to come home. Dadi says say anything, you decide, who am I to decide now. Ishqi argues. Ahaan says please Ishqi, Dadi has a right to scold me on my mistake, let it be. Ishqi says fine, do anything, I m going to office. She goes. Dadi says just look at her. Ahaan says she is also worried, you are blaming her, I know you worry for me and this house, don’t take any decision, I need time. Dadi asks why, you will decide it as per Ishqi. He says I asked you not to make me choose, you promised me, Ishqi is my wife, she is feeling sad, she thinks I cheated her, don’t add up to her troubles. He goes. Kartik looks on. Sonu asks is she fine. Savitri says I m fine. Doctor says any wrong medicine can have deadly effect on her body, be careful when you give her medicines. Sonu thanks him. She asks why did you leave us and go. She says I would have taken care of you. Savitri says you can still do it, if you want. Sonu says yes, but Dadi…. Riya looks on.

Ahaan messages Ishqi. She replies I m in a meeting, I will get free and call. He asks shall we have lunch together. She is with Riya at a cafe. Riya asks how did you come to meet me. Ishqi says I had to meet you. Riya says my child’s life depends on this. Ishqi asks do you love Ahaan. Riya asks what, he loves you, I do love him. Ishqi says we want his betterment, will you help me, if you love him, then help me, I promise we will support you, your child will get all the rights, you have to tell the truth to Ahaan, whatever you and Dadi did, you and Dadi got me kidnapped. Riya says no, I can’t do this, when I tried to get Dadi’s truth out, Ahaan didn’t believe me, how will he trust me. Ishqi says this time, you will have proof, this report and cctv report, it will prove that Dadi wasn’t ill, she was acting, this footage will prove that Dadi got me kidnapped.

Riya shows the footage. Ishqi gets shocked. Dadi says Ishqi played this game with Savitri. She raises hand on Ishqi. Ahaan defends Ishqi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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