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Hamariwali Good News 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Meera plans Teej celebrations

Hamariwali Good News 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meera seeing Renuka. Mukund asks what happened. Meera asks him to take rest. She makes an excuse and asks him to rest. She goes back. She sees the blood marks on the floor. She goes to get first aid box. She takes the first aid box. She says I will just do Ganga’s aid and come. He says I will come along. She says I will do. She goes to Renuka and apologizes. Renuka says you are hurting my wounds, I can see everything, I know you want me to unite with Mukund, just go from here. Meera asks her to do the aid.

Servant says Devika has sent this for you. Meera says she likes to give surprises. She reads Devika’s letter, dear Meera, its your first Teej, I m sending this shagun to you, Akki and Navya, its your responsibility to do the puja well. Navya says I forgot its Teej. Akki says I don’t know anything. Navya says I will tell you everything. Akki says I like to wear sarees, this one is mine. Meera says we have to make preparations today. Adi says we will help you. Ritvik says I will take a leave. Navya says no, just come early from the office. He says we guys should also get a gift. Navya says we are keeping fasts for you. Meera says don’t keep the fast, you both are pregnant, have fruits. Mukund says she is right. Navya says fine. He says we should decorate the entire house. Ritvik says its Meera’s first Teej. Mukund says get decked up tomorrow.

Meera likes the saree. Renuka asks her to celebrate Teej well. She gives the sindoor box. She says this fell from the plate, its yours now. Meera gets sad. Renuka says I just want Mukund and family’s happiness. Meera says no, you have the first right on Mukund, you should sit in puja with him. She gives the saree to Renuka. She says this should happen. Meera and everyone prepare for the puja. Ritvik and Adi apply the mehendi to Navya and Akki’s hand. Navya asks where is Mukund. Mukund decorates the temple. Navya asks him to write his name on Meera’s hand. Ritvik and Adi also insist. Meera sees Renuka. She drops oil on her saree and goes away. Meera sees Renuka crying and says you don’t think of anything, I will write Mukund’s name on your hand.

Renuka says you are sacrificing your love. Meera says it happens in Meera’s fate, we can’t change it. Meera gets mehendi on her hand also. Renuka says no one can change Lord’s written fate. Renuka takes care of Navya. Meera comes and compliments Navya and Akki. She says something is missing. Navya asks what. Meera asks them to put ghunghat. She says ghunghat is one of the traditions, put a long ghunghat over the face. They agree.

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